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Hungary makes terrifying moves to ban same-sex adoption, claiming it’s ‘become necessary’ due to coronavirus

gay man adopts five children to keep family together

Heroic dad found out his three foster kids had two more siblings. He adopted all five so they could be together

sé Rolón and his three children. (nycgaydad/Instagram)

Single gay dad explaining why he thought he would never be able to have a family will break your heart

A happy family with gay parents

It’s official, children born to same-sex parents do better at school than other kids

Donald Trump transgender

Trans teen found swastikas on their desk and was forced to drop out of school after Donald Trump was elected president

Sam Smith: Non-binary star worried they'll be misgendered till they die

Sam Smith wants to be a ‘mummy’ by 35 – but reveals they’re ‘exhausted’ hunting for a boyfriend

Emily Ratajkowski

Pregnant Emily Ratajkowski has a simple answer for people asking the gender of her unborn child: ‘They’ll let us know when they’re 18’

Gay men with children could be arrested in Russia

Gay fathers are fleeing Russia with their children after authorities threatened to arrest them for ‘baby trafficking’

lesbian maga

An ‘11-year-old lesbian with blue hair’ was grounded for writing ‘F**k Trump’ outside houses with MAGA signs – until she went viral

Gay parenting influencers Christian Newman and Mark Edwards, who live in Avondale, New Zealand and have a son, Francis, shared the clip

Conservative activist caught on camera telling gay dad his sexuality will cause his son to have ’emotional damage’

rainbow oreo

Oreo launches rainbow-coloured biscuits to celebrate LGBT+ families – but not everyone is impressed


Christian adoption agency that only placed children with married straight couples won’t be shut down, court rules

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