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Father Muscat speaking on chat show Xaraban

Priest to be charged with hate speech for saying being gay is ‘worse than being possessed’

Father Muscat speaking on chat show Xaraban

Archbishop apologises after priest’s ‘obscene, homophobic’ rant about murder suspect

Abbot Austin Murphy, head of the St Procopius monks

Monks dramatically quit Catholic school after it hires lesbian lacrosse coach

Jeffrey McCall

Founder of ‘ex-gay’ Freedom March Jeffrey McCall admits to sleeping with men

Lifelong campaigner for human rights Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Archbishop Desmond Tutu opposed barbaric anti-LGBT+ laws with ‘same passion as apartheid’

Jeff, wearing a dark grey shirt, smiling in front of a blue backdrop

Billionaire Mormon quits church over relentless attacks on LGBT+ rights and vows to donate fortune

Proudly gay preacher does drag to the delight of churchgoers: ‘The most inspiring service’

Emilee Carpenter appears in an interview with Fox News

Christian photographer told she can’t refuse gay weddings as lawsuit crashes and burns

France bans barbaric conversion therapy without any exemptions while UK dithers and delays

Xavier Novell, a former bishop who was known for conversion therapy

Conversion therapy bishop formally stripped of powers after marrying Satanic porn writer

activist Ban conversion therapy now

Reverend ordered son to ‘court’ non-binary lesbian to make them straight: ‘I was brainwashed’

Priest backs trans community after diocese tells LGBT+ people ‘repent if you want baptism’

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