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Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation just donated $100 million towards gene research for HIV cure

Court blocks Trump’s new rule that healthcare workers can refuse to treat LGBT people

This guy’s gay uncle was told by doctors he wouldn’t make it past 30. He just celebrated his 60th birthday

A technician extracts blood from a patient for an HIV test.

Scientists have discovered a new strain of HIV for the first time in nearly two decades

donated organ india

More than half of people in India would refuse a life-saving donated organ from an LGBT person

A bottle of Truvada and PrEp pills

The US government is suing PrEP manufacturer Gilead

Blood samples of people who took an HIV test

Vile bill that would introduce forced HIV tests slammed by LGBT activists and lawmakers

Trans people were referred to gender clinic in Ireland but were never seen

Referrals to Ireland’s National Gender Service ‘misplaced’, with some trans people waiting for three years

A video of a man passionately kissing someone during the New York City marathon has gone viral. (Screen captures via Twitter)

These two men who kiss during a gruelling marathon are absolute couple goals

Doctors concerned over antibiotic resistant bacteria found in gay men

Doctors concerned over sexually transmitted antibiotic-resistant bacteria found in gay men

This is what it’s like to be a gay man with OCD while still in the closet

African HIV experts are calling on Uganda to legalise homosexuality

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