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Best Car wax 2021 • 7 Car waxes Reviews

Waxing your car gives it a superb finish and prolongs paint life considerably. Our team searched for the best car wax brands and determined scores based on various qualities and came up with the following review.

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Car wax Leaderboard 2021

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Tested Products 7
Hours Spent
Hours Spent 23
Evaluated Studies
Evaluated Studies 35
Considered Reviews
Considered Reviews 372

What is a Car Wax

Car wax is a form of hydrocarbon that is usually made from leaves and barks of plants or by-products of coal. There are also synthetic car wax varieties that are made of silicone and other products. According to review findings, the best car wax is usually hard in room temperature. Therefore, it is added to oils and solvents to make it applicable to a car’s body.

How does Car Wax Work?

The best quality car wax offers protection to your clear coat of paint from damage due to weather elements, dust, debris, water and UV rays on the outside. Protection from water damage is of great importance due to the fact rainwater comes with several pollutants that may damage the paint.

Advantages & Applications

Significant advantages from a Car wax comparison review for customersThere are several advantages of waxing your car as part of its maintenance procedure. Here are some of the best benefits, according to review findings.

Adds a Layer of Protection

Despite the fact that new cars come with a clear coat of paint, weather elements gradually break down the coat, leaving the car susceptible to damage from a variety of elements. The elements damage the car wax instead of leaving your vehicle in its best condition.

Makes Cleaning a lot Easier

It is easy to clean a waxed car since all the dirt gets stuck on the wax. With the best hydrophobic car wax, all the dirty water flows away fast. You also do not need to scrub the car or dry it out as water does not hold on to its surface.

Maintaining the Shine

The best car wax maintains the shine of our factory-applied paint. This makes your car look new over time despite regularly exposing it to various weather elements.

Keeping Your Car Chip and Scratch-free

Your car is exposed to a small impact from flying debris and pebbles. Over time, they can chip the paint off your vehicle. With car wax, you reduce the chances that the debris will scrape off the paint over time.

What Types of Car Wax Varieties are there?

What is a Car wax review and comparisonThere are two main types of the best car wax with several forms of either type.

Natural Carnauba Car Wax

Carnauba car wax is extracted from the leaves of a palm tree that grows in Brazil. The car wax is then mixed with other substances such as beeswax and turpentine. This natural car wax gives your car a deep shine and a warm feel. It is a wax type that is mainly recommended for dark-coloured vehicles according to review findings.


  • The car wax does not come with lots of harmful substances that can damage the car’s paint
  • It gives the car a deep shine that lasts long
  • The wax can be applied with ease compared to the synthetic ones


  • The wax discolours your car’s paint to a yellowish shade as it wears off
  • It can also melt off of your car’s paint after prolonged exposure to high temperatures
  • The cracks get a white chalky residue

Synthetic Wax

Where and how can I use a Car wax review winner correctly?Synthetic waxes are also called paint sealants. They are usually polymers that bond into your paint.


  • According to review findings, they last longer than natural car wax
  • They come in a number of varieties for your selection
  • Are good at preventing chipping from tiny debris


  • Most of the synthetic car waxes use a mix of various chemicals that change the paint’s characteristics
  • Should you want to repaint your car, you will find it hard to remove paint that is bonded by synthetic wax

The Big Car Wax Buyer’s Guide

What types of Car wax are there in a comparison review?You need to check a number of things before purchasing the best car wax. There are also possible faults that may come with the wax that may have an effect on the quality of the resulting finish of your car. Here is a look at some of these faults, according to review outcomes.


A good number of car wax types are abrasive. They are made of tiny hard particles that may leave small patches of fine scratches on your car or give it a hazed finish. These scratches are more common on the dark-coloured vehicles than the light-coloured ones. You should check the wax text results to ensure that it has a high score on the abrasion test especially if you want to use the product on a black or dark coloured car. In the same line, check if the product has been rated as safe for use in clear coat finishes to prevent damaging the original form of paint protection on your vehicle.

Non-gloss Residue on Porous Plastic Parts

Some car wax brands leave a residue on plastic parts of your vehicle. This residue is visible and most pronounced in porous plastic parts such as the body panels, door trims and bumpers. Most new cars have several plastic parts that are usually grey or black.

