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Kesha opens up on bisexuality and her open relationship with her boyfriend

Lex dating app

This new queer dating app ‘inspired by newspaper personals’ is determined to keep the creeps out

Emma Watson now identifies as ‘self-partnered’ rather than single


Woman thinks her bisexual boyfriend is secretly gay because he’s ‘flamboyant’ and it’s textbook bi erasure

Key to open relationship is communication, study shows

Scientists have found the key to making an open relationship successful

A Grindr guy has gone viral for being exclusively friends with twinks "like me". Why tho. (Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

This guy on Grindr is looking for friends – but only if you’re a twink. Yes, really

A gay dating app is launching an AI-operated verification system. (Dan Porges/Getty Images)

Gay dating app is introducing an AI verification process to clamp down on catfishing

Batwoman and Reagan

Batwoman aired a lesbian sex scene showing ‘queer woman kissing in bed without tank tops’ and it’s quite literally gay rights

A guy on Grindr was asked to be a part of what Twitter users have dubbed a "charity orgy", and users are losing their collective minds. (Leon Neal/Getty Images/Twitter)

Man on Grindr throws ‘charity orgy’ to raise money for the families of two gay men who died

Confused math lady meme

Man threatened by the very existence of gender turns trans woman down because ‘she uses pronouns’

Michael Chakraverty and Henry Bird cuddling and cooking up brownies has raised the heat on Twitter. (Instagram)

Fans think two Great British Bake Off contestants are dating and to say they’re stanning hard would be an understatement

Tinder has 50 gender options but transgender people are being banned for their gender identity

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