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Best Walking Shoes For Men 2021 • 8 Walking Shoes For Men Reviews

Finding the right pair of comfortable, durable walking shoes can heighten the enjoyment of a walk, regardless of distance or terrain. Our team have identified the best walking shoes for men by analysing numerous reviews on the internet, looking at factors such as comfort, breathability, weight, grip and whether they are waterproof.

Stephen left school with three A-levels including English Literature before joining a business which manufactured sports and leisure equipment. Initially gaining experience in departments including Accounts, he went on to work for over 10 years as a computer systems manager, building a thorough knowledge in IT, including desktops, printers, servers, software, database administration, networks and more

Stephen Hands
Expertise: Sport and Leisure, Health and Nutrition and Computing
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Walking Shoes For Men Leaderboard 2021

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Tested Products 8
Hours Spent
Hours Spent 12
Evaluated Studies
Evaluated Studies 15
Considered Reviews
Considered Reviews 781

Stephen left school with three A-levels including English Literature before joining a business which manufactured sports and leisure equipment. Initially gaining experience in departments including Accounts, he went on to work for over 10 years as a computer systems manager, building a thorough knowledge in IT, including desktops, printers, servers, software, database administration, networks and more

Stephen Hands
Expertise: Sport and Leisure, Health and Nutrition and Computing
More about the author

What Are Walking Shoes?

Walking shoes are a practical and versatile shoe, designed to best support the feet for day hikes. Walking is an excellent form of accessible exercise, but finding the best shoe for your requirements is important. There are a large range of men’s walking shoes to review on the market, offering a choice in styles and specifications. They tend to be a lighter option compared to a walking boot and are usually made from leather, suede or fabric.

The traction and durability of the sole can differ depending on what type of walking the shoe is designed for and they will have heel and toe bumpers for protection.

What are the Benefits of Wearing Walking Shoes for Men?

Walking is one of the most pleasurable forms of exercise, allowing you to enjoy time outdoors no matter the distance or style of the walk. However, as with all forms of exercise, having the right tools and equipment is key to maximising enjoyment and minimising potential injury. One of the major reasons to invest in the right walking shoes is they help you maintain the correct form as you walk compared to your everyday shoes.

  • The great benefits of Walking Shoes for men in our review and comparisonThe support and cushioning in the soles and ankle of good walking shoes will help prevent injury to the feet. By supporting the vital range of movement in the foot when walking these shoes help prevent the need for other parts of the body to overcompensate in order to assist the feet. Overcompensation injuries can include joint pain in the hips and knees, as well as lower back pain.
  • A comfortable pair of men’s walking shoes will help you get the best out of a walk and allow you to enjoy it more. The pleasure and benefits you gain from such comfort means you are more likely to continue to walk for exercise.
  • Walking shoes are very durable compared to your regular shoes and should see you get many good walks out of one pair.
  • For those who are suffering from foot conditions such as bunions, wearing a specialised walking shoe will best aid comfort and help prevent the condition from worsening.
  • You can best match the shoe type to the type of walking you wish to do. The vast range of available walking shoes for men means you can review the endurance, performance or speed suitability of the shoe you prefer.

What Types of Men’s Walking Shoes Are There?

There are a number of different shoe types to fit the varied styles of walking people might do and it is always best to review them by seeking professional advise. Examples of different styles include:

Motion control shoes

What types of Walking Shoes for men are there in a comparison review?Motion control shoes are rigid and designed to stop over-pronation when walking. Good for those with flat feet, the thick heel can however make them feel like you are constantly walking uphill.

Performance shoes

Performance shoes are lightweight and aimed at those with neutral feet. Stable and flexible, they allow for speed and performance. However they are less durable and lack the cushioning you may want for longer walks.

Hiking shoes

Hiking or trail shoes are designed to protect your feet from sharp objects, yet still retain comfort and breathability.

Stability shoes

Stability shoes offer more flexibility then motion control shoes and are designed for those without motion control problems and who are of mid-weight.

