The gay and bisexual royals that you aren’t taught about in school

Josh Milton December 18, 2017

For hundreds of years, the monarchy has had hidden gay and bisexual members, sometimes more secretive than the next.

Despite a member of the Royal Family rarely having come out publicly as gay or bisexual, many well-known figures lived relatively openly with same-sex partners or lovers.

From William III to Henry VIII to Elizabeth I, the Royal Family has a rich history of gay and bisexual family members which you might not have known about.


Anne was most likely bisexual. Known for England and Scotland formally uniting across her reign, she also oversaw a passionate affair with Sarah Churchill, the wife of the Duke of Marlborough.

The two were the embodiment of ‘opposites attract’. Sarah was beautiful and assertive and Anne plain and reserved.

The two fell in and out of love until Anne dumped Sarah due to her argumentative attitudes, often disagreeing with the Queen.

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