18 – 20 May 2021


Thank you to everyone who attended our inaugural Trans Summit. Across 3 days, our online conference brought together businesses, charities and individuals striving to improve access to healthcare, career opportunities, and community-building for trans people.

We look forward to seeing you at our next conference. If you have any questions about the event, please get in touch with [email protected]


Tuesday 18th May

Navigating your career

Our panelists will be here to offer their advice on recruitment, being your authentic self at work, getting the most out of your career and identifying truly inclusive employers. We’ll chat through personal experiences as well as offer professional HR advice to help you in your next steps.

  • Samantha Howard, Founder, T&Coffee (she/her)
  • Jem Stevens, Customer Operations Manager, Trouva (she/her)
  • Kamilla Kamaruddin, GP and Winner of PinkNews Frontline Hero Award, 2020 (she/her)
  • Ashley Green, Diplomat, British Embassy Beijing (he/they)

Moderator: Alex Ehmcke, Chief Operating Officer, PinkNews (he/him)

Session duration: 1h


More info coming soon

Transitioning at Work — hosted by IBM

In this session, we will demystify the process of transitioning in the workplace. What can you expect to happen when starting the process of transitioning at work? Who should be your first port of call, and what support can you expect from your employer? If you have ever asked yourself these questions, then this session is for you.

Our partners at IBM will be here to guide you through the process, using their own comprehensive global workplace transition framework. IBM’s approach is one of the best out there, resting on a rich history of diversity and inclusion policies and practices that put the transitioning employee at the centre of the process.

Session duration: 1h

More info coming soon

Workshop: Embodied Resilience and Self-Leadership — hosted by Dr Mega Consulting

This session will be an introduction to building resilience and self-leadership through embodiment, mindfulness and emotional intelligence.

How do we lead ourselves, re-generate and re-orient towards the joy of living our true lives as trans folks, in a world that continues to deny our existence and revolt against our brilliance? 

This experience is designed as a community-held space to safely recognise the emotions present in our bodies, calm our nervous systems, learn tools to set boundaries for our mental and emotional energy, and invite self-compassion and affirmation of our varied identities. You will walk away with practical tools to continue growing your power and joy in your daily life.

Facilitators: Dr Fra* Mega (they/them) and Lux Henle (they/them)

Note: this session is open exclusively to those who self-identify as trans, non-binary or gender non-conforming, in order to create a safe(r) space of learning and sharing. Spaces are limited, so make sure to keep an eye out when registrations open to secure your seat.

Session duration: 2h

More info coming soon

Wednesday 19th May

Building Employer Engagement on Trans Rights

Our panelists are all experienced advocates for trans rights, as well as LGBT+ rights more broadly, both at work and beyond.

Our discussion will explore how employers can inspire cultural, societal and even legal shifts through their inclusion work, from the conversations that need to be had at a high-level within an organisation, to inspiring change from a grass-roots level.

For all those seeking to improve their strategy when it comes to securing the support of their organisation for trans inclusion, this session will provide much-needed advice.

  • Bobbi Pickard, Founder, Trans in the City (she/her)
  • Samantha Howard, Founder, T&Coffee (she/her)
  • Robin Moira White, Barrister, Old Square Chambers (she/her)
  • Sophie Parker, IT Programme Manager, Telefonica O2 (she/her)

Session duration: 1h

More info coming soon

Masterclass: Trans and Non-binary Inclusion — hosted by Global Butterflies

Our partners at Global Butterflies will assist employers in their understanding of the issues affecting trans and non-binary staff in the business environment, including the first steps to initiating trans and non-binary inclusion strategies.

Participants can expect to walk away with a deeper understanding of:

  • Workplace issues affecting the community
  • The need for trans and non-binary inclusion
  • How to start their inclusion journey
  • The importance of effective allyship

Facilitators: Rachel Reese (she/her) and Emma Cusdin (she/her)

Established in 2015 by Rachel Reese, Global Butterflies was created to bring awareness of trans and non-binary issues to the business sector.  

Session duration: 1.5h

More info coming soon

Inspiring Allyship in the Workplace — hosted by Gendered Intelligence

How can we foster a culture of authentic allyship in the workplace?

Our partners at Gendered Intelligence will reveal the best strategies for motivating staff — both senior and junior — to stand up for the rights and inclusion of trans, non-binary and gender non-conforming people. This session will look at the positive impact of allyship, and why it has perhaps never been more needed than now.

Facilitator: Simon Croft (he/him)

Session duration: 1.5h

More info coming soon

A Practical Guide to Transgender Law: Terminology, Policies and Training

Robin Moira White, the author of A Practical Guide to Transgender Lawjoins us for a discussion on the facts, language, and laws related to transgender individuals.

The session will include insights into how employers can best apply the relevant legislation in a work context — as well as practical tips on inclusion.

More info coming soon!

Thursday 20th May

Experiences of Parenting — hosted by Mermaids

Thinking about a child’s gender identity is an important part of a parent’s journey. In this session, we explore ways of making gender non-conforming children feel unconditionally loved for who they are.

Additionally, we acknowledge that parents also need support from a variety of sources, such as: their employers, family or schools.

Join us as we discuss the vital advancements needed to ensure the voices of all parents are heard equally.

Award winning director, writer and actor Jake Graf joins Mermaids representatives in a discussion about parenting.

Session duration: 1h

More info coming soon

Leadership in the Workplace

Our panelists have paved the way for inclusion in their workplaces, and have a wealth of experience when it comes to navigating the world of work as trans, non-binary or gender non-conforming individuals.

Join us for a chat with experienced leaders in their fields, as we discuss authentic leadership, mentorship, coming out and more!

  • Rica Paras, Technology Solution Architect Senior Manager, Accenture (she/her)
  • Scarlet Marie Morgan, Governance Administrator and co-lead of Pride Network, Allianz (she/her)
  • Pips Brunce, Head of Global Markets Core Engineering, Credit Suisse (she/they)
  • Susie O’Connor, Diplomat and Trans Lead for FLAG, Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office (she/her)

Session duration: 1h

More info coming soon

Emerging Leaders

This panel will host the trans, non-binary and gender non-conforming leaders of tomorrow. Our panelists are community organisers and shining stars of the professional world — each one of them a role-model, and each one able to speak to the experience of being a young trans person in the professional world.

If you’re wondering where to start your journey at work, this discussion is the one for you!

  • Shiva Raichandani, performance artist and content creator (they/them)
  • Tate Smith, Programme Support Officer, Clifford Chance (he/him)
  • Maxine Heron, Marketing Manager, Jecca Blac (she/her)
  • Finn Grice, Director, Trainer and Consultant, Rose Diversity Training (he/him)
  • Cavyn Mitchell, Community Development Coordinator, Spectra and Ambassador for Just Like Us (he/they)
  • Iesha Palmer, Campaigns Officer: Fundraising and Communications, Mermaids (they/them)

Session duration: 1h

More info coming soon

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