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homophobic racist boyfriend

Woman realises the ‘man of her dreams’ is a racist, homophobic bigot, but isn’t sure whether to end it. Yes, really


Girl dramatically confronts her gay best friend for having sex with her boyfriend in the middle of a TikTok

A queer man from Berlin, Germany, has soulfully described his experience with monogamy in the throes of the coronavirus pandemic. (Stock photograph via Elements Envato)

This Berlin queer wasn’t looking for monogamy, but coronavirus left him with little choice – and it’s truly a love story for the ages

Matt Hancock

Matt Hancock just threw a big bucket of cold water on anyone wanting to hook up with a new sexual partner anytime soon

domestic violence LGBT

LGBT+ people think domestic violence is a cis-straight issue, study finds. They’re wrong


Grindr date ends with man being violently held at gunpoint and robbed in hotel

An iPhone showing the Grindr logo

Stop the clocks, cut off the telephone, because you can now get Grindr on your desktop

Arranged marriage scam tricked 'vulnerable' LGBT Asians looking for love

This is how a cruel arranged marriage scam is manipulating ‘vulnerable’ LGBT+ Asians in search of love

These lesbian chickens are the ultimate quarantine love story

This woman realising her chickens are in a lesbian relationship is the ultimate quarantine love story

Sam Smith coronavirus COVID-19 To Die For

Sam Smith wants a daddy! Non-binary star wants to date older men as they admit feeling lonely during lockdown

gay penguin chick

Aquarium hosts livestream of gay penguin couple who have fans ‘around the world’

When Arthur Webber, a trans man, was asked by a Grindr user to "make" a penis, he, well, gainfully complied. (Twitter)

A Grindr letch asked this trans guy to ‘make a d**k’ before he sent a nude. But it wasn’t quite what he was looking for

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