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Law professor uses sobering logic and reason before Supreme Court to argue in favour of LGBT employment protections

Jack Chapman, legally Tank Hafertepen, died after injecting dangerous silicone into his genitals. ( Commons)

A mum is suing her son’s five BDSM boyfriends after he died from silicone genital injections

Bathrooms came up more than 50 times during the Supreme Court’s landmark LGBT rights hearings

The Supreme Court is set to decide if it’s OK to fire someone for being gay. Here’s everything we know so far

Members of the Russian gay community

Russian court orders LGBT groups to disband for ‘denying family values’ after sharing pictures of gay love

This is everything you need to know about Aimee Stephens’ landmark Supreme Court case

Brett Kavanaugh will be at the centre of three landmark LGBT Supreme Court cases. This is where he stands on our rights

Republicans reject conversion therapy ban in Minnesota

Judge rules it’s OK to force minors through traumatising conversion therapy to try ‘cure’ them from being gay

A gay teen was verbally, physically and sexual assaulted by his classmates, a shocking lawsuit claims. (Stock photo via UnSplash/Andrew Neil)

A teen was bullied for being gay and raped. Now his mum claims the school tried to cover it up

Donald Zarda Supreme court case

Partner of skydiving instructor fired for being gay says ‘this is a battle we have to win’

Woman fights to change UK trademark rules after being told she can’t use the word ‘queer’ as it’s offensive

Apple Iphone

A Russian iPhone user is suing Apple for ‘turning him gay’. Yes, really

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