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WarwickshiLGBT+ inclusive education in primary schools has become a battlegroundre County Council has reportedly ditched the relationship education programme

Education minister sparks serious concerns after suggesting LGBT+ lessons in primary schools could be derailed by religion

Catholic school

Not content with firing staff for being gay, Catholic schools are now trying to use ‘religious liberty’ to sack teachers who have cancer

World Health Organisation

Elected school official under fire for spreading ‘unhinged’ transgender coronavirus conspiracy theory

conversion therapy

Student claims he was forced to watch ‘conversion therapy’ video after being caught with gay porn at America’s richest private school

teachers disciplined incel video

Teachers disciplined after showing kids incel videos and sending a student thousands of texts about their sexual orientation

Safe Schools Alliance is trying to bring anti-trans bathroom bills to the UK

Meet the Safe Schools Alliance, who want to ban trans kids from bathrooms and redefine what an LGBT+ hate crime is

Archbishop is upset people are being 'mean' over firing of gay teacher

Archbishop is upset that people are being ‘mean’ over a decision to fire a gay teacher for being married to a man


Oxford University says it won’t drop anti-trans and misogynist texts because free speech is more important than protecting people from hate

First-ever out transgender valedictorian is on his way to Harvard

Harvard-bound transgender valedictorian says the tragic death of his best friend inspired him to ‘be happy’

Bisexual coach challenges bigoted parent who complained about sexuality

Bigoted parent thinks volleyball coach coming out as bisexual makes him unsuitable to teach high school students

Catholic school

Students unite in support of gay teacher sacked from Catholic school because of his sexuality

Brazil Jair Bolsonaro

Brazil’s vile Jair Bolsonaro wrongly claims World Health Organization promotes child masturbation and homosexuality

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