Cushioned shoes

Cushioned shoes offer the softest mid-sole choice and tend to be good for those with high arches. They are flexible but do not provide much support and also have a thick heel.

Issues to Look Out For When Evaluating the Best Walking Shoes For Men

When it comes to buying new walking shoes there is no real hard and fast rule since everyone has their own individual needs. Yet certain factors like comfort, durability and style should always be considered when reviewing the different options as there are potential downsides to some shoes which you need to evaluate. Much will depend on the type of walking you are planning to do.

  • Issues to look out for when Evaluating the Best Walking Shoes For Men for men in our reviewMany brands of shoes do not contain a waterproof lining to help make them more breathable. This keeps your feet cooler on your walks and leads to less perspiration. Although this may be best for short day walks in dry conditions it may not be the most suitable option for some as an all-weather shoe type. However, walking shoes will tend to dry out around 30% quicker than boots. Carefully review the shoe options available and where you are most likely to be walking as shoes with waterproof lining can also be bought.
  • Men’s walking shoes can often be of a lower cut in comparison to walking boots. This makes them lighter and more comfortable to wear, making walking easier and requiring less energy use. However the lower cut can mean less support around the ankle which may make them a less suitable choice for some people.
  • Although a good pair of men’s walking shoes are durable and a good investment, they will not last quite as long as most walking boots which are usually made completely from leather. Therefore prior to deciding on buying new shoes you need to best evaluate and seek advise on the best option to match your future walking plans. If you are planning to spend a lot of time outdoors but still prefer the walking shoe option then you may need to be prepared to replace them more often.
  • The lighter, more flexible men’s shoe does not provide the same level of support or protection as the more solid boot. This does not mean a walking shoe is a poor option since the lighter shoe may be more suited to you in other ways, and a careful walker who watches where they are going should be able to avoid injury.
  • Different shoe types will best suit people with certain foot motion issues. Depending on whether you have a neutral foot or over-pronate, it is still best advised to have your gait tested when weighing up the right shoe for you.
    Checking out comparison tables online from reputable sites can also help give you guidance on different shoe types and how they may help any motion problem.

Try on and Test Before Buying

The best Walking Shoes for men by Adidas in our reviewAs with any style of shoe you should ensure your men’s walking shoe fits, is comfortable and provides the best solution for your walking needs before you decide to buy.

By visiting a specialist store not only can you compare and test different shoes, you can also call on the expertise of the sales team. They should be able to advise you and answer any questions as you try on the shoes. They should also be able to offer little tips such as best technique for lacing up specific shoes. Some specialist stores will also have ramps or different mock terrains for you to walk on to test and compare prospective shoes.

Think ahead when you go to try on a new pair of shoes. Take or wear a pair of your walking socks when you go to the store to best test and simulate the walks you intend to use the shoes on. Wearing these socks means you are betted suited to test for comfort and fit. The shoes should feel snug without being overly tight, checking your big toe does not press against the shoe when you walk. You want to leave the store confident the shoes already feel right and not leaving to chance you will eventually break them in.

Reviewing Product Tests

There is a huge range of walking shoes for men on the market, but referring to sites such as, Expert Reviews and Shoe Adviser can help compare products. Suitability tests with product test winners on these sites can help set you on your way to knowing more about which shoe may be best for you.

Weighing up a broad range of topics such as cushioning, traction, style, weight and breathability, these tests and subsequent reviews are a good place to start your search for men’s walking shoes.

How Products Were Compared

The Walking Shoes for men are compared here based on these review criteriaIndependent sites review a large range of the market leading products, weighing up all the leading factors you would consider before purchase in order to prepare a list or comparison table.

Their teams will either test and try out each of the reviewed brands, or research previous customer reviews to offer their independent views on the best shoes available. These reviews will often highlight the best overall shoe in their opinion and also the best for certain walking conditions or the best for certain product features such as durability. Analysis of these practical tests can be used to give prospective customers an idea of the market and guide them when making a choice on what shoe would be most suitable for them.

