An invitation to our upcoming webinar
24 Mar 2021

Dear MyPinkNews reader,

Over the last year, we have all confronted difficult truths about how systems of power affect members of the LGBT+ community differently. In our upcoming webinar, we will discuss the impact that these structures of oppression have on our workplaces.


Changing the World of Work

Wednesday 31st of March, 14:00-15:00 GMT 

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We’ll hear from:

Alexander Leon, writer, campaigner and LinkedIn Changemaker (he/him)

Shana Gujral, award-winning innovator, entrepreneur and founder of Lila (she/her)

Rachel Reese, chief executive officer at Global Butterflies (she/her)

Last week, the board of Pride in London resigned following damning accusations of bullying and racism, once again bringing to light the fact that LGBT+ spaces have a great deal to go to truly serve our Black and brown people in our community. Recent research has also shown that two in three trans people do not feel safe coming out at work, with just 51% having received a positive reaction from colleagues when they came out. Diversity and inclusion departments clearly have their work cut out for them.

The traditional workplace solution for racism, sexism, transphobia or homophobia has been implementing diversity and inclusion initiatives — but are the now-traditional practices enough to tackle the full scope of the issues we are facing?

Join us as we discuss these issues — and more — in our next edition of MyPinkNews Conversations. Register here.

See you soon,

The PinkNews Team