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Six-year-old tells his mum he wants to be gay when he grows up and she has the perfect response

same-sex couple daughter citizenship

Daughter of a same-sex couple ‘doesn’t exist’ after being refused citizenship by three different countries

Mum shares moving story of what happened when her 10-year-old daughter saw Christine and the Queens

gay surrogacy

These Catholics think surrogacy reform will result in gays buying babies. Yes, really

France IVF PMA protest

Mass protests in France against IVF for single, lesbian and bisexual women

Mattel gender-inclusive dolls

Yet even more Christian extremists are complaining about gender-inclusive dolls because apparently there’s nothing else to do

deadname tattoo

Dad’s refusal to remove tattoo of trans daughter’s deadname sparks furious debate

Trans teenager Andrew Martinez

The family of a trans teenager who died by suicide after being taken into care are demanding answers and justice

An uncle is being slammed after accusing his "lesbian sister of treating his nephew like a "gay accessory". (Stock photo via Pexels/Sharon McCutcheon)

Man accuses his lesbian sister of treating her son like a ‘gay accessory’, gets quickly schooled


This couple didn’t want to assign a gender to their baby, but the government did it anyway

Mattel gender-inclusive dolls

Mattel just launched a gender non-conforming doll line

France may not have enough sperm to allow lesbian and bisexual couples access to IVF

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