If your car has such characteristics, ensure that you purchase car wax that has scored high in review results and compatibility tests with plastic parts. If you have already used the best car wax and there is residue on plastic parts, use a plastic cleaner to remove the deposits.

The Rate of Wearing Out

Pay attention to these tips when purchasing a Car wax review winnerDifferent car wax brands have varying rates of wearing out. Some forms of waxes such as spray wax wear out fast and may need replenishing after every short while.

However, spray waxes are good at giving the car an instant refreshing of its appearance and cleaning out areas where the car has started to experience oxidation.

If you have an old car, consider such car wax styles as paste wax for they have long staying power and are known to better protect the ageing car’s coat of paint from damage than more liquid types.

Change in the Car’s Colour as the Wax wears off

There are car wax types, especially low-quality natural varieties that leave a yellowish discolouration on your car’s pain as they war off. Depending on the extent of the discolouration, you can either repolish the car or have to have it repainted. This effect is pronounced in dark coloured vehicles. If you go for natural car wax, ensure that you go for the best quality in the market based on review findings to prevent this kind of discolouration especially during hot seasons. Also, check the test results on the long-term effect of the wax brand on your car.

Look at Waxing Kits Provided

The best waxing kits are those that cut down the duration that you spend applying the wax and also enhance the quality of the results after application. Unfortunately, some of the best kits are hard to use while others scratch the paint of your vehicle because they are too abrasive.
Apart from looking at the quality of the car wax, take a keen look at the accessories provided. You can also take a look at customer reviews for the best real user appraisal of the kit. In addition, you may also purchase your own kits separately for the same job.

How can you Test the Product for Quality

What should I watch out for when purchasing a Car wax review winner?Before making a purchase, you should first check the specs of your car wax brand in terms of various tests such as plastic compatibility, oxidation and abrasiveness. This information is available in the user’s manual. Review findings are also useful information sources.

Second, you can try the towel test after applying wax onto the vehicle. The wax should make the car slippery when you slip a dry towel over it. Start by spreading a dry towel on the car’s body and try to grab it firmly while pressing it onto the car’s surface. If you hear a squeaking sound, you have applied a little amount of wax, or the wax is not of the best quality.

Results from Other Consumer Car Wax Tests and Review Results

Several organisations have performed suitability tests on various car waxes by observing various characteristics during application or exposure to foul weather conditions for extended periods. The results include information on trials done on samples taken and put under various conditions. Experiments were done at various times, using various vehicle models and prevailing climatic conditions. The test results were then evaluated and results compared to a number of the best car wax brands. Here are some of the reports and professional review findings.

Consumer Reports Tests

Consumer Reports tested and ran review analyses on five of the best car wax brands on various aspects, including durability, coarseness, ease of application and suitability in various climatic conditions. The organisation put five brands under review for these qualities.

The most important advantages from a Car wax review winner in overviewFirst, the company’s review found that applying wax on new cars did not result in the car having a great shine. However, this does not mean that the car wax did not have protective qualities on the paintwork. Unfortunately, weather weighed in on all the brands and there was significant deterioration on the quality of protection by the end of the second month from application especially on vehicles that were routinely exposed to extreme weather conditions.

There were also practical tests and review examinations to determine congruence where two brands were tested side to side on the same car. These results found that most dark coloured vehicles had a deeper shine when carnauba car wax was applied as compared to synthetic waxes. On the other hand, liquid blended and synthetic waxes were best on white, ivory and other brightly coloured vehicles.

Among the brands tested in the study, Rust Oleum Wipe New Trim Kit was the best in terms of ease of use. Meguiar brand, on the other hand, was best in terms of showing high congruence with various car model and colour selections. It did not show a significant change in colour when it was applied to different shades of vehicle colours.

Consumer Reports also conducted a variety of tests and review investigations on various application kits.

They found most towel brands offering a moderately perfect finish when applying wax by hand. However, microfibre mats had an extra touch of shine when used for buffing different types of waxes. In its review recommendation, it urged the readers to consider the microfibre towel for buffing even after the initial wax application.

