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19 Oct 2020

Carole Baskin reveals she has ‘always considered herself bisexual’ and ‘could just as easily have a wife as a husband’.

Kirstie Alley tried to explain why she’s voting for Donald Trump but Bianca Del Rio was having absolutely none of it.

And Brokeback Mountain reimagined with all-trans cast and it’s 90 full minutes of unashamed queer excellence.

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Today's top stories

Joe Biden accused of siding with ‘radical LGBT+ activists’ by homophobic hate group and we know which we’d rather Phillip Schofield reveals Drag Race legend Michelle Visage took him out and ‘welcomed him to the club’ after his coming out
Network Rail ‘inundated’ with complaints after removing ‘antagonistic’ JK Rowling billboard New Zealand just elected the queerest parliament in the world with one in 10 MPs identifying as LGBT+
X Factor winner Dalton Harris comes out as pansexual with defiant message to his haters ‘Concerned’ Mormon sent anonymous complaint to neighbours about Pride flags. They probably weren’t expecting this response