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A collage of dozens of flags

Teenager’s mum banned them from putting up a Pride flag. 241 flags later…

Protesters holding placards saying 'some poeple are gay/bi/trans, get over it'

Stonewall leaders on beating the bullies and the LGBT+ movement’s inevitable reckoning

A side by side image from a TikTok video shows a man with a face mask with the worlds 'Today's the day I decided to come out to my grandma I'm a little nervous' on one side and a picture of his grandma with the worlds 'waiting for the right time' on it

Man shares grandmother’s heartwarming response to his coming out in emotional video

Caitlyn Jenner, Christine Jorgensen and Lil Nas X

The 10 groundbreaking, monumental coming out moments that changed the world for the better

The Royal Vauxhall Tavern on the left and Lily Savage accepting an award on the right

Revisiting the outrageous ‘poppers raid’ that saw police arrest 11 – including Lily Savage

Murals commemorating trans lives have sprung up across the US.

7 powerful, beautiful and moving pieces of art honouring trans lives and demanding better for them

A street preacher is confronted in Lincoln over his anti-gay comments

Street preacher challenged by angry crowd after calling gay people ‘degenerates’ in broad daylight

LGBT+ people march for equal marriage in Zurich, Switzerland.

Switzerland set to back same-sex marriage in historic referendum, exit poll says

Lesbian bars TikTok

Queer women are are calling out straight people who frequent gay bars on TikTok

We have to start taking biphobia seriously – and that begins within the LGBT+ community

Just Like Us chief executive Dominic Arnall holding his child

Becoming a bisexual dad means I need to speak out even louder – for the sake of all our children

A picture of the Common Press which is part of Glass House London, a multidisciplinary LGBT+ venue which isn't alcohol-focused

Radical new LGBT+ venue includes alcohol-free space so that community doesn’t have to mean drinking

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