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21 Jan 2020

An investigation has been launched after a French police officer was filmed brutally beating injured HIV-positive man at yellow vests protest.

Jess Phillips has quit the Labour leadership race after joining a gay bar rally and a fiery Mumsnet trans row.

And a lesbian environmentalist is running for congress in the home state of Mike Pence.

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Laurence Fox – the white man who thinks racism is ‘boring’ – is now deliberately misgendering a fictional trans woman Wales has banned parents from stopping their children learning about sex, religion and LGBT people
Conspiracy theorists think Pete Buttigieg is a spy for the CIA because of his ‘hypnotic blue eyes’ Swiss chocolatier who’s against same-sex marriage insists he can’t be homophobic because he has gay employees
Bisexual woman ‘kicked out’ of Glasgow queer club over LGB Alliance t-shirt reports incident to the police Straight woman cuts contact with her sister because she kept her own baby’s gender a secret. Yes, really