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22 Jan 2020

This guy is living with six brothers and having sex with two of them, yet somehow it isn’t a reality TV show.

NikkieTutorials reveals how she was blackmailed into coming out as trans in emotional Ellen DeGeneres interview.

Lady Gaga fans report rampant ‘rah-rah-rah’-ing after new song Stupid Love reportedly leaks online.

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Bisexual woman wants parents arrested after they sent her to be tortured in brutal Chechen ‘conversion clinic’ Nigella Lawson says ‘trans rights’ as she comes out swinging in support of they/them pronouns
The new ‘Miss Utah’ is the first bisexual candidate to join the Miss USA pageant for more than 60 years Israel kowtows to Russia’s demands and bans LGBT people from adopting Russian children
Aaron Carter’s response to an artist who called him out for stealing his work is all kinds of problematic This non-binary eight-year-old understands identity and acceptance better than most adults