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David Starkey.

Bigoted historian David Starkey dropped by publisher and loses coveted Cambridge title after ‘indefensible’ racist rant

domestic abuse

Mental health groups report huge surge in numbers of LGBT+ people at risk of suicide during lockdown

Courtney Act lambasts JK Rowling for writing so poorly about trans people

Drag Race royalty Courtney Act lambasts JK Rowling for writing so poorly about trans people when ‘her tools are language’

UK conversion therapy

It’s been two years to the day since the Tory government said they’d ban conversion therapy

Homophobic Saudi Arabia taking over Newcastle United could undo all the progress football has made with the LGBT+ community

David Starkey. (Screen capture via YouTube)

Vile gay historian David Starkey says slavery can’t have been genocide because there’s ‘so many damn Blacks’

Thomas Beattie gay footballer comes out

The first openly gay English pro footballer since Justin Fashanu, Thomas Beattie, says it was fans stopping him coming out – not the players

Baroness Nicholson will not be investigated for Munroe Bergdorf comments

Munroe Bergdorf graciously accepts Baroness Nicholson’s apology while schooling her on ‘casual’ racism and transphobia

Northampton police are appealing for witnesses in a suspected homophobic attack. (JON SUPER / AFP) (Photo by JON SUPER/AFP via Getty Images)

Homophobic cyclist brutally beats driver, punches him in the face and shuts his leg in a car door

The report calls for trans kids to be misgendered unless they have 'permission'

Teachers should be forced to misgender trans kids unless they have ‘permission’ from parents, right-wing think tank suggests

A trans person was stoned and bottled by teenage thugs in a suspected hate attack, for the simple crime of walking their dog

transgender Gen Z tinder

Overwhelming majority of Generation Z transgender people remain closeted and have only come out online

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