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23 Apr 2021

Dear MyPinkNews reader,

Just this week, research by Just Like Us revealed that trans youth are the least optimistic about their future. With two-thirds of trans people in the closet in their place of work, there has never been a better time for employers and allies to take a stand and ensure all workplaces are safe and inclusive spaces for the trans community, and especially for the young generations that are about to enter the world of work. This is why we have launched our inaugural Trans Summit, in partnership with IBM and Gendered Intelligence, taking place 18-20th May.


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10% of ticket sales will be donated to Gendered Intelligence 


Across 3 days, we will bring together businesses, charities and individuals striving to improve career opportunities, and community-building for trans people. With a primary focus on creating a safe space to connect, the Trans Summit welcomes individuals and organisations committed to combatting inequalities faced by transgender people in the workplace.

Funded places are available for individuals who wish to join the Trans Summit, and do not have the financial means to purchase a ticket. Those who wish to apply for a funded ticket are required to complete this sign-up form, and member of our team will get in touch.

Join us in taking a step towards workplace equality, and creating a ripple effect throughout the world of work. Everyone deserves to feel safe and seen at work, and there has never been a time when our trans, non-binary and gender non-conforming siblings needed our support more.


See you there,

The MyPinkNews Team