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19 Aug 2020

Donald Trump pardoned trailblazing lesbian suffragette Susan B Anthony. There’s just one major problem.

Adorable lesbian penguin couple welcome their first baby chick.

And a shopper launches into homophobic, racist rant after being politely asked to wear a face mask. Then, he unzips his trousers.

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New Stonewall boss Nancy Kelley is a ‘working class girl made good’ with a fresh new approach to the toxic trans rights row Hospital issues apology after homophobic sign listing LGBT+ as a ‘mental health disorder’ spotted in reception
Kevin Hart, whose homophobic ‘jokes’ cost him a job as Oscars host, is unsurprisingly not a fan of cancel culture Parents of Matthew Shepherd, who was brutally murdered by homophobes, help formally nominate Joe Biden
Dolly Parton labelled ‘freak’ in vile misogynistic rant by Adult Swim actor after coming out swinging for Black Lives Matter First-ever Tour de Trans sees cyclists take on 1,000 mile challenge to help empower transgender people everywhere