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Best Wallet for Men 2021 • 6 Wallets for Men Reviews

Today, a wallet not only functions as a store for credit cards, cash and other forms of personal identification but a fashion statement too. Our dedicated team identified the best wallets for men after going through numerous online tests and created a comparison table for the type, consumer rating, weight and much more.

Most of the regular work I'm currently engaged in involves a wide
mixture subjects, from 500 word articles for local newspapers to
brochure or blog articles. My favourite subjects are those that involve
innovation within technology.

Dave White
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Tested Products 6
Hours Spent
Hours Spent 22
Evaluated Studies
Evaluated Studies 4
Considered Reviews
Considered Reviews 377

Most of the regular work I'm currently engaged in involves a wide
mixture subjects, from 500 word articles for local newspapers to
brochure or blog articles. My favourite subjects are those that involve
innovation within technology.

Dave White
Expertise: Technology, Computer Operating Systems, Musical instruments
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What is a Wallet?

It is a small case used to store personal items like credit cards, cash, transit pass, photographs, business cards and other laminated cards. It has a pocket-size design and may be made of fabric or leather.

Most wallets have a folding design. Its name was developed in the 14th century to refer to a knapsack used for carrying articles. At the time, the ‘wallet’ was mainly used as a backpack before the American English gurus adopted the word to refer to a flat case used for storing and carrying paper currency.

How does a Wallet Work?

How does the Best Wallets for Men work in ReviewIts primary function is to store paper currency. Traditional wallet choices were pretty simple- trifold, bifold or clutches. However, over time, they have changed to become fashion statements hence, the different designs and colours. They also feature minimalist designs to make them easy to store in men’s trousers. As such, there are those with multiple pockets, few pockets and those made of synthetic or leather. Manufacturers are continually adding features to cater to the diverse needs of users.

The most recent alternative is the wallet with RFID-blocking feature like that made by Swiss Alpine. The feature is designed to protect the user’s electronic cards from skimmers. This is because driver’s licenses, credit cards and passports come embedded with radio frequency identification chips, which when activated using an RFID reader, can transmit certain information wirelessly. As such, any individual with an RFID reader can pick up any information, including an individual’s credit number from the user’s pocket. The RFID-blocking wallet is designed to prevent the transmission of RFID signals.

Types of Wallets

Types of Best Wallets for Men in ReviewToday, there are numerous types of wallets to cater to men’s diverse needs. The most common are those made of canvas with Velcro closures for those looking for affordable options. Then, there are high-quality designs produced by the best leather houses and they are more expensive than standard types. Here are the most common types.


These kinds come in tri-fold or bi-fold designs and are the most common. They are considered timeless accessories; at least every guy owned one of this during his teenage years. Bi-folds are great for storing cards, cash and other items required for daily use. Most online reviews say that the bi-fold design is the go-to wallet that is ideal for men with a classic or minimalist style. The beauty of bi-fold wallets is that they are easy to fold in half to create the classic standard design. The main compartment is used for keeping bills and notes in a horizontal position. There are two types of bi-folds, which are the plain version and the coin format. The coin version has an additional pocket for storing coins while the plain one does not.


  • It is light
  • Readily available in the market
  • It has the thinnest design among all other types


  • Does not have a closure system
  • In our experiment, we found that they can only hold 4-5 credit cards


This kind has three parts and can be opened from two of them. It has the same design as the bi-fold only that the compartments for IDs and credit cards have a vertical orientation.

The back has a slot for storing coins and users can close it using a zipper. Men looking for extremely slim designs can purchase tri-folds that don’t have the additional pocket for coins. Our extensive consumer tests and reviews found that the tri-fold is ideal for teenagers and young men looking for wallets with multiple slots for credit cards while remaining lightweight.


  • Holds more cards
  • It is lighter
  • Has a compact design


  • Feels bulkier than the bi-fold design

Coat Wallet

The Best Coat Wallets for Men in ReviewThis kind is ideal for people who wear suits, odd jackets or blazers regularly and those who carry multiple cards (up to 20 cards). It has a long, narrow design that resembles a chequebook hence, equipped for storage in the inner breast pocket of a jacket and not trousers. There are different types of coat wallets. Some are fitted with credit card slots on both sides while others have compartments on separate sections.


