26 Feb 2021

Dear PinkNews reader,

Thanks to everyone who joined us for our MyPinkNews Conversations — Meet the Team webinar yesterday afternoon. The team thoroughly enjoyed answering your questions on content creation and platform allocation, and the most rewarding aspects of their roles.

Ryan, PinkNews Web Editor, shared the challenges around contacting LGBT+ activists overseas, but predicted increased reporting over the coming weeks with “more in-roads being made by journalists to actually speak to people on the ground”.

The panel spoke about PinkNews’ dual offering of informing and entertaining, and the importance of keeping our reporting relevant and engaging for our young audience. Ryan expertly described it as “eat your vegetables and then you get your ice cream.”

Our Video Growth Editor, Chris, revealed that his dream interviewee is Lady Gaga, whilst Ryan, PinkNews Web Editor, gets a buzz out of interviews with activists — real people doing real work for our community!

We also discussed reporting during LGBT+ History Month and the opportunities to educate our following through social media, namely Snapchat and TikTok.


Watch the full webinar here


We’ll be back with more editions of MyPinkNews Conversations next month. Stay tuned for details!

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