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Man enjoys a gay sauna

Gay sauna worker shares hilarious, NSFW stories: From noisy straight men to drag orgies

Protesters holding placards saying 'some poeple are gay/bi/trans, get over it'

Stonewall leaders on beating the bullies and the LGBT+ movement’s inevitable reckoning

Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s train-wreck presidency linked to LGBT+ mental distress, according to science

Industry experts share key job tips for young LGBT+ people at PinkNews Futures careers conference

A side by side image from a TikTok video shows a man with a face mask with the worlds 'Today's the day I decided to come out to my grandma I'm a little nervous' on one side and a picture of his grandma with the worlds 'waiting for the right time' on it

Man shares grandmother’s heartwarming response to his coming out in emotional video

National Coming Out Day: 'The best part of coming out is the freedom.'

Proud gay, trans man and father shares empowering coming out story: ‘The freedom is the best part’

Revolution Beauty has released The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror Collection for Halloween.

You can get Treehouse of Horror themed Simpsons makeup this Halloween – and its spookily iconic

Caitlyn Jenner, Christine Jorgensen and Lil Nas X

The 10 groundbreaking, monumental coming out moments that changed the world for the better

Lego is to address gender stereotyping in toys.

Lego to drop outdated ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ labels from toys to combat harmful gender biases

The Royal Vauxhall Tavern on the left and Lily Savage accepting an award on the right

Revisiting the outrageous ‘poppers raid’ that saw police arrest 11 – including Lily Savage

nurse performs cervical screening on person with cervix

Cervical screening pilot for trans patients could revolutionise healthcare and save lives

Murals commemorating trans lives have sprung up across the US.

7 powerful, beautiful and moving pieces of art honouring trans lives and demanding better for them

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