  • Has multiple slots for storing cards
  • Easy to store in the inner breast pocket


  • Design can’t fit in trousers

Minimalist Wallet

Our analysts also discovered a relatively new type of wallet called the minimalist. According to various consumer tests and reviews, this kind was developed in the advent of slim fit trousers. Men who prefer carrying less also seek out the minimalist wallet. It comes with a double-sided sleeve that enables the user to store a few cards, cash and other pieces of identification. The minimalist design also makes them pretty affordable compared to bill-fold or coat wallets.


  • It is best for people who do not carry bulky items
  • Elegant designs
  • Affordable


  • Users can only store a handful of items

Full-grain and Split-grain Leather Wallets

Full-grain Leather Wallets

Full-grain leather pouches are made of the outermost layer of an animal’s skin. The material is not sanded or processed. Instead, the beauty of the natural engraving remains untouched, creating a rather unique appearance to the wallet.


  • They last long
  • Have unique rugged designs


  • Are pricey

Split-grain Leather Wallets

A split-grain leather wallet is made of low quality leather as it consists of a composite material where the outer layer resembles that of full-grain leather while the bottom part has a thinner form called the split-grain.


  • Split-grain wallets are affordable


  • They wear out fast

Travel Wallets

Best Travel Wallets for Men in review and comparisonThese are used occasionally to help store important documentation in a compact item. They are larger than traditional versions to accommodate documents required for travel.


  • Are light
  • Have a compact design
  • Are equipped with clips to keep documents secure


  • Bulky for everyday use

Buyer’s Guide

The Buyer's Guide of Best Wallets for Men in a ReviewWe live in a highly digitised world, which introduces new ways of storing information. However, old-fashioned items like wallets remain to be invaluable accessories in any man’s wardrobe. According to most reviews, the best buy should be simple, presentable and functional. Simplicity is due to the fact that men don’t like carrying bulky items, and so, an overstuffed wallet does not reflect the user’s personality as well.

It explains why most men prefer plain-coloured accessories to multi-coloured ones. Men also value pouches that are presentable. For example, while a simple Velcro wallet is ideal when going out to meet friends, it may not leave a good impression in a formal business lunch or meeting. Here are more features consumers take note of when buying a wallet.


Over-sized pouches are unsightly as they are difficult to slide into trousers and create a bulge that ruins a man’s overall appearance. When going to purchase a new wallet, it is important to clean out the old one and do away with the things the user does not need. It makes it easy to choose the right wallet whether the user carries many credit cards or just a few.


A wallet is a valuable investment hence, the need to allocate a decent amount of cash when setting out to purchase one. Prices vary a great deal. During our review, we found some pouches that cost as low as £7 and high-quality ones that cost as high as £300.

If looking for high-quality pouches, opt for premium quality pieces from famous brands like Gucci and Goyard, among others.


Most reviews revealed that most men prefer dark shades as they are easy to match with other outfits and accessories. Our analysts also noted other factors like a man’s job profile determine the colour of the wallet he buys. For example, people working in banks prefer dull colours like black or brown while those working in creative agencies prefer colourful patterns.


Material of the Best Wallets for Men in ReviewLeather is the most common material used to make pouches. There are different types of leather, and manufacturers use this factor to determine the price of the end-product. A review of famous wallet brands revealed that they use cow leather because it is durable and has great aesthetics. However, leather made from cowskin varies significantly and may not feel sleek when touched. It explains why most reviews rated wallets made from calfskin best. Calfskin produces soft leather, which has a more luxurious feel than cow leather.

Alligator skin is another choice material for high-quality pouches. The craftsmanship and quality of handmade pouches made using alligator skin are the best. However, most online reviews stated the need for consumers to be cautious when buying pouches made of alligator skin as there are plenty of fake versions in the market.

We also noted that cotton pouches have become quite fashionable in recent times with high-end fashion designers like Prada and Gucci producing them. Cotton is not as durable as leather but several online reviews rated pouches made from this material best because they offer a great way to show off one’s personal style. They are the best to match any outfit.

Men who don’t want to splurge on wallets prefer synthetic types. The beauty of these types is that they mimic cotton or leather materials but are made using random materials like old tires or seat belts. Reviews on pouches made from these materials revealed that men opt for this type when shopping on a budget or looking for simple everyday wallets.