Reviews of walking shoes take in to account a host of product features in their evaluation. How waterproof the shoe is, its breathability, the traction of grip and sole thickness are all key considerations in these reviews. The style, fabric used, weight, size and fit will all be assessed in order to provide the reader with as much relevant information as possible to make a considered choice.

The pros and cons of the walking shoes will depend on the evaluation of these product features before the summary of best buys is produced.

Analysing the Results

The Walking Shoes for men have a great quality in our reviewThere are a vast range of differing requirements people will have in a pair of walking shoes. People’s feet and walks all differ, as does the nature of the walking terrain. Some people will be looking for shoes for their commute to the office within a city or town, some to stroll around in while shopping at the weekend, others will want a pair for a good day’s walk in the country at the weekend. There is a large range of shoes on the market to cover these variations in use, so prior to evaluating any best product reviews you should firstly consider your individual requirements.

Whether the shoes need to be waterproof is a good example of individual need and the difference in choice available. For those who are mostly looking to go walking out in the summer, in drier climates or where there may be just a bit of damp grass at worse, a lightweight, breathable shoe which is quick drying may be preferable over one with a waterproof lining. Conversely someone who is looking to hike on varied terrains and in all weathers may best be looking for a more solid, waterproof shoe with increased sole traction and ankle support.

When analysing the reviews there are some basic features which should not be overlooked amid some of the more technical elements. Most shoes will come with laces, but slip-on options are available if preferred, while those who use orthotics may wish to seek out a pair of walking shoes with a removable insole. Ultimately it is the fit and comfort of the shoes which is key to you wanting to wear them and walk in them. The best buy results can provide you the information and analysis to guide you to which may be the best pair to match the size and width of your feet, but nothing compares to trying the shoes on and giving them a practical test to ensure they are just right for you.

When reviewing walking shoes it is more about finding the shoe to fit your future use. Different brands have their pros and cons, but depending on how you intend to use the shoes one persons pros may be another persons cons.

Price may be a factor in being able to buy the exact shoe you want as this is an area where these type of shoes can significantly vary, with the more technical shoe being toward the top end of the price range.

Leading Walking Shoes for Men Brands

Walking is a great form of exercise, but having the right walking shoes is important for enjoying the walk, preventing injury and avoiding blisters and bunions. The popularity of walking is reflected in the amount of men’s walking shoes on the market, and listed below are ten of the most popular of these brands:

