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The largest churches in Northern Ireland have said they’re not prepared to carry out same-sex marriages

Faithful Word Baptist Church pastor Steven Anderson

Hateful preacher who thinks gay people should be stoned to death has been banned from New Zealand

New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern explains decision not to ban traumatising ‘conversion therapy’

Archbishop Glenn Davies Australia Anglican Church

Archbishop receives standing ovation for telling supporters of same-sex marriage to ‘leave’ church

Mormon church conversion therapy

The Mormon church wants you to know they think it’s OK to put young queer people through traumatising conversion therapy

Presbyterian Church leaders told elder Steven Smyrl his marriage was 'incompatible' with his role

Irish church elder says he was ‘bullied’ and ‘dehumanised’ for being gay and married to a man

Diane Abbott and Andrew Moffat spoke out at the PinkNews Awards

If there was one key message from this year’s PinkNews Awards, it’s that religion is no excuse for homophobia

Pete Buttigieg and Elizabeth Warren explained why they don't support plans to scrap tax exemption status for churches

This is why Pete Buttigieg and Elizabeth Warren want anti-LGBT churches to keep tax-exempt status

The Pope just made Cardinal Newman a saint – but was he actually gay?

Presbyterian Church leaders told elder Steven Smyrl his marriage was 'incompatible' with his role

Presbyterian Church ousts long-serving church elder after he got married to a man

gay surrogacy

These Catholics think surrogacy reform will result in gays buying babies. Yes, really

Franklin Graham

Trump pastor Franklin Graham blames gay relationships for STDs, but says God can ‘cleanse’ people

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