Number of Slots

The compartment design is another essential factor as it determines the functionality of the wallet. Those with many compartments are the best for men who stuff a lot of items in their pouches. Other types are fitted with transparent pockets for storing driving licenses and IDs.

RFID Blocking Technology

As earlier highlighted, wallets equipped with the technology protect the user’s cards from skimmers. During our extensive consumer test, we conducted a survey to determine if pouches with RFID technology ranked higher than those without. The majority of the participants rated RFID-enabled wallets the best because most men are accustomed to sliding them in the back pocket.


Just as there are specific clothing for every season, men should consider the current time of year when purchasing wallets. During the summer period, those with slim design are the best as they prevent the user from sagging trousers and shorts.

Results and Experiences from other Consumer Reviews

Experiences about Best Wallets for Men in ReviewAccording to, men exhibit different preferences when buying wallets, depending on their age. Reviews on of different brands of wallets show that the older a man gets, the more he treasures branded, high-quality accessories. A study on men’s buying habits was conducted on by classifying a sample of 100 men into four groups that included teenagers, young adults (ages 20-27), the working class (28-49) and old men (above 50 years old).


Teenagers and Young Men:

  • Preferred stylish and functional wallets
  • They were not willing to invest lots of cash when buying wallets
  • Factors like colour, type and size influenced their decisions

The Working Class and Older Men:

  • The two groups were willing to invest significant amounts
  • They looked for more durable alternatives
  • Older men bought pouches from the best brands
  • They didn’t mind buying multiple wallets for different occasions


Features that Made Large Differences


The Results of the Best Wallets for Men ReviewThe quality of leather used to make the pouch affected how the working class group and older men made their buying decision. They preferred full-grain leather as it is more durable and has a more natural feel. The young men, on the other hand, were not as conscious when looking for the quality of the leather pouches. As a result, they settled for sanded leather pouches that were often coated with resin because they were cheap and resembled real leather pouches. A review of their responses revealed that 70% of the young men preferred top-grain leather wallets to full-grain leather wallets.


The working class and older men were a tad conscious about this feature. They cited the best brands are easy to identify as they have a neat fold and finish. Also, many online reviews mentioned the best pouches to have narrow turned edges with stitching positioned centrally. 80% of the younger men, on the other hand, were oblivious of this feature hence, purchased pouches with wide turns and marked using crooked stitching.

Designer Wallets

The larger working class preferred designer pouches to regular brands. Young men also preferred designer brands, but since they are a little pricey, they settled for imitations.

The best way to identify the best designer pouches is to check the logo, tag and dust bag that come with the item. Online reviews added that a refund or return policy offered by the seller ascertain if the pouch is a designer type or not.

Properties Where the Products are on the Same Level


Properties of the Best Wallets for Men in ReviewNot many men are conscious about this feature. The best wallets come in two different construction styles, which are the cut edge and turned edge. In the latter, the material is thinned and tuned before stitching. As such, pouches that use this construction style take longer to make and require expert craftsmanship. They are the best pouches if looking for products that last long. Pouches with a cutting edge, however, have the leather cut and stitched, leaving a visible mark on the material. The craftsman then applies a black resin to conceal the stitches. The downside to pouches made using this construction style is that they wear out fast.

Pleated Corners

Pouches with pleated corners got the best rating from all the four groups. Classic wallets tend to have pleated and rounded corners. Craftsmen avoid making cuts on leather pouches as they weaken the structure of the wallet. Also, most reviews revealed that pouches with perfect right-angled corners had poor craftsmanship. It shows the manufacturer cut corners when making these products.


The best pouches are creased. The creases are made using a hot iron with turned edge stitches and are believed to and the aesthetic appeal of the pouch.


Traditional pouches were equipped with zippers and magnetic clasps to ensure the user’s valuables remain secure. Other pouches had additional compartments where essential documents and cash are kept.

Modern pouches, however, are also fitted with an RFID technological feature that protects the users’ information from skimmers (wireless transmission of information from an individuals’ credit card to third parties). All the four groups agreed that these were the best wallets to buy in a modern digitised world.