  • New Balance
  • Skechers
  • Asics
  • Jack Wolfskin
  • Merrell
  • Nike
  • Scarpa
  • Aku
  • Rockport
  • Columbia
New Balance are consistently among the top rated walking shoes for men in best buy review guides. They have a range of men’s shoes to cover the different walking conditions you may wish to experience, using ultra-responsive cushioning for extra comfort. New Balance men’s walking shoes are neutral in style and colour and are designed for durability and endurance. Performance is key for New Balance, with quality materials employed whichever design of fabric is used. Originally founded in 1906, this American sportswear company designed their first products around comfort and support and continued to innovate down the years. Products such as the MW411v2 regularly feature highly in product test reviews by sites like Shoe Advisor.
Skechers have a huge range of walking shoes for men, both laced and slip-on styles. Choose from leather, synthetic and mesh design material to find the best men’s shoe for you. The Men’s Go Walk 4 shoe is a slip-on shoe ideal for walking around the house or the local area, whereas the men’s Kulow shoe blends lightweight material and a sporting style for those looking to walk for exercise. Skechers are one of America’s largest lifestyle and footwear brands and provide men’s shoes for all abilities, including elite athletes. Founded in 1992 their first products were utility boots but they have since quickly grown in to a company with a vast portfolio of styles and designs, a feature extended to their stock of walking shoes for men.
Asics offer a range of simple but well designed shoes with an emphasis on comfort and support. Their GEL range offer something for everyone, from the lightweight GEL-Mission, ideal for everyday walking, through to the GEL-Odyssey WR which is made for those long, leisurely country walks. The Odyssey men’s shoe is durable and tough, without losing any of the necessary comfort and cushioning required to maximise your walking enjoyment. A Japanese company originally formed in 1949, their initial sports style shoe was for basketball, but they have since become known for the design and quality of shoes across many sports. Their range of walking shoes complements their athletic and lifestyle offerings, and contain useful features such as sock-liners to help keep feet cool and moisture-free.
German brand Jack Wolfskin are expert producers of outdoor clothing and equipment. Their extensive range of men’s walking shoes includes the Vojo Hike Texapore, a lightweight yet robust hiking shoe. Although a waterproof shoe made for walking in all conditions, it also contains a breathable and quick drying polyester lining, therefore usefully combining two important features within one shoe. This brand of shoe has a low ankle cut option or a full ankle support option. This is common with the complete Jack Wolfskin walking shoe range for men, which has a large choice of styles and colours depending on your individual taste and walking plans. The range are laced up, with the laces matching the varied fabric of the shoes.
American footwear brand Merrell have been making high-performance footwear since 1981. They have an extensive range of walking shoes for men, covering all styles and designs. This includes the Merrell All Out Blaze Aero Sport men’s shoe which was voted as Expert Reviews best walking shoe for lightweight speed. Similar to their other men’s shoe models they come in a choice of colours, including blue, sand, dusty olive and clay. With a Gore-tex waterproof membrane this comfortable and durable shoe comes in a good range of men’s shoe sizes. The tongue system on these shoes helps keeps stones and debris out, making it suited to trails as well as your everyday walk. At Merrell you are sure to find the men’s shoes to suit whatever walking you do.
Sports clothing giant Nike is one of the most instantly recognisable names within the industry. Their walking shoes such as the Monarch include the features which have made the Nike brand a force in the running world. These walking shoes are designed with a range of athletic needs in mind. A complete all round men’s shoe they are built for comfort and support, the sole having a variety of traction styles to aid grip on different terrains. You can choose from four different styles of colour, with all styles still lending a look and feel of a Nike running shoe, emblazoned with their famous tick brand logo.
Italian brand Scarpa are experts in outdoor footwear, with their impressive range offering plenty to the outdoor enthusiast. With a focus on the technical side, they provide men’s shoes such as the Epic Lite, offering breathability and comfort. These shoes include OutDry waterproofing technology, which sees a waterproof, breathable membrane bonded directly to the outer layer of the shoe fabric, in juxtaposition to the more traditional shoe where the membrane is seam-sealed. Scarpa are well know for their mountain shoes and equipment, but their men’s walking shoes provide a lightweight, yet resilient option for you to explore the trails and country paths. A rubber toe cap and side support are additional features for a more comfortable walking experience.
Italian brand Aku combine style and practicality to deliver a thorough range of shoes for all walking occasions. This includes the Bellamont FG GTX for men, a leather multi-purpose walking shoe. Style is written all over these Italian designed men’s shoes, yet this is not at the cost of practicality. Gore-tex treated, they also have thick soles which provide a rugged grip for the trails. Aku offer a range of styles and colours to choose from, allowing you to own outdoor footwear which is suitable for everyday use. Aku have amassed over thirty years of experience producing high quality outdoor footwear, researching new technologies to bring the latest designs and comfort to their customers.
Rockport pay attention to the details to provide the shoes their customers want. They have combined the smart look of the dress shoe with the functionality and comfort of the athletic shoe to offer walking shoes for all. Rockport’s Let’s Walk Collection is a case in point, a stylish men’s shoe which integrates a seven layer integrated motion technology. This technology is designed to provide more cushioning and to absorb shock, making walking even more comfortable. Rockport supply men’s shoes in a variety of colour styles and with laced or slip-on options. Although style is to the fore, Rockport walking shoes have rubber outsole pods which provide the durability for long use from the shoe.
Columbia are a brand which features well on the best product test review sites. An American company, they have been making outdoor clothing and gear for nearly 80 years and offer a good range of walking shoes. They provide a selection of waterproof shoes for men, with Expert Reviews naming the Columbia Redmond Leather Omni-Tech shoes for men their choice as best for wearing anywhere. Packing style and substance, this waterproof shoe from Rockport remains lightweight and well cushioned for easier walking, but retains durable, tough rubber soles. With a combination of suede leather and mesh this is an ideal shoe for the trails and is available in a range of different men’s sizes.


