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Kit Harington

Game of Thrones star Kit Harington reflects on his ‘gender fluid’ upbringing and the ’emotional blockage’ of toxic masculinity

Vulnerable LGBT+ teens feel less supported by their parents than they would have 20 years ago, alarming study finds

Posed by models (Pixels)

Trans woman denied right to be named as her child’s mother in a ‘scandalous’ high court ruling

Pope Francis trans sex workers

Pope Francis urges parents to love their LGBT+ children as they are because they are ‘children of God’

anal birth fake news

No, a same-sex couple didn’t ‘celebrate the world’s first anal birth’ after a ‘rectal-ovary transplant’

Court overrules mother to allow 16-year-old access to hormone therapy

Teen told she can undergo life-saving hormone therapy after court overrules mum’s attempt to block her transition

Anas and Asala Marwah staged an elaborate gender reveal party in Dubai, splashing the gender of their unborn baby onto the Burj Khalifa. (Screen captures via YouTube)

Dubai influencers project ‘It’s a boy!’ on world’s tallest tower in ‘truly unhinged’ gender reveal party. It cost $140,000

A young girl leaning on a desk, writing / Two pink face masks and two navy ones

School hands out pink ‘girl masks’ and blue ‘boy masks’ – but at least the children can see how absurdly stupid it is

Gender reveal

Academic and trans ally has ingenious suggestion for replacing abhorrent gender reveal parties once and for all

In a first for Croatia, a gay couple have adopted a child following a tense legal battle. (STRINGER/AFP via Getty Images)

A gay couple fought for three long years for their right to become parents. Now, they’re Croatia’s first same-sex foster carers

A firefighter has died in the wildfire caused by a gender-reveal party

Woman who popularised gender reveal parties says enough is enough after latest disaster causes destruction and devastation

Raven Wild

Adorable new trans fairytale teaches trans kids ‘they’re worthy of love in a world that tells them they’re not’

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