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Evangelical Trump ally Tony Perkins is furious with Facebook for banning disgraced conversion therapy group

An iPhone showing the Grindr logo

Terrifying Grindr hack let accounts be taken over with nothing more than an email address

Unsung Lilly Facebook advert

Lesbian couple’s ‘romantic and beautiful’ Facebook post censored for ‘sexually explicit adult content’

There’s a whole raft of new LGBT-inclusive and gender-neutral emojis headed for your phone

TikTok censorship bullying

TikTok insists it ‘celebrates and protects’ queer creators but apologises for censoring ‘vulnerable’ LGBT+ users

trans athletes

Disgusting political ad claiming trans athletes would ‘destroy girls’ sports’ removed by Facebook


TikTok admits it enacted a ‘shadow-ban’ censoring several LGBT+ hashtags, including #I am a gay/lesbian

Holocaust denial Facebook algorithm

Facebook’s algorithm ‘actively promotes’ Holocaust denial content and conspiracy theories, experts say

Qatar LGBT+ gay

Qatari government advisor claims queer Snapchat content is a ‘deviation from Allah’. Scarily, the solution is censorship

grindr art circle feature

Grindr adds ‘art sharing’ feature where users can critique each other’s work and, spoiler, it’s mostly nudes

Laverne Cox and Trace Lysette

Laverne Cox and Trace Lysette banned from dating app after being reported by transphobes

trans facebook content

Most Facebook content on trans issues is from right-wing, ‘biased and factually inaccurate’ sources, study finds

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