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Blood donation rules finally relaxed for gay and bisexual men

France finally lifts ‘absurd’ barrier to blood donation for gay and bisexual men

On the left: Headshot of Tucker Carlson talking to the camera. On the right: A packet of Viagra pills.

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson pushes Viagra as a COVID-19 cure, because of course he did

Thousands of people march in the streets of city center during the annual Gay Pride parade organized by LGBT activists in Athens

Greece finally lifts archaic ban on queer men donating blood: ‘It’s the least they could do’

queer cancer care

The good, the bad and the ugly of cancer care for LGBT+ people: ‘When done badly, it’s devastating’

Man found guilty of ‘corrective rape’ of lesbian loses court appeal

Surge in calls to male sex abuse helpline in 2021 down to pandemic: ‘It gave victims time to think’

Participants march along a street during a 'Gay Pride' march in Seoul on July 15, 2017. Thousands of people celebrated gay rights with song, dance and a march in Seoul on July 15, amid rain and boisterous protests by conservative Christians. Religious South Koreans have been a loud fixture at the annual parade for years, holding a rival anti-homosexuality rally while trying to physically block the march. / AFP PHOTO / Ed JONES (Photo credit should read ED JONES/AFP/Getty Images)

South Korean court rejects gay couple’s bid for equal healthcare benefits: ‘Love will eventually win’

Demi Lovato performs during Global Citizen Live in a black outfit in front of a blue background

Demi Lovato quietly returns from rehab stint and vows to ‘put themselves first’

Trans healthcare in Ireland is struggling to serve 300 people per year

Ireland’s sole gender clinic is so short-staffed it can’t even deal with 300 patients a year

A protester holds a trans pride flag and a placard that reads "Protect Trans Kids" placard during the trans rights demonstration

Republican senator rings in the new year with two cruel bills attacking trans kids

On the left: Robbie Mullet poses in a tuxedo. On the right: Robbie Mullet in a café saying: 'Have you heard of PrEP?'

Made in Chelsea’s Robbie Mullet praised for stigma-busting chat about HIV and PrEP

Sex with Cancer co-founders Brian Lobel and Joon Lynn Goh

‘Super queer’ sex shop for people with cancer is sparking conversations everyone is afraid to have

Game-changing injectable PrEP taken every other month to be rolled out after FDA approval

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