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TikTok trans content

TikTok accused of censoring trans people’s content, says they were removed because of ‘nudity and smoking’

Davion Johnson, 20,, has been arrested over the Grindr robberies

Thieves are using Grindr hook-ups to attack and rob gay men, again

Katie Hopkins

Katie Hopkins’ Twitter account has finally been suspended and, honestly, you love to see it

The long-awaited trans Pride flag emoji is finally coming to phones in 2020

The long-awaited trans Pride flag emoji is finally coming to phones in 2020

Twitter has apologised for permitting ads to be targeted at groups with bigoted views

Twitter apologises for allowing ads to be targeted at homophobes and neo-Nazis


Grindr could be sharing your location and sexual orientation with thousands of advertisers

cisgender same-sex couple with baby

Cisgender same-sex couples making babies together without a donor could soon become a reality

TikTok kiss removed

Man ‘devastated’ after TikTok removed video of him kissing his boyfriend because it ‘violated community guidelines’

online dating

Almost seven out of ten US same-sex couples now meet through online dating

HIV-preventing PrEP drugs will be made available for free in the US

Facebook finally pulls down ‘false’ ads attacking PrEP

Lil Miquela

A CGI and completely fake influencer claims she was ‘sexually assaulted’ and people are well and truly p****d

Two Dallas men charged for attacking and robbing men through Grindr

Grindr announces new rollout of safety features in countries where bigotry and hate puts users at risk

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