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LGBT self-defence workshops gaining popularity as hate crimes continue to rise

Tina Fey has a really amazing idea: Stop insulting gay people at football games

Prince Harry and Gareth Thomas

Prince Harry calls Gareth Thomas an ‘absolute legend’ as the pair announce plans to fight HIV stigma

Rugby star Gareth Thomas has been forced to come out as HIV positive

Dennis Rodman thinks ’10-20% of pro-athletes are gay’

Seth Dunlap speaking into a radio microphone

A radio station called one of its own hosts a f*g after he penned an emotional letter about being gay

Noël Le Graët President of the French Football Federation.

Football boss says he’d stop games for racist chants but not homophobic ones

Martina Navratilova says including trans women in sport is ‘tricky’

Bisexual football star Ryan Russell says being out will make him a better player

French Football Association President Noël Le Graët speaks during the FIFA Closing Press Conference at Stade de Lyon on July 05, 2019 in Lyon, France.

French football boss tells referees to ignore homophobic chants because they’re stopping ‘too many’ matches

Football fan says he was ‘abused’ after trying to stop ‘homophobic’ chants

Drew Brees

NFL star who made video for anti-gay group wants you to know he’s not homophobic

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