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gay dads surrogacy coronavirus

Coronavirus travel ban is having a worrying impact on queer parents expecting children via surrogacy

World’s best dad invents special line of swimwear for tran daughter

World’s best dad invents special line of swimwear for his transgender daughter

LGBT+ homeless youth human trafficking

Local councils are asking young people kicked out of their homes for being LGBT+ for ‘proof’ of their homelessness

Barrie Drewitt Barlow first gay dad

Britain’s ‘first gay dad’ is now expecting triplets with his daughter’s ex-boyfriend

First single gay man to adopt a child in Scotland shares his joy after becoming a dad

Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade, Gabrielle Union and daughter Zaya show their pride to the world in matching red carpet ensemble

Homophobic, bullying teacher called out by three 11-year-old schoolgirls

These three 11-year-old girls knew exactly what to do when their teacher turned out to be a homophobic bully

LGBT adoption: Same-sex couple share their 'amazing journey' to twins

Same-sex couple explain their ‘amazing journey’ to adoption and it will melt your heart

A pregnant lesbian woman was pelted with verbal abuse by a stranger while shopping in a supermarket, leaving her "shaken". (Stock photo via Unsplash/Andrew Seaman)

Pregnant lesbian reduced to tears after cruel homophobe wished death on her unborn baby

The effigy was burned town of Imotski, Croatia

A gay couple are in the fight of their lives to become foster parents in Croatia, where 1,000 children desperately need homes

trans son

Dad throws trans son a party to celebrate his transition and it’s the light we need in this dark, dark world

Israel surrogacy same-sex couples gay

Israel strikes down law banning gay couples from using surrogates to have children

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