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Shangela, Frankie Grande and more share throwback photos to show queer youth how ‘it got better’

To the surprise of nobody, users on Mumsnet really don’t like the NHS LGBT+ rainbow badges

This is why the pickle became a symbol of trans rights

Taylor Swift. (Efren Landaos/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Taylor Swift really doesn’t care if you think she’s cashing in on the queer community

Mark Ronson has came out as sapiosexual. (Tristan Fewings/Getty Images for The LEGO Group)

Mark Ronson just came out as sapiosexual

The Vagina Museum

The world’s first-ever vagina museum is officially opening

Jackie Kay on growing up Black and lesbian in 1960s Scotland

Jackie Kay on growing up gay in 1960s Scotland: ‘I really did think I might be the only black lesbian in the world’

Irish student ‘terrified’ to come out as it would ‘destroy’ his homophobic family

A guy found out his gay pal is on an anti-LGBT far-right website. (Stock photo via Envato Elements)

Man discovers disturbing, anti-LGBT, far-right profile of gay friend

Straight woman’s rainbow luggage tag defaced with word ‘sodomite’ by baggage handler

Two Pulse survivors held an ‘ex-gay’ rally a mile and a half from site of mass shooting

A gay actor spent a year filming himself scaring his best friend. (Twitter)

Gay guy spent a year scaring his best friend and turned it into a hilarious viral video

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