How Are Walking Shoes Made?

How are Walking Shoes for men manufactured in our reviewThere are a great many brands with a tradition of producing shoes who provide a range of walking shoes of different styles and types. However all these brands will tend to use a variation of leather, mesh and synthetic materials in their design, complete leather shoes tending to be heavier and requiring more energy to walk in. Walking shoes use synthetic fabric to make them more lightweight and to aid breathability to best keep the feet dry and comfortable.

The main constituent parts to the shoe are the upper, the mid-sole and the outsole. The upper is key to holding the foot in place, and the thicker the leather or fabric the more supportive it is. To make the shoes more lightweight the upper may be made from fabrics which could have a membrane sewn in or bonded on to make them waterproof. The stiffness of the mid-sole will determine the stiffness of the boot, with a medium mid-sole stiffness usually best for all round walking. Meanwhile the durability and tread on the outsole is key for stability and traction when walking.

The insole provides cushioning to your foot and options with removable insoles allow you to fit orthotics in to the shoe.

Looking After Your Men’s Walking Shoes

the best care instructions for Walking Shoes for men in reviewA good cleaning routine when you have worn your walking shoes will help extend their lifespan and their comfort. If you have not been able to run them through a puddle toward the end of your walk use a brush of medium stiffness and lukewarm water to clean off any dirt. It is best to avoid using any detergent as this may spoil the material of the shoes. Check the soles, removing any trapped stones in the grips which could affect the traction next time out.

Leave the shoes to dry naturally as placing either leather or fabric shoes in front of a fire or radiator will do them no good. If you have any old newspapers to hand they can be used to stuff inside the shoes and absorb any moisture from within. If the inside of the shoes look like they could do with a clean then fill them with warm water and leave for a decent period of time. When you pour the water out you just need to leave the shoes to dry naturally.

Most shoes could do with conditioning or waterproofing over time to best maintain their effectiveness and suppleness. However it is always best to review any recommendation from the brand for specific information before applying any substance.

For example Gore-tex advise against using any conditioners or waterproofing products as it affects the breathability of the shoes their technology is within.

Alternatives and Accessories

The best alternatives for a Walking Shoes for men in review and in comparisonThe main alternatives to walking shoes are walking boots or running shoes. The choice will come down to the walking you intend to use them for. Walking boots are designed for more off the beaten path walking, across rugged and uneven terrain. Therefore boots are heavier with more ankle support and thicker soles to best cope and protect on such surfaces. Walking boots are deemed best for long, intensive treks, perhaps lasting more than a day. Walking shoes can be half the weight of boots, providing a flexible alternative which do not weigh you down on shorter walks over easier terrain.

Running shoes provide another alternative to walking shoes for men. Again you should review the walking you intend to do before making a decision on which is best. Running shoes are designed for performance, requiring even more flexibility then walking shoes, which are designed more for comfort. If you are primarily looking for a shoe for fitness walking, where performance is important, a running shoe may be the more appropriate option.

Once you have settled on the best pair of shoes to suit your needs, thoughts should turn to a good pair of socks to wear with them. Good shoes and good socks complement one another, providing a more comfortable walking experience, one which should be blister free.

Try to buy socks which best keep the feet dry and warm, yet still allow them to breathe. Traditionally these style of socks have been made from wool, but now they can be a mix of wool and synthetic fibres.

Ten Frequently Asked Questions About Walking Shoes For Men?

Can Walking Shoes be Used for Running?

We are testing can Walking Shoes for men be Used for Running in our review?When you run the impact sees you needing to support up to three times your body weight, with the outer heel absorbing much of this impact. Running shoes are designed with performance in mind and extra heel support for cushioning, so it is always best to use the correct shoes for running. Walking shoes are lighter and more flexible and are designed with the strike impact of a walking motion in mind.

How Many Miles Will My Men’s Walking Shoes Last?

