Editorial Policy

PinkNews is the premier LGBT+ news outlet in the UK and beyond. Our contributors have included every living British Prime Minister.

We feel it is important for us to make clear our editorial policy and our responsibilities to both readers and those featured in the news.

Political stance

PinkNews is non-political although we are, unsurprisingly, pro-LGBT+. This is reflected the tone that we use to describe homophobic politicians.

PinkNews will not endorse any political party at elections. However, we may endorse individual candidates regardless of party based on their stance on LGBT issues. Importantly, articles that express these endorsements will be separated from our main news area, and will be pre-fixed with “comment” clearly defining it as commentary and not pure facts.

PinkNews. led the debate to call for the introduction of marriage equality in England and Wales, and successfully campaigned for the British government to apologise for the homophobic persecution of gay war hero Alan Turing.

Religious viewpoints

PinkNews respects the rights of people of all religions and none. We do not hold any bias in favour of one particular religious group or another.

However, we are limited to who will co-operate with us in relation to particular news stories and features. For this reason, it is likely that we will include more quotes from religious leaders in the liberal tradition rather than those who belong to orthodox communities.


PinkNews receives a vast number of requests from individuals to alter or remove historic articles.

Our policy is to not remove or make alterations to previous articles on request, unless factual inaccuracies are present or we are compelled to do so by a legal ruling. We do not make exceptions to this policy, as we feel it would compromise the integrity of our journalism, and our value as a historic record.

Under data protection laws in Europe, individuals can apply directly to search engines to remove specific results for queries that include their name. Most major search engines including Google and Bing have procedures in place for this.

Right of reply

We offer an unreserved right of reply to all people referred to in news stories. In the event that we have made an error, these are corrected as soon as we are notified of mistakes.

If you believe that an article is in breach of one of the above policies, then you should immediately contact the news editor in the first instance by emailing [email protected]

Comments on articles are retrospectively moderated. If you believe that the information contained within the comments is inaccurate, you should immediately click “Report Comment” within the comment window of the relevant article. You may also [email protected] with the relevant details relating your complaint. PinkNews are unable to accept complaints via telephone as they must be in writing. We will remove inappropriate or inaccurate comments as soon as possible and pledge to respond within 1 working day.

If you are unsatisfied with his response, you may refer the matter in writing to our Managing Director, Benjamin Cohen or our Chairman Andrew Millet at PinkNews Media Group, The Grange Barn, Pikes End, Pinner, HA5 2EX

Frequently asked questions

How do you decide which stories to cover?

We cover stories we believe to be of interest to a primarily LGBT audience in the UK, USA and Australia. We will cover events and issues that are only marginally of relevance to gay people such as the Conservative or Liberal Democrat leadership elections, whilst at the same time covering a high profile trial relating to an anti-gay hate crime. All are relevant and if a story passes the office “I’d find that interesting” test, we will spend the time to research and write an article on it.

Are you a charity or a business?

We are a business but we believe that we are community based social endeavour. We provide a quality news service, free at the point of use to the LGBT community. Our primary concern is to report facts, not to report on stories because advertisers want us to.

I have a great gay product / service, will you write about it?

Unless it fits into the news agenda, then no. We do not offer free public relations to private companies but we do offer advertorial support to our paying advertisers.

Do you offer grants to charities / pressure groups?

We wish to be non-political so PinkNews.co.uk will not directly donate or give grants to pressure groups. We do offer in kind support to charities and community organisations.

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