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Drag Race: Lil Poundcake, with the text: 'You're not my real dad and you never will be'

These lines from Drag Race can also be said during sex and – with every pun intended – we’re gagging

Haim members had no clue what homophobia meant and it sent Twitter into oblivion. (Screen capture via Twitter)

Sisters from viral meme literally – not figuratively, literally – don’t know the meaning of homophobia

Gay man tells mum he's not a bottom. Her response? 'Bulls**t'

Gay man tells his mum he’s not a bottom and her response is iconic

Harry Styles dangly earrings

The New York Times writes entire article about how dangly earrings for men are ‘well suited for our non-binary gender moment’

Julia Morris and Chris Brown in the I'm A Celebrity Australia jungle

I’m a Celeb is back on TV so, of course, camp Australian comedian Julia Morris is going viral again…

Lady Gaga at the Met Gala holding an analogue phone

Professional troll and sometimes-singer Lady Gaga is at it again, sparking hysteria by tweeting about ‘spatchcock’

An Instagram user has gone viral for her rather unconventional wellness routine perineum sunning, involving sunlight. (Instagram)

‘Butt-chugging sunlight’ is the new wellness craze you wish you’d never heard of

straight identical twin

This woman unwittingly asked a gay guy out on a date. He set her up with his straight identical twin brother instead

People are dragging the meatloaf recipe

Gay teenager shares mum’s ‘super secret’ meatloaf recipe as revenge for her ‘f**king abusive’ homophobia

A spoof of a gender reveal party that saw party-goers choking, fainting and covered in blood has taken the practise to meme-grade glory. (Screen captures via Instagram)

This ‘gender reveal party’ went so horrifically wrong it ended with screams, green smoke and blood

Comedian Benito Skinner has parodied signer Shawn Mendes and now everyone is screaming in gay. (Kevin Mazur/WireImage/Twitter)

Comedian’s hilarious viral video imagines what it’d be like to date Shawn Mendes

Pete Buttigieg sporting grooving to the beat to Panic! at the Disco. (Screen capture via Twitter)

There’s a viral trend of Pete Buttigieg fans dancing to Panic! at the Disco and it really needs to be seen to be believed

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