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Son of lesbian mums forced into anti-gay sermons in order to play sport

Lesbian mums say son was forced to attend anti-gay sermons if he wanted to play basketball

Liberty university coronavirus COVID-19

University that punishes students for being gay tells kids to come back to school and not to worry about coronavirus

A Jewish school faces a not-so-difficult decision: Teach an LGBT-inclusive curriculum or close down. (Stock photo via Elements Envato)

This Orthodox Jewish school has two weeks to agree to LGBT-inclusive education or face closure

The Cock Destroyers, Rebecca More and Sophie Anderson, have teamed up with Netflix

The C**k Destroyers are teaching inclusive sex education for Netflix and they’re doing a better job than most schools

Mormon university professor

Mormon university professor receives death threats after saying gay students would be a ‘blessing’

Mormon protest New York

Protests against Mormon university ban on ‘same-sex romantic behaviour’ reach New York, more than 1,000 miles away

Ice hockey gender reveal

Female ice hockey player taunted by cruel fans with ‘gender reveal’ sign for being the only girl on the team

Mormon university

Queer Mormons say they’ve been put in danger by ‘cruel’ university as it U-turns on homosexuality policy

Cambridge student makes woefully meagre apology for homophobic slur

Student president hopeful claimed homophobia allegations were a ‘smear campaign’. Then he found out about the screenshot

School chiefs claps back at homophobic religious groups in an iconic way

These religious homophobes think schools teach kids to be gay. So a school chief clapped back in the most iconic of ways

legal name change

LGBT student group hosts legal name change clinic because the process can be ’emotionally intimidating’

South Carolina health classes

Activists sue South Carolina over law which says schools can only teach LGBT sex ed if it’s related to STDs

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