Also, the review pitted brands against each other on a comparison table. Overall, natural wax-based brands seem to do well in a variety of practical tests that included coarseness, deep shine and compatibility with various shades. On the other hand, the synthetic brands were best in terms of ease and speed of application, dealing with scratches and chipping, as well as deep cleansing. The product review check showed that most synthetic brands were best in restoring the shine on old vehicles especially where oxidation has taken root.

Jump Media Group Inc Guru Reports Tests

Which Car wax models are there in a comparison review?A while back, Jump Media Group in the USA performed product review checks on 46 automotive wax brands for various characteristics, including performance, ease of use, availability of the product and the durability of the wax. The car waxes were grouped into four categories so that the organisation could compare them using the right parameters. These categories included low-priced, moderately-priced, synthetic waxes and premium priced waxes.

According to the review findings, most of the waxes had a rather good performance. The survey team was astonished to find most of the low priced products could match most of the characteristics of the highly-priced counterparts from juxtapositioning experiments.

From the review, the group found that Mothers brand line of liquid wax derived from Carnauba to be the best in terms of being the easiest to use of car waxes. A few of the products are on the review above. In general, liquid waxes were found easy to use on trial vehicles when compared with paste ones. Pure Carnauba based waxes were found to be the best in terms of delivering a deep shine. However, over a period of six months of the review, their synthetic counterparts outdid them in terms of longevity.

Among the synthetic brands at the time of the review, a few of them had a score of above B. However, those that had a blend of both the natural and synthetic waxes showed better performance compared to the full synthetic car wax brands.
From the review, it was found that most synthetic brands tended to be coarser than their natural counterparts. Interestingly, from these review runs, it was found that waxing had effectively slowed down the process of oxidation by as much as 8% in less humid areas and as much 15% in coastal regions when compared to control groups.

Finally, the review showed rapid growth in the overall car wax market as most people look for ways to protect their vehicles. An oral study on car owners found that most of them liked to polish their cars at the start of summer. Interestingly, most of them believed that wax would be frozen dry during the winter season.

The Best Car Wax Brands

  • Chemical Guys Wet Brands
  • Meguiar’s Brand
  • Car Guys
  • Collinite Auto brands
  • Meguia’s Gold Class brand
  • Fukken
  • Turtle Wax
  • Optimum Wax
  • Mothers Brand
  • Liquid Glass
If you are keen on using 100% natural wax, then this brand is best for you. The product features a 100% carnauba wax. It is a wet wax that has a formulation that looks like butter hence, its name. This consistency makes application easy. The formulation has a high score on abrasiveness and provides good UV light protection. This car wax is sold in a 1.15 pound can where you can apply by pressing against the sides of the container. The wax also works best in non-textured surfaces such as chrome bumpers, painted wheels, stainless steel exhaust tips and windshields.
The liquid wax is a synthetic product that comes with an advanced polymer formulation, which enhances the bond between the car’s paint and the polymer layer. This results in the best protection against UV rays and improved pain durability. The wax is safe to use on clear coat finishes and various types of paints. The layer that results from the application is hydrophobic thanks to the use of the proprietary ThinFilm technology. This quality makes dirt hard to stick onto the car and, therefore, keeps it clean even in muddy situations. You can use a variety of methods to apply the wax effectively.
Car Guys have combined environmentally safe materials with non-technology to offer the best synthetic polymer sealants for your car. The wax is offered in liquid form and can be applied using simple tools. Additionally, it is a good deep cleanser that works well with surfaces that are already experiencing some oxidation.

Car Guys wax has low abrasiveness, which makes it great for use with various types of surfaces, including glass, alloys and metal. It also lasts long, requiring a repolish once or twice annually. The only downside of the car wax, according to review findings, is that it contains some additives that the company has not disclosed on their specs sheet.

Collinite wax is one of the best premium industrial grade, heavy duty car polish wax that has been around for long. The wax has been used for heavy duty industrial applications and special applications in aeronautics, RV and marine equipment, which points to its durability. Apart from metal polishing, the wax is used by power companies to protect equipment from power failures and resulting fires.