The Best Brands

The best wallets are known for their convenience and durability. They should easily fit the back pocket of the user’s trousers without adding unnecessary bulk. We managed to review wallets for different brands and developed this list of the 10 best both renowned designer names and modest selections.

  • Hugo Boss
  • Mont Blanc
  • Gucci
  • Timberland
  • Hentley
  • Alpine Swiss
  • Harber London
  • Goyard
  • Tom Ford
  • Christian Louboutin
It is a renowned designer label known for making high-quality products constantly. This German brand specialises not only in making the best wallets for men but also clothing and accessories. A review of men who buy wallets from this brand cited they are modern, sleek and have superior quality compared to those from other brands. What’s more, Hugo Boss offers a pretty vast price range to cater to its wide market as wallets start from £ 50 and go as high as £100. The high price tag is matched to the wallet’s high-quality construction and cowhide leather. Our team noted that the Brummi Bi-Fold Coin Pocket wallet from this manufacturer received the best rates and the most positive reviews.
It is the best company for producing luxury goods to different classes of luxury customers as possible. Mont Blanc Company was established in 1906 by Claus-Johannes. At the time it only specialised in making watches, writing tools and other leather goods, including wallets. Its signature style is the white star logo, which has become a stamp of excellence and an iconic brand around the world. Being a luxury goods company, we only expected premium prices for its wallets. The most affordable option cost £125 while high-end wallets cost as high as £250. A review of customer experiences of Mount Blanc wallets showed they lasted many years. The Meisterstuck 6 Credit Card Wallet is the most popular thanks to its traditional design, which has been made from black calfskin leather.
This Italian luxury brand is known for making the best leather clothing and handbags, among other fashion products. The company was formed in 1921 by Guccio and it continues to make the most sought-after leather products for men and women. Its signature company logo makes any of its products easily identifiable. According to most customer reviews, Gucci wallets are the most expensive; the lowest price starts at £200 and goes as high as £300. Our vast analysis found one of Gucci’s wallets to be the best thanks to its unique leather trim and canvas body etched with its logo print.
The company is known for its outdoor gear, including clothing and shoes. It is the best for making rugged clothing for the modern outdoors person. Timberland’s signature shoes are the most popular and have become a staple in every man’s wardrobe. The company has also ventured into making high-quality wallets for men, which come in Timberland’s signature rugged build and style as its outdoor gear. Tests on a range of this brand’s wallet found the Men’s Blix Leather wallet to be the best. Its leather build makes it a great option for active men. Timberland’s price range for wallets is pretty affordable as we found wallets that cost as low as £15.
Wallets from this brand are made using the best vegetable-tanned Italian leather. The brand is relatively new but has already made a name for itself thanks to its high-quality handmade wallets. The company makes both modern and traditional wallet designs in a stylish finish. According to most customer reviews, Hentley wallets stands out due to its monogramming feature that enables users to personalise their wallets. Its simplicity, quality and style also make it a choice wallet for men who have taken to a minimalist style of living.
It is the best brand for people looking for affordable wallets with a long-lasting build. Most Alpine Swiss wallets have a price range of £10-£20. The majority of online reviews rated it the best pouch with RFID technology. Consumers rated the Alpine Swiss men’s leather flipout ID trifold hybrid wallet the best for its genuine leather build, great design that provides adequate storage space and affordable price. The wallet opens like a tri-fold with an additional flip-out pocket for more space. Alpine Swiss wallets have a standard style and come in a variety of skins and colours, making them a choice wallet for men. The front part is accentuated with the Alpine Swiss signature logo.
The brand specialises in making the best luxurious and minimalist wallets with RFID protection. This feature has become popular among many wallet manufacturers as it protects credit cards against skimmers. Harber London wallets have been crafted in Spain using full vegetable tanned cowskin leather hence, the unique slim design that slides into men’s pockets without feeling heavy. Despite the slim design, the wallet holds up to 16 cards. Harber London wallets are the best for men who want to exude style and elegance. They come in two timeless colours, which are black and tan, making it easy to match with any outfit.
It is one of the oldest leather goods company boasting more than 150 years of experience. Goyard specializes in making the best leather items: from hat boxes to trunks to pet accessories to men’s and women’s wallets. The company has attracted an impressive list of clients: the Grimaldi royal family, Picasso, Karl Lagerfield and Edith Piaf. Our survey showed the company provides a variety of personalization options and combinations to match different user styles. Goyard’s focus on artisanal craftsmanship has always given this company an edge over its competitors giving its products a high level of quality and prestige.
According to many online reviews, Tom Ford is the best brand for men looking for fashionable accessories for men. Jay-Z, a famous pop artist, once used the brand’s title on his song, making this company’s wallets a choice accessory for young men. At the time, Tom Ford’s wallets had a unique vibe that brought the sexy back to fashion in the 90s at the helm of Gucci and YSL brands. Since 2008, Tom Ford has been bringing a reputation of high-quality products for every season. A detailed comparison of this brand’s wallet revealed the money clip bifold wallet was most men’s best pick. It blends in luxurious alligator and goatskins with gold highlights as the company’s signature emblem.
The brand is the best for making red-soled shoes. However, this French-born, apprentice to Roger Vivier, has exhibited the same dexterity he manifests when making footwear in other leather goods. Christian Louboutin is known for making unique red wallets, and the Kaspero wallet is the most popular thanks to the many positive reviews. It features smooth calfskin with an outside slot for hassle-free access to cards. It has two additional inner pockets for storing cards. The wallet makes the best accessory for people who want to make a fashion statement.




