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President of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro

Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro refused to wear a face mask because he thought they were ‘too gay’. Now he’s got coronavirus

homophobic surgeon

Surgeon suspended after going on a hate-filled, homophobic rant about a patient while he was operating on him

HIV treatment AIDS

The fight against HIV could be ‘set back 10 years or more’ thanks to the coronavirus pandemic

HIV test

First person ever ‘cured’ of HIV using medication alone, marking the most exciting breakthrough in the fight against the virus in years

HIV-positive trans woman COVID-19 HIV

More than 70 countries risk running out of HIV drugs due to the COVID-19 pandemic, World Health Organization warns


Albania just made the historic move to ban unnecessary genital surgeries on intersex children

JK Rowling met with furious anger after sending string of anti-trans tweets

Instead of listening to JK Rowling, here’s what the NHS and medical experts say about healthcare for trans kids

JK Rowling school

JK Rowling facing fierce backlash, yet again, for ‘dangerous’ comments comparing trans healthcare to gay conversion therapy

domestic abuse

Mental health groups report huge surge in numbers of LGBT+ people at risk of suicide during lockdown

UK conversion therapy

It’s been two years to the day since the Tory government said they’d ban conversion therapy

Atlanta gay club heretic

Gay club finally stops letting hundreds of queer men dance cheek-to-cheek after coronavirus cases skyrocket

Jonathan Van Ness HIV elton john

Jonathan Van Ness candidly tells Elton John what gave him the courage to share his truth about living with HIV

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