This wax is packaged in liquid form, but unlike many liquid formulations, it does not require reapplications every few months. You can also use it on clear coats with little buffing as it has very little abrasive material in its formulation.

This brand offers a premium mix of natural carnauba wax with synthetic polymers to provide the better of the two types. The natural qualities of carnauba provide a deep shine especially in dark coloured vehicles while the polymer bonds firmly to the paint thereby, providing the best protection against chipping and UV rays.

The car wax package comes with a soft foam applicator for ease of spreading wax across the surface. Its unique blend works best with clear coats and non-metallic surfaces such as glass and plastic. According to review tests, it is not highly abrasive and lasts up to a year without requiring a repolish.

This car wax brand is best known for its quality anti-UV protection especially for dark vehicles. It is made from a bland of natural Carnauba wax and synthetic waxes with the natural variety, making the higher portion of the blend. Expect a deep glossy finish on your car and fewer spots due to oxidation or prolonged exposure to sunlight. During application, the wax also works as a deep cleaner that enables you to get rid of fine scratch marks on your car. In addition, it deals with the yellow discolouration that comes with using carnauba-based waxes over time as it is a wash and wax type of aerosol-based product. However, you may need to apply a few layers for it to work perfectly.

If you have an old car that already has shallow scratches and water spots on the surface, you may need a product that has the best abrasive qualities to even out these areas. Turtle Wax offers the abrasive quality that works like fine sand. It gives old paint a new lease of life by removing the old oxidative top layer without scrapping off the whole paint.

This wax is not ideal for new vehicles and does not work with clear coat. However, if you are restoring the shine on your old vehicle and need to even out the body after taking a beating for some time, Turtle Wax is best for you.

Optimum Wax is a spray-based product that can work on all the surfaces, including your car’s chrome, paint, plastic trim and glass. It is easy to apply the car wax with just spraying and buffing with a microfibre towel. The car wax gives a glassy shine and offers good protection against UV rays and Acid rain thanks to a blend of the natural Carnauba wax and quality polymer sealant.

The wax dries fast and you can buff the car within 15 minutes. Also, the layer of wax is durable and the can stay up to five minutes without the need for polishing. It has no environmentally hazardous ingredients.

This is the second sealant from the Mothers brand. However, unlike the first, this is a fully synthetic brand. It still offers quality protection at lower price tags compared to many premium brands, according to review findings. The brand is known for its extra wet shine on all the types of cars and its ease of applying the wax on the surface.

You can also create a 3D effect onto your car using the wax. It has a high score on abrasiveness and is able to work best with other surfaces such as stainless steel or glass. Also, it has great reflectivity but does not deep cleanse a vehicle whose surface is also oxidised.

Liquid Glass has some of the best qualities of carnauba wax on the market. Its formulation is made of environmentally friendly solvents that do not alter the composition of carnauba wax. You can use the wax on clear coat finishes thanks to its low abrasiveness. You can use any kit, including the cobra towels to apply the wax onto the surface.

It takes about 15 minutes for the wax to dry up after application. However, you may need to do a few retouches to deal with the swirl marks that come with the application. In the end, the wax gives your vehicle a glassy-glossy look that is long-lasting and effective against UV light without turning yellow after some time.

Interesting Facts and Guide

How does a Car wax work in a review and comparison?The history of car waxing can be traced to a German town of Bischofsheim where wax was discovered from animal fats in the year 1800 and used to protect the paint on carriages. The first commercial car polish was developed and sold in the year 1888 in the form of solid, paste and liquid by a company called Menzerna.

In 1901, a furniture polish company called Meguiar was founded by Frank Meguiar. The company became one of the largest and best car wax producing companies today. The use of Carnauba for waxing started in 1910 by George Simons. This formula has laid the ground for today’s carnauba-based products.

There was no bottled car wax until 1944 when Plastone auto polish was developed by Ben Hirsch. Today, the wax is called Turtle Wax due to its hardness. Check one of their best products in this review. Many more innovations and review analyses led to the introduction of polymer sealant in 1969 by Dupoint.

