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coronavirus sex banned

It is now against the law to have indoor sex with somebody unless you live with them. Yes, seriously

A Black Lives Matter protest in Washington DC.

7 simple ways white queer people can be allies to Black people in the fight against racism and police brutality

Pride flags: All of the flags you might see at Pride and what they mean


Single straight woman is convinced every man she meets is secretly queer and is promptly read to filth for ‘internalised misogyny’

Visibility of LGBT people in adverts increasesacceptance, confirms study

Shocking and not at all obvious study confirms LGBT+ representation in the media make straight people less queerphobic

Mr Gay World Francisco José Alvarado coronavirus

A proud gay doctor was struck down with coronavirus while on the frontline. Now, he’s Mr Gay World

Australia Sydney sex workers broom

A man hired two guys to ‘break into’ his home and play out a fantasy involving a broom. He forgot to tell them he’d moved

Coronavirus blood donation ban gay bisexual men queer

The UK could abolish its archaic ban on queer men donating blood as soon as this year

homophobic slur

Proud same-sex couple turn ‘terrible act of hate into something good’ after cowardly homophobe burns ‘f*g’ into their front garden

To shave or not to shave pubic hair? Now that is the question. (Stock photograph by Elements Envato)

Majority of queer men and women refuse to have sex with a partner with ungroomed pubic hair, eye-opening study says

Turkmenistan gay actor jailed

One of Turkmenistan’s top actors has cruelly been jailed for two years for the simple crime of being gay

Man gay bisexual coronavirus COVID-19

‘Straight’ guy discovers under lockdown that he’s attracted to men – but doesn’t want to be gay

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