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Around 20 people – essentially the island's entire population – attended South Georgia's first Pride last month. (Katharine Ganly)

First-ever Pride held on tiny remote island of South Georgia between South America and Antarctica

Liam Payne accused of reinforcing harmful stereotypes about bisexual women on song ‘Both Ways’

homophobic Trump supporter

These two women kissed in front of a ‘homophobic Trump supporter’ and it will make your day

LGBT couples make up more than 70% of Tumblr’s top 100 ships of 2019 but TV execs still won’t give the fans what they want

Twitter user Chase has been trolling Grindr guys forays in an amazing way. (Getty)

This trans woman trolling Grindr guys with audio messages has officially won the internet

Matty Healy

The 1975’s Matt Healy just came out as an ‘aesthete’

Lexi Magnusson embellished her front-lawn bushes with Pride flag-themed Christmas lights. (reddit)

Woman hangs 10,000 rainbow Christmas lights to protest against homophobic neighbours

Lorraine Kelly dragged up for Attitude Magazine as Morning Gloria

Christmas has well and truly come early with this video of Lorraine Kelly in drag explaining what a power bottom is

Youth worker made homeless at Christmas launches new campaign to give struggling queer black people somewhere to celebrate

A pair of NFL fans came up with an idea of how to name a child, and Twitter had thoughts. (Twitter)

If you thought gender reveals were bad, these NFL fans managed to take toxic masculinity to a whole new level

Rain Dove

Non-binary model Rain Dove has moving conversation with parent whose child asked for a binder for Christmas

In the latest thing to tick off homophobes, a bottle of Evian water. (Twitter)

Evian has the best response to a homophobe who claimed water bottle design was ‘gay propaganda’

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