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Olivia Coleman vogue

Olivia Colman backs LGBT-inclusive education in Vogue interview

Sadiq Khan waving, wearing an "LGBTQ ally" t-shirt

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan gives his full, complete backing to LGBT-inclusive education in schools

Parents, children and protesters demonstrate against the 'No Outsiders' programme, which teaches children about LGBT rights, at Parkfield Community School on March 21, 2019 in Birmingham, England.

Protests over LGBT-inclusive education to start again in Birmingham

Anti-gay Christian school

Teachers are quitting a Christian school because it teaches children that homosexuality is ‘unnatural’

trans teen trans kids

Transgender boy ‘forced to wear blouse to school’

Majority of Brits back primary-school kids being taught about LGBT families

Christian parent Nigel Rowe opposes LGBT-inclusive education in schools (BBC)

Christian parent says being LGBT ‘isn’t normal’ live on air, gets quickly put in his place

Gavin Williamson

Education secretary says all schools will be given support to teach LGBT-inclusive lessons amidst protests

Sphengic pictured with the gay penguin parents after whom she's named.

Book about gay penguins raising a chick could make children gay, says parent

Trans boy sues school after teacher demands he ‘prove’ he should be in male bathroom

The students were told their pro-LGBT+ t-shirts were in violation of the school's dress code

Superintendent of school which banned Pride t-shirts but allowed Confederate ones says ‘we were wrong’

A student was told their t-shirt violated the school's dress code. (WTHR11)

Teenager sent home from school for wearing t-shirt telling homophobes to ‘be quiet’

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