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Hobbies are very personal pastimes, satisfying the desire to break other daily routines. There are a great range of hobbies on offer and not enough time in the day to do them all. With each hobby comes an even greater range of products. A good tennis racket will make playing easier. A good stunt kite will encourage that person to go out and use it more. To make an informed choice of these products requires comparisons. Ever-Growing helps the consumer to make the right choice.


In the case of hobbies, Ever-Growing has put together a scheduling system. This reminder is designed to help the consumer stick to the regiment of a new hobby. Hobbies need nurturing in the first few months, this requires discipline and stamina. To keep the enthusiasm going requires getting a new gear, and that costs money. Poor product choices are costly, a high-end tennis racket is fragile in the wrong hands. Many people like to start with something mid-range, to see if they will stay with the sport. Mid-range-product reviews are where the comparisons become essential for making a choice.


A cheap tennis racket is easy to find and requires no investment. An expensive racket is also easy to find, but the investment in unnecessary for an amateur. The consumer needs a product to help them achieve their best, for the money available. Ever-Growing provided benchmark testing for all products. Products with similar prices, are pitched against each other, in a test of value over money. Advantages and disadvantages for individual products are tabulated, displayed in a way that makes sense to a novice. The goal is to get down to those few products that will best suit the consumer. The right product will develop that lifelong hobby and Ever-Growing comparisons are the way to find it.

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