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People share the most ridiculous bisexual stereotypes they’ve ever heard

London underground getty

Can you get 8 out of 10 on this TfL quiz?

Stonewall co-founder opposes trans rights

Stonewall founder opposes trans rights, may form breakaway group

Sam Smith at The BRIT Awards 2019

The BRIT Awards considers gender-neutral award categories

Stock photo of a wedding cake

‘You f**king queer p**fs’: Gay bakers sent hate-filled homophobic letter

‘How can you be lesbian and Christian?’ Home Office using religion against LGBT asylum seekers, says report

Hospital receptionist refused to acknowledge woman’s same-sex partner: ‘I’ll just put friend’

Protestors against LGBT lessons outside Anderton Park Primary school, Birmingham

Government ministers accused of ‘radio silence’ over LGBT inclusive education school protests

Lesbian MP Mhairi Black slams government as ‘a boys’ club that masquerades as a parliament’

To the surprise of nobody, users on Mumsnet really don’t like the NHS LGBT+ rainbow badges

Anna Calvi

Anna Calvi reveals vile anti-gay abuse she received after kissing her girlfriend in a straight bar

A gay couple showed their defiance against a group of religious protesters in the best way possible. (Joe Fergus and Robert Brookes)

Gay couple had the absolute best response to religious protesters who targeted Rocky Horror Show

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