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Fleets: Twitter announces new feature, and bottoms are having a field day

Twitter rolls out new ‘Fleets’ feature and bottoms everywhere are having a field day

Bette Midler upgraded Donald Trump's dismal loss in the presidential election into a musical number. (Screen capture via Twitter)

Bette Midler turns Donald Trump’s dismal presidential election loss into a scathing Broadway musical

Nicola Sturgeon called a seven-year-old who dressed up in drag as her as a 'wee star'. (Screen captures via Twitter)

Adorable 7-year-old boy serves uncanny Nicola Sturgeon realness for Halloween and a new drag icon was born

All I Want For Christmas Is You: 26 things you probably didn't know

Here’s 26 things you probably didn’t know about All I Want for Christmas is You, the gayest Christmas song ever

A spirit hunts for a queer person to posses. (Stock photo via Elements Envato)

Completely legitimate scientific study claims 85% of gay people are possessed by ghosts

It’s… been one full year since Coleen Rooney turned Wagatha Christie and gave the gays everything they could have ever wanted


Fiery viral video shows anti-Karen defending Black Lives Matter and queer rights in astonishingly wholesome battle cry

International Lesbian Day: A definitive, undisputed list of every lesbian icon

From Birkenstocks to deep astrology chats, here’s an undisputed list of every lesbian icon for International Lesbian Day

Gay guy invents hot dog privacy screen for self-conscious straight men

Gay guy invents ‘hot dog privacy screen’ for self-conscious straight men to chow down on weiners


This grandmother had a heartwarming coming out moment after a lifetime of ‘never liking men that much’

Gay couple share hilarious response to thugs who stole their Pride flag

‘Big old homos’ had their Pride flag stolen by ‘fragile’ neighbourhood homophobes. Their response is a lesson in fearlessness

Horny estate agent tries to sell apartment as the ideal orgy spot

Aggressively horny estate agent tries to sell apartment as the ideal orgy spot and it’s safe to say people are confused

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