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Singapore’s colonial-era gay sex ban to face first of three high court legal challenges

Belgian football fans

Homophobic Belgian football fans will receive an immediate ban under firm new guidelines

Photo of couple Chantelle Day and Vickie Bodden Bush who are fighting for the right to get married in the Cayman Islands.

British government urged to stop Cayman Islands ‘unacceptable’ criminalisation of same-sex marriage

saudi arabia

Saudi Arabia just declared homosexuality, feminism and atheism as ‘extremism’

An overwhelming majority of LGBT teenagers feel unsafe in school, ‘heartbreaking’ report finds

Grindr chemsex expert has account banned

Grindr users are being targeted by cyber-scammers pretending to be victims of homophobic attacks

Gay teen attacked in Switzerland

Man in Switzerland slashes his 17-year-old son’s throat for being gay

Dozens of Ugandans sit cross-legged, police patrolling around them, outside the RAM bar in the country's capital city after a police raid. (Twitter)

Harrowing footage shows Ugandan police arresting 127 people at gay-friendly bar for ‘smoking’

Transgender pronouns explained (ANGELA WEISS/AFP/Getty Images)

United Nations expert slams Australian media over treatment and ‘betrayal’ of trans people

Renault Clio lesbian advert

The new Renault Clio advert is a tender lesbian love story and should ‘win all the Oscars’ immediately

This viral Sprite ad about LGBT families in Argentina will warm your heart

Swedish government grants $175,000 to fund drag queen story hours for children

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