Athletic style shoes are made with a ballpark duration of up to 500 miles. Some people prefer to change their shoes every 3 to 6 months or so, depending on their level of use. Other factors such as weight can also affect the mileage you can expect from your shoes.

How Can I Tell My Walking Shoes Need Replacing?

Your walking shoes will gradually start to show signs of wear and tear. The more you use them the earlier these signs may appear, but by reviewing your shoes regularly you should know when they need changing, helping to prevent possible injury. The sole being visually worn is a clear indicator your shoes need replacing, but it is useful to make a note when you first start wearing new shoes to remind you on later review when they could need replacing.

This is useful as sometimes the shoes may not look too worn but may still have lost a fair amount of their shock absorption capability.

What Walking Shoes Are Best For Plantar Fasciitis?

There are walking shoes available which best help alleviate the symptoms of plantar fasciitis, reducing inflammation and stress. Features of a walking shoe to look for and review include being lightweight, containing deep cushioning, having arch support and motion control, the latter helping to prevent pronation in order for your gait to be correct when you walk. An EVA midsole can also help people who suffer with or believe they are more at risk of plantar fasciitis as they are one of the best shock absorbing materials on the market.

What Are Nordic Walking Shoes?

Nordic walking uses specially designed poles to help propel you forwards and can be a whole body exercise. A suitable Nordic walking shoe should have good flexibility as the technique sees the foot roll through from heel to toe before the next stride pushes off from the toe. Such a heel strike needs a shoe with good heel cushioning and one that fits well to prevent blisters. Ideally Nordic walking shoes should not be too heavy as you do not want them weighing down the feet, and they should be waterproof if possible, but as always they should be a shoe which works best for you.

Are Walking shoes Good For Hiking?

Are Walking shoes for men Good For Hiking in our reviewWalking shoes can be ideal for hiking, but whether they are more suitable then boots will depend on factors such as terrain and weather conditions. What you wear is about comfort and safety and walking shoes should be good for a decent day’s hike on roads and established trails where conditions underfoot are not overly demanding. If you are looking to head off the beaten path, crossing tougher, rocky terrain or are on a route which involves some boggy terrain, then a sturdier walking boot may be best for protection and be a better waterproof solution.

Why Do My Walking Shoes Squeak?

Walking shoes may emit a squeaking sound when they are new and it may be the rubber soles making the noise for which you could rub the soles with fine sandpaper, or if they are an older pair it could be because they are wet and just need to be allowed to dry. Sometimes the squeak could be from the surface you are actually walking on, or even from an insole you may have inserted in to the shoe. If on review it is the insole that is causing the squeak then try applying some baby powder on the underside of the inserted insole.

Where Can I Buy Walking Shoes for Men?

Walking shoes are a popular type of shoe with designs for all styles of walking, which sees them sold at quite a broad range of shops. By buying from a specialised outdoor clothing and equipment store you will not only get the chance to review and try on a more dedicated range of men’s walking shoes, you will also have the best access to staff with the knowledge to help you choose the best walking shoe for you.

Other sports outlets, department stores and online sites will still offer a decent range of walking shoes and if you already know exactly what you are looking, or just need a little extra guidance from information they can provide, then you could certainly buy from here.

What Are The Best Walking Shoes For High Arches?

High arches can often lead to foot, knee or back pain and those who have this condition should look for a walking shoe like the Monterey Bay shoe which has an orthotic insole with arch support and cushioned heel pads. Foam padding adds to the comfort and reduces the stress placed on the feet. Other options are available including the New Balance 577 shoe which has a moulded EVA midsole, helping to cushion and support the arch.

Can I Wash Walking Shoes?

Proper care will keep your walking shoes flexible and comfortable, ensuring they last as long as they were originally designed to. It is best to clean your walking shoes if they have become muddy as soon as you have finished wearing them, using lukewarm water and avoiding any detergent which could damage the leather or fabric outer material. By spending a little time when you return from your walk to clean your shoes you can help prolong the life of your walking shoes and, just as importantly, their practical features and comfort.


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