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30 Sep 2020

Trans woman triumphantly changes name to Ellen Potter after sharing deadname with JK Rowling’s most famous wizard.

Trump’s terrifying rollback of LGBT+ rights goes completely unchecked during disastrous first debate with Joe Biden.

And a teen boy is ‘forced out of church music group’ after coming out as gay – but then something incredible happens.

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Today's top stories

Black trans woman Kee Sam becomes the 28th known transgender person murdered in the US this year so far Tory MPs want to weaponise trans rights, pronouns and ‘British values’ to help Boris Johnson win another term
US ambassador says Poland is on the ‘wrong side of history’ with LGBT+ rights. Meanwhile, Trump tells Proud Boys to ‘stand by’ Donald Glover doesn’t know how to describe his sexuality: ‘Am I weird for not wanting to label it?’
More than 200 literary giants sending ‘message of love’ to trans and non-binary people after JK Rowling open letter Jim Parsons and husband Todd Spiewak both struck down with ‘brutal’ COVID-19