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McDonalds' Golden Arches logo

G-A-Y announces it will serve McDonald’s to get around new COVID rules and the gays are lovin’ it

Ben Hunte

‘Imposter syndrome will not get you anywhere’: Queer trailblazers give their best advice for young jobseekers at PinkNews Futures

Transgender India online portal

Trans people can now self-identify their gender with a few clicks as India launches revolutionary online portal

Jacob Edward: Non-binary BBC Radio 1 presenter on coming out

First-ever non-binary BBC Radio 1 presenter perfectly explains how coming out freed them from shame

Donald Trump trans military ban

Donald Trump’s ‘needless’ transphobic ban harmed the military, claim retired surgeon generals

Jan Morris trans writer dies

‘Extraordinary, trailblazing and inspiring’ trans writer and historian Jan Morris has died, aged 94

Trans Day of Remembrance: 12 places trans allies should donate to

12 ways cis allies can support their trans siblings by putting their money where their mouths are

asexual awareness week

Asexual man explains what it means to be ace – and why he’s ‘not missing out’ – in 60 perfect seconds

Choir members wearing t-shirts with a heart on in the colours of the trans flag

Transgender choirs unite to celebrate the brilliance and resilience of their community in historic and heartfelt concert

Trades Union Congress transgender TUC

Powerful short film highlights challenges faced by trans workers every day over something as simple as a name badge

Illustration of two hands forming a circle with the words 'Trans Mutual Aid Manchester' in the middle

Solidarity, not charity: How a group of trans activists are fighting for their marginalised peers ignored by the system

Trans love stories: Meet four T4T couples who will make your heart melt

4 devoted and loving transgender couples who will make your heart melt: ‘Trans love is a revolution’

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