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22 Oct 2020

Joe Biden kissing his son is ‘creepy’ and inappropriate, claims right-wing pundit. The backlash was swift.

Polish drag queen fighting homophobia with Slavic pop warns Boris Johnson: ‘Don’t end up next to Poland in history books.’

And Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court nomination approved by Senate judiciary committee despite Democrat boycott.

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Today's top stories

The Trump administration is covering up homophobic torture and persecution in ‘gold standard’ international human rights reports Drag Race star Brita Filter ‘tried to hurt herself’ after toxic, racist bullying from so-called fans became ‘too much to bear’
Carole Baskin reveals she once had a ‘wife’ after coming out as bisexual – but it was strictly platonic Archbishop compares same-sex relationships to ‘brother and sister’ unions after Pope’s historic endorsement of LGBT+ rights
Brazen cop who filmed vile transphobic rap calling for Hillary Clinton’s execution while in uniform escapes firing Northern Ireland finally gets full marriage equality as LGBT+ activists celebrate ‘last jigsaw piece’ becoming law