18 Aug 2020

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Tomorrow, we’ll be sharing an exclusive interview with Stonewall’s new leader, Nancy Kelley, on what it’s been like to take on such an important role during unprecedented times, and how she plans on tackling the UK’s toxic trans rights row.

While a global recession will undoubtedly create significant challenges for the LGBT+ community, Nancy believes we still have much to be thankful for — particularly when you look at the intersectional activism that has thrived during 2020.

“I’m blown away by the depth and breadth of the talent and I feel so incredibly impressed at how we’re able to survive. We’re pretty amazing, and there’s a lot to be proud of I think,” she says.

As a MyPinkNews member, we wanted to give you an early preview. Click the link below to check out the story:

New Stonewall boss Nancy Kelley is a ‘working class girl made good’ with a fresh new approach to the toxic trans rights row

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