20 Aug 2020

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Later this month, the Liberal Democrats will announce their new leader, with Ed Davey and Layla Moran competing to succeed Jo Swinson at the helm of the UK’s fourth largest party.

Ahead of the results, we sat down with Moran – the first pansexual member of Britain’s parliament – to discuss trans rights, the coronavirus pandemic and Tories’ failure to ban conversion therapy.

“I want the government to do the right thing as quickly as possible and the right thing would very obviously be to have made good on their word that they gave two years ago to ban conversion therapy, it should have already happened,” she said.

As a MyPinkNews member, we wanted to give you an early preview. Click the link below to check out the story:

Lib Dem leadership hopeful Layla Moran on why she’ll never forgive the Tories: ‘You don’t get to pick and choose equal rights’

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