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Mostly straight guy falls for bisexual roommate in coronavirus lockdown

This ‘mostly straight’ guy is falling for his bisexual roommate while they’re trapped together in coronavirus lockdown

Michael Rivera has spoken out about the racism he has faced on Grindr as an Asian man since the coronavirus pandemic seized daily life. (Twitter)

Coronavirus is spreading a wave of vile and disgusting racism on Grindr, as this Asian man found out first-hand

Reddit relationships open marriage

Guy in an open relationship has the absolute worst reaction to his wife getting a girlfriend

Tink Fisher and Rachel Rubin Married

Woman who came out as gay after being married to two men says she never realised she liked sex until now

Joe Wiecha, scouting for pals in the new city he calls home, encountered judgement from a Grindr user. (Twitter/Joe Wiecha)

Gay man shamed by Grindr troll because he was only looking for friends and we can’t roll our eyes back any further

Stop hooking-up for casual sex during coronavirus lockdown. Immediately

Stop hooking-up for casual sex during coronavirus lockdown. Immediately

Sex parties

Queers in coronavirus lockdown are having socially responsible sex parties on Zoom

boyfriend hates gay people

Teacher and ‘LGBT ally’ loves her boyfriend but is ‘hesitant’ to buy a house with him because he ‘hates gay people’

pansexual nurse

Pansexual nurse wants everyone to stay home so coronavirus gets under control and he can have sex again

With a wave of wedding cancelations and postponements around the world, Mitch (L) and his partner Brian refused to let the coronavirus pandemic imperil their wedding. (Mitch Case)

Adorable gay couple gets married in their own apartment as coronavirus lockdown changes our way of life

straight men gay sex

Gay man says he prefers having sex with straight men because they don’t want romance

anal sex

A British newspaper decided that the coronavirus pandemic was the perfect time to ‘demystify’ anal sex

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