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Florida teacher asks young girls about their sexuality in front of whole class

Teacher tries to shame young girls by asking if they’re queer in front of their entire class

Dwyane Wade spoke about his transgender daughter in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres

Basketball star Dwyane Wade says it was ‘his job’ to educate himself after daughter came out as trans

Tennessee law banning LGBT couples from adoption slammed by Nike

Nearly 150 companies, including Nike and Amazon, oppose law banning LGBT couples adopting children

Friend lesbian parents

Dancer gets a lesson in tolerance after saying she feels ‘weird’ changing near her friend’s lesbian mothers

Uber driver reports gay dads for child trafficking. Yes, really

Uber driver reports gay dads for child trafficking because their baby ‘didn’t have a mother’

Coming out: This guy's parents both came out to him in the same week

This guy’s mum and dad both came out in the same week and we need the Hollywood adaptation immediately

Lesbian mums adopt 17-year-old girl because 'family doesn't end at 18'

Anonymous stranger so touched by lesbian mums adopting a 17-year-old that they’ve offered to pay her college tuition

Rufus Wainwright

Singer Rufus Wainwright urges Tennessee to take advantage of the ‘great force’ of gay adoption

The Mormon church had faced mass resignations over the 2015 anti-LGBT policy

Mormon dad with lesbian daughter launches scathing attack on his church’s homophobic teachings

Jesse Tyler Ferguson and his husband Justin Mikita in front of a rainbow flower wall

Modern Family star Jesse Tyler Ferguson and husband Justin Mikita are expecting their first child together

Ofsted warns another Jewish school for avoiding LGBT-inclusive teaching

Another Orthodox Jewish school gets Ofsted warning for avoiding new LGBT-inclusive curriculum

non-binary child

This non-binary eight-year-old understands identity and acceptance better than most adults

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