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29 Jan 2021

Why wasn’t the AIDS crisis taken as seriously as COVID? Because it killed gay people, not old people.

Justin Timberlake declares himself an LGBT+ ally and to quote Oprah, we’ve never heard this from any gay person.

And lesbian couple viciously attacked for pointing out ‘it takes more than heterosexuality to be a good parent’.

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Four Lads in Jeans from iconic viral meme condemn ‘upsetting’ homophobic abuse after months of trolling Democrats launch bid to eject anti-trans, QAnon conspiracy-spouting Republican from Congress
Buddhist monk and beloved LGBT+ ally dubbed ‘garbage ghost’ for backing abortion rights A white man shot dead his Black lover to ‘hide his bisexuality’. He was charged with evidence tampering
PETA thinks ‘chicken’ is an ‘anti-animal slur’ – and ‘speciesism’ is on par with racism and homophobia Drag Race UK fans praise Ginny Lemon and Bimini Bon Boulash for moving, important chat about being non-binary