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Cardi B on the red carpet and a young boy playing with a kitchen cooking set

Cardi B emphatically shuts down ridiculous ‘debate’ over kitchen sets for boys being ‘gay’

Cruel trolls hijack family's virtual funeral with racist images and gay porn

Cruel trolls hijack family’s virtual funeral with racist SpongeBob images and gay porn

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Canada votes to ban barbaric conversion therapy while the UK dithers and delays

World Cup boss tells gay star Josh Cavallo 'nobody feels unsafe' in Qatar

World Cup boss tells gay footballer Josh Cavallo ‘nobody feels unsafe’ in homophobic Qatar

Britney Spears dances to Justin Timberlake and reflects on ‘living life however I choose’

Josephine Baker to be the first Black woman to enter the Pantheon

Bisexual goddess and anti-Nazi fighter Josephine Baker given one of France’s highest honours

Former Egyptain footballer Mohamed Aboutrika

Football pundit sparks backlash after ‘gobsmackingly horrendous’ homophobic rant on live TV

Marc Thompson sat on an armchair in a navy room

Gripping series celebrates the unsung heroes and untold stories of Britain’s HIV epidemic

Dave Chappelle canvassing for Andrew Yang

So-called ‘cancel culture’ victim Dave Chappelle is having a theatre named after him

Sara Bareilles, Lin-Manuel Miranda and more lead emotional Broadway tribute to Stephen Sondheim

Kelly Clarkson and Ariana Grande singing on a stage

Ariana Grande and Kelly Clarkson’s big pop girl tribute is the stuff of dreams

Kathy Griffin triumphantly declares she’s cancer-free after having half a lung removed

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