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Bisexual Awareness Week: A transgender man on navigating bisexuality

As a proud transgender bisexual man, my labels are comforting, freeing and feel like home

Black Lives Matter condemns claim it wants a ‘lesbian, Marxist revolution’

Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors condemns homophobic televangelist’s claim the movement wants a ‘lesbian, Marxist revolution’

Mike Davidson of Core Issues Trust conversion therapy

Almost 70,000 jump to the defence of conversion therapy advocates masquerading as a charity. This is why we need a ban

The guide marks the start of Bisexual Awareness Week

6 mistakes people make about bisexuality that are ridiculously easy to put right if you want to be an ally

Bisexual Awareness Week: 20 bi stars making the world a better place

20 bisexual stars and activists who’re living loudly, proudly and making the world a better place

Gay bar Baltimore raid drag queens

Gay leather bar stormed by ‘COVID SWAT team’ after drag queen rivals ‘sent a fake complaint’ about kink party

Two people praying with a bible

Northern Ireland just committed to banning traumatising conversion therapy in a groundbreaking move

Protestors at London Trans+ Pride will march for Black trans icon Elie Che

London’s second-ever Trans Pride to go ahead this weekend, amid looming fears over police and arrests

Mark Bingham: Tribute to the gay hero who fought hijackers on 9/11

Remembering Mark Bingham, the fearless gay hero who helped take Flight 93 back from hijackers on 9/11

Ireland direct provision asylum seeker

Asylum seeker recounts the terror he felt sharing accommodation with two raging homophobes in the refugee system

After an anti-trans figurehead said young people shouldn't be 'labelled' LGBT+, Stonewall asked users to share when they realised they were queer. (Stock photograph via Elements Envato)

Queer folk share touching, funny and painfully relatable stories about the first time they realised they were LGBT+

Elie Che: London's queer community holds beautiful vigil for trans icon

Trans icon Elie Che moved to New York because UK healthcare is so woeful. She was found dead less than a month later

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