Clear coat painting was introduced to automobiles in the early 70s and liked due to its gloss quality and long-lasting colour. However, the breakthrough in the technology came about in the mid-70s when an orbital head polisher was developed for use with aircraft but later adopted by automakers.

How to Wax a Car in 5 Steps

Follow the procedures below to DIY wax your car

Step 1: Give your car a Thorough Wash

Step 1: Give your car a Thorough Wash

You must remove all the dirt and debris that is stuck on the surface or risk encasing the particles between your car and the wax if you desire the best results. Ensure that the car is washed and dried completely.

Step 2: Apply the Wax in an Enclosed Space where Possible

Step 2: Apply the Wax in an Enclosed Space where Possible

Do your application away from direct sunshine to prevent the car wax from drying faster and become harder to buff. According to review outcomes, you will have to wait for the wax to bond onto the surface before touching the car. An enclosed space also ensures that dirt is not blown onto the car again.

Step 3: Using Hands or Machine

Step 3: Using Hands or Machine

If using hands, apply some car wax onto a dry, clean cloth and apply it firmly from one point to the other. Spray aerosols in the same manner from one side to the other while ensuring that you do not leave untouched spots.

Step 4: How Much Car Wax to Use

Step 4: How Much Car Wax to Use

Use a coin-sized amount of wax for one square foot of the body (the size is almost equivalent to half of the standard hood). Do not use too little as you will not get the results you desire from the exercise.

Step 5: Give the Car a Perfect Shine

Step 5: Give the Car a Perfect Shine

After rubbing or buffing car wax onto every inch of the car and ensuring that the product has dried up, you need to give the car the best final finish. Use a microfibre cloth or buffing machine to go over the wax slowly and give it the best shine.

Test the Car Wax

The exact Functionality of a Car wax in a review and in a comparison?After you are done waxing, you need to be sure that the wax has actually bonded to the surface. Put some clean water onto the glass and spill it onto your hood. If the water flows without leaving bubbles or residue, then you have achieved your waxing goals with success.

Safety Instructions When Using Car Wax

When using car wax, ensure that you have protected your eyes from the small particles that may fly off when applying. Most waxes are safe for the skin, which has been confirmed by most review outcomes. However, you may need to use a pair of rubber gloves when working on your car. In case of irritation to the skin or eyes, stop using the application. You then need to rinse off the eyes or the part of the skin that is affected by lots of water. If the symptoms persist, seek medical attention immediately.

If you are buffing with a machine, ensure that the cables from the power switch are insulated and do not lay over wet surfaces especially if you washed the car at the same location. Follow the safety instructions as contained in the user’s manual.

Wax does not have any negative effects on your immediate environment. However, ensure that the product does not come into contact with food or drinking water. Throw away the cans correctly after use. In addition, keep the materials and wax out of the reach of young children and pets as they may ingest it and experience serious health consequences.

Tips for Maintaining a Waxed Car

After waxing, you still have maintain your car so that keeps its best looks lasts long. Here are a few car and maintenance tips to keep in mind, according to past review outcomes.

Tips 1: Avoid Cleaning with Rough Materials

Tips 1: Avoid Cleaning with Rough Materials

Hard-bristled brushes can scrape off wax from the paint of your vehicle. Therefore, always use a soft material such as cloth when washing your car.

Tips 2: Make Friends with Microfibre

Tips 2: Make Friends with Microfibre

Microfibre clothing gives the wax the best finish and does not leave freckles after buffing.

Tips 3: Avoid waxing the car too often

Tips 3: Avoid waxing the car too often

Consider a retouch at least after five to six months. Doing regular polishing may actually damage your car’s paint and clear coating in the long-run.

Tips 4: Avoid using harsh detergents when cleaning your car

Tips 4: Avoid using harsh detergents when cleaning your car

Go for a soft wash after waxing your car. You will actually find that the car gets dirty less often after waxing it properly. Harsh detergents and abrasives not only wear out your waxing but also the paint while others speed up the process of oxidation.

Useful Accessories

What is then a Car wax comparison review, exactly?When applying car wax, there are several items that you need to have at hand. They include the following:

Sponges and towels

You will need the sponges for ensuring a clean wash before you start the waxing job. You will then use towels to wