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There are few forms of exercise as refreshing as cycling. Feeling the wind through your hair while you burn calories can boost your mental as well as physical health, and while a bicycle may not get you somewhere as fast as a car would, it will certainly make you feel more accomplished for having made the journey.

Of course, not all bikes are the same; nowadays they’re available in more models and brands than almost any other form of transport. Depending on what you want to use it for, you can get bikes suited for dirt trails, busy roads or specialised cycle tracks. Some are built with versatility in mind, others are focused more on speed. Even popular brands like Marin, Pinarello and Raleigh don’t simply stick to a certain model (that would be too easy), preferring to create a wide range of their own specific mountain and/or racing bikes as they grapple for dominance in a competitive market. If you’re not sure exactly what might work best for you, it can seem overwhelming when you first sit down to get started on some research.

Thankfully, product comparison site Ever-Growing has you covered in that department. They gather, compare and contrast a variety of models alongside vital accessories such as helmets and locks to identify the best available bicycle and safety equipment for your specified needs. Being independent from major bike brands also means you can trust them to be objective in their comparative advice, as you seek to make the decision that’s best for you.

Whatever you decide, embrace cycling as your newest hobby (or get back into it) and you may just discover a fresh love for exercise and nature!

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