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bullying in the workplace

A quarter of all LGBT people have been bullied at work, study finds

Coomera Westfield shopping centre attack

Gay man and teen brother attacked by ‘bloodthirsty’ thugs in anti-gay attack at Westfield

Miguel with his primary physician, Dr. Henrique Santos (Screen capture via CTV News)

A 100-year-old man living with HIV shares his secret to a long and happy life

Irish student ‘terrified’ to come out as it would ‘destroy’ his homophobic family

Japan same-sex couple affair with sperm donor

Woman wins court battle after same-sex partner had affair with their sperm donor

LGBT self-defence workshops gaining popularity as hate crimes continue to rise

Penny Whetton in a forest

Dr Penny Whetton, the renowned trans climate scientist, ‘dies in her favourite spot’

Robert Williams conversion therapy survivors

Man forced to hurt himself with elastic band and take cold showers during conversion therapy

‘It’s like being on the edge of dying’: Chechnya man arrested and tortured for being gay

Straight woman’s rainbow luggage tag defaced with word ‘sodomite’ by baggage handler

An iPhone with a Grindr splash screen

Teen boy rescued after being kidnapped by gang he met on Grindr

Rwandan gospel singer who came out as gay says reaction has been ‘horrible’

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