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The Team

Management and Commercial
Benjamin Cohen — Chief Executive and Editor-in-Chief
Andrew Millet — Chief Financial Officer
Richard Cohen — Company Secretary & General Counsel
Amanda Gale — Head of Operations (on maternity leave)
Alex Ehmcke — Acting Head of Operations
Cai Wilshaw — Head of Partnerships
Robert Pop — Chief Technology Officer
Chloe Miller — Operations and Events Coordinator

Ellen Stewart — Head of Content
Tufayel Ahmed — News Editor
Sofia Lotto Persio — Senior News Reporter
Amy Ashenden — Video Editor
Robert Greene — Snapchat Producer
Nick Duffy — Current Affairs Editor
Josh Jackman — News Reporter
Ella Braidwood — News Reporter
Dr Anthony James — Health advisor
Gabby Jeffries — Contributor

Freelancer reporters
Amy West
Eve Hartley
Josh Salisbury
Lydia Smith
Patrick Kelleher

Comment policy

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