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25 Feb 2021

PinkNews Futures is back this Spring

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Happy LGBT+ History Month! We’re pleased to announce that our conference will be back on your screens this April, with four days of career content and networking opportunities for you. We will be revealing speakers, sessions and partners all throughout the coming weeks so do keep an eye out for our updates.

In the meantime, if you’re interested in attending the conference, follow the link below to take a peek at the agenda and register your interest!


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This month, we wanted to reflect on how far we have come in the fight for LGBT+ inclusion, and the experiences of those before us who had to hide their true selves. This week, the chief of MI6 issued an apology on behalf of the secret service for banning LGBT+ spies from its ranks back in the days when their sexuality was deemed a “national security threat”. A far cry from nowadays, when PinkNews frequently partners with organisations such as GCHQ, and when the Secret Intelligence Service ranks as one of Stonewall’s top LGBT-inclusive employers.

For this week’s dose of LGBT+ History, PinkNews spoke to queer spies who revealed the legacy of MI6’s LGBT+ ban, as well as the extent of their feelings of isolation. “It makes me angry that there was this sweeping belief that none of us could be trusted,” said one of our interviewees.  Read both stories below —

MI6 chief apologises for historic ban on LGBT+ spies that said being queer was a ‘national security threat’ Queer spies reveal homophobic legacy of MI6’s ‘illogical’ LGBT+ ban – and how far things have come

We hope to see you soon at our upcoming conference, where we’ll be fighting to ensure no one ever feels like they have to hide who they are at work.

If you want to chat, you can always email us at futures (at)  


Stay fabulous!

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