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TikTok kiss removed

Man ‘devastated’ after TikTok removed video of him kissing his boyfriend because it ‘violated community guidelines’

online dating

Almost seven out of ten US same-sex couples now meet through online dating

HIV-preventing PrEP drugs will be made available for free in the US

Facebook finally pulls down ‘false’ ads attacking PrEP

Lil Miquela

A CGI and completely fake influencer claims she was ‘sexually assaulted’ and people are well and truly p****d

Two Dallas men charged for attacking and robbing men through Grindr

Grindr announces new rollout of safety features in countries where bigotry and hate puts users at risk

YouTube harassment policies

YouTube finally updates harassment policies to protect LGBT people after months of controversy

One of the PrEP Facebook adverts.

Facebook refuses to remove ads claiming PrEP is dangerous, even though it banned PrEP awareness campaign weeks ago


More and more daters are identifying their gender as something other than ‘man’ or ‘woman’, study finds

LGBT+ Google employees

Queer former Google employees give damning indictment of tech giant after being fired at Thanksgiving

TikTok censorship bullying

TikTok admits it censored LGBT users in ‘wrong’ attempt to tackle online bullying

Piers Morgan smokes a cigar whilst watching the racing on day two of Royal Ascot at Ascot Racecourse on June 19, 2019 in Ascot, England.

Twitter ‘banned transphobia’ more than a year ago – but research shows the ban is failing trans people


An overwhelming majority of people who sext do it for something other than sex in return, study finds

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