History of the Best Wallets for Men in ReviewThe first wallets were made in 1690 in America after the development of paper currency. Prior to this period, Ancient Greece used the wallet for stocking provisions. An extensive study of the history of wallets showed that people used it to stash food supplies as a form of survival pack and it was associated with the poor. They would use it to carry food because they couldn’t afford a portable larder for their journeys. Its use changed drastically after the introduction of paper currency.

The first wallets were made of horse or cow leather and included a small pouch for storing other valuables that were not supposed to be exposed. Men fastened it to the belt as keeping a wallet in a pocket was rather unusual. Other regions like Spain used the wallet as carrying case for smoking accessories, i.e. rolling papers and yesca, flint and steel. Today, the wallet has become an everyday accessory for both men and women and is used to carry credit cards, currency and other forms of identification. The bi-fold type is the standardised design since the early 1950s.

Facts about Wallets:

  • Those used in Europe are bigger than those in the US: The reason is that they are fitted with coin compartments as they make a significant part of Europe’s currency.
  • Wallets were used to carry dried meat: In the 19th century, they were used to store victuals, dried meat, treasures and other valuables.
  • Leather wallets get their unique scent from chemicals and tanning oils used in the tanning process
  • Most of the leather used in the production process comes from the USA. The hide is preserved using salt until it arrives at the tanning factory for the production of wallets, purses, watches and other items.

Safety Instructions When Dealing with a Wallet

If leather or any other kind of wallet is maintained properly, it can last more than a decade. This enables the user to save a few hundred pounds and preserve the environment by minimising waste. Here are a few safety points:

  • Avoid over-stuffing: Be sure to carry only the necessary items- essential credit and business cards and several bills.
  • Avoid sitting on them: Apart from affecting the user’s health, sitting on a pouch applies loads of pressure on the surface, which can strain it.
  • Avoid using detergents and soap to clean a leather pouch as they affect its chemical composition
  • Avoid subjecting a pouch to extreme temperatures in the form of a dry or iron box and it causes the leather to develop wrinkles
  • Condition the pouch regularly using creams or solutions designed for leather products

When cleaning the pouch, use the right equipment and ingredients. The leather is a unique material that requires special care when cleaning it. Daily use causes it to get dirty over time hence, the need to clean it. Expert reviews recommend using a damp cloth to wipe off the dirt. However, if the stain or dirt has already set in, use a leather conditioner when cleaning as it removes the stain, not the dye.

5 Tips for Care & Maintenance

The lifespan of a wallet greatly depends on how well the user maintains it. Here are some ways that ensure wallets last long, according to most online reviews:

Tip 1

Tip 1

Opt for minimalist packaging: Stuffing the pouch with lots of items risks undoing the stitches. It ensures only essential items are stored in the pouch.

