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Tim Wright, based in London, England, booked flights to meet a date from Grindr and people had no choice but to applaud him. (Tim Wright)

This guy booked a flight to meet a Grindr guy before even knowing his name and people have thoughts

A man is sleeping with two of six brothers that he's also living with. Not awkward in the slightest, we imagine. (Stock photo via Envato Elements)

This guy is living with six brothers and having sex with two of them, yet somehow it isn’t a reality TV show

TikTok user Lauren documented her first date and it's aggressively adorable. (Screen captures via TikTok)

These queer women documented their first date on TikTok and it’s the love story we need in this dark world

open marriage

This gay guy’s family for some reason thinks his open marriage is any of their business

Woman opens up about pain of discovering that her husband of 20 years was gay

Wife finds out her husband is gay after 20 years of marriage – and her reaction is eye-opening

Straight man

This bizarre story about a straight man and a cauliflower will make you feel better about your romantic life

Amber Heard is sending huge gay vibes after being spotted kissing cinematographer Bianca Butti in Palm Springs

From L-R) Kaye Adams, Stacey Solomon, Nadia Sawalha and Jane Moore on Loose Women. (Screen capture via ITV)

Loose Women hosts seem to forget bisexuality exists in debate about same-sex cheating

lesbian divorce

This is why lesbian couples are far more likely to divorce than gay men

Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren wants you to dump your boyfriend, get a dog, and vote to tax the wealthy

Butterfly transgender dating app

Trailblazing new dating app giving priority to transgender people launches in India

TikTok kiss removed

Man ‘devastated’ after TikTok removed video of him kissing his boyfriend because it ‘violated community guidelines’

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