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Lesbian couple whose child was denied a daycare place

Texas daycare centre turns away child for having two mums


Family of four have the accidental time of their lives on Pride flight

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Something for everyone in the city of queer culture

Why Chicago, Illinois, is a haven for LGBTQ+ travellers

West Hollywood, California: Where old-fashioned glamour meets cutting-edge design


In her last week as PM, half of Brits think Theresa May did a bad job

HIV Commission launched to end transmissions by 2030

Brighton Trans Pride’s ‘amazing turnout’ showcases ‘all that’s been achieved,’ says MP

How to come out as transgender at work


Trans woman shot dead was misgendered by police

Beauty queen: ‘Coming out as conservative is harder than coming out as gay’

Gay-owned club to host ‘$35,000 ticketed fundraiser for Mike Pence’

TripAdvisor sent a super-gay legal threat to Straight Pride organisers


Jo Swinson announced as new leader of the Liberal Democrats

LGBT+ Democratic candidate lied about helping Pulse victims

Sadiq Khan and Labour mayors urge government to hurry gender reforms

Women’s Equality leader: being black and bisexual shaped my politics

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