Tip 2

Tip 2

Purchase a small pouch: Large wallets only motivate the user to stash as many items as possible. Small pouches, on the other hand, are easy to work with and last long as the user can only carry what matters most

Tip 3

Tip 3

Be tidy: A tidy pouch makes it easy to find what the user is looking for. Storing the cards in the distinguishing boundaries and distributing the load in all the compartments increases its life.

Tip 4

Tip 4

Clean out the pouch: Dirt increases the rate at which the pouch ages. As it accumulates, it erodes the quality of the pouch, causing it to break wear out gradually. Simple cleaning procedures like wiping it off every week using a damp cloth keeps it in top shape.

Tip 5

Tip 5

Store essential items only: Most users have a difficult time deciding what to keep and what to throw away. The easiest way is to evaluate each item against the amount of space it occupies. Some users suggest getting rid of items that are not used eight of the ten times the wallet is carried.


Should we Store Wallets in the Back Pocket?

Questions about the Best Wallets for Men in ReviewNo. A stuffed pouch causes an imbalance in the hip and back muscles. As a result, the body may develop weak glutes, calves and hamstrings. It is also the cause of low squat form in some people during exercise.

Where should Men Store Pouches?

The back pocket is the most common place to store a pouch but it affects various body parts. Experts advise the best way to store it is to get rid of all the stuff in the pouch before sliding it into the back pocket. Alternatively, users should look for slim pouches that allow them to hold a few items at a time.

Why do Bikers Clip Chains on Wallets?

The wallet and chain combo is a unique utilitarian style adopted by bikers to protect their valuables.

Why are Leather Pouches so Popular?

Leather is pretty adaptable compared to other kinds of material. If the user chooses to stash more than 10 cards, the material extends to accommodate them without wearing out. Leather is also a sturdy material that creates a smooth feel on a pouch.

Should men Buy Cheap or Expensive Pouches?

The material used, its construction and the brand determine its ultimate price of the pouch. Pouches made by the best houses, e.g., Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors and Calvin Klein are priced at a premium compared to regular offerings.

Similarly, pouches stitched using heavy-duty, coated thread and premium leathers like calfskin, horween and chromexcel are high-quality hence, the premium price.

How do we Find Rolfs Men’s Wallets?

When it comes to buying pouches, some men can get pretty attached to the best brands. Reviews on Rolfs pouches mentioned specific places men can find them:

  • Rolfs Canterbury website: Users can order directly from this brand’s website.
  • Kohl’s online store: The store stocks Rolfs Classic Trifold leather pouch. The user should call the Kohl’s store within his or her locality to pick the pouch in person.
  • Visit the site stocks to find out if it stocks Rolf wallets.
  • Other places to look include: and Muldoon’s Men’s Wear.

What is the Best Way to Clean a Leather Pouch?

About the Best Wallets for Men in ReviewPouches made using top grain leather or full grain don’t need special care as their beauty increases as they get dirty. In fact, the dirt causes a patina to form fast. However, the pouch can get extremely messy hence, the need to clean it; a gentle rub using a piece of cotton cloth soaked in water helps keep it clean. Avoid using any heat source to dry the wallet as it causes oils to evaporate and the surface to crack.

Is it Safe to Wash RFID Wallets?

No. RFID wallets are not washing machine safe.

Which Brands should we consider when looking for Minimalist Types?

Slim and functional wallets are best for men looking for stylish, practical and comfortable options. Many brands have caught on, giving users a vast variety to choose from. The majority of online reviews found the following brands the best: Bellroy, Trayvax Summit, Dash, Micro Soft, Taylor Stitch and Basics.

How do We Make the Most of a Money Clip Wallet?

The wallet has a slim and compact design hence, the best alternative to traditional wallets. Most of them are made of carbon fibre, metal or other resilient material and have a magnet that enables users to organise the cards. However, the minimalistic design means the user can only store a few items. A few reviews suggested ways users can make the best out this wallet:

  • Understand its construction: This pouch has two parts- the main body and the prong. Some money clip pouches have additional slots while others are equipped with elastic bands that make it easy to stash additional cards and reserve the main body for the bills.
  • Organise the cards and the bills: Arrange the bigger bills at the bottom and the small ones on top. It makes it easy to remove the smaller bills.
  • Do away with unnecessary stuff: Money clips hold fewer items than traditional pouches hence, the need to get rid unnecessary items.


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