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LGBT+ Native American young people are more likely to be at risk of suicide, new data has warned.

Native American LGBT+ youth are at a terrifyingly high risk of suicide: ‘There’s an urgent need to de-colonise systems’

GHB: Killer chemsex drug should be reclassified, drug advisers say

Killer chemsex drug GHB – weaponised by rapists and serial killers alike – should be reclassified, drug experts say

Dolly Parton really did help to fund the COVID vaccine

Saint Dolly Parton explains how she unwittingly funded a promising COVID-19 vaccine

Dolly Parton coronavirus

‘Saint’ Dolly Parton part-funded Moderna’s promising new coronavirus vaccine

Oral Health Foundation HIV toothbrush

It’s the year 2020 and doctors are falsely claiming HIV can be transmitted by sharing toothbrushes. Yes, really

HIV Public Health England

New HIV diagnoses in gay and bisexual men in the UK at their lowest in 20 years

Trans youth 7x as likely to use drugs or alcohol before sex than cis youth

Trans, gender fluid and genderqueer teens seven times as likely to use drugs or alcohol before sex than cisgender youth, study finds

Mural highlights shocking reality of trans healthcare in the UK

‘We just don’t want to die waiting’ Powerful mural highlights shocking reality of trans healthcare in the UK

Media coverage of trans issues a 'catalyst' in trans kids seeking support

Media coverage of transgender issues is ‘catalyst’ in young people seeking support, says landmark study

US military doctors learning facial feminisation surgery for trans troops

Army doctors ‘learn how to do facial feminisation surgery’ as US military ‘considers offering procedure to trans troops’

Brita Filter

Drag Race star Brita Filter ‘tried to hurt herself’ after toxic, racist bullying from so-called fans became ‘too much to bear’

Boston Children's Hospital will stop genital surgeries on intersex children

Top paediatric hospital agrees to end unnecessary genital surgeries on intersex babies – but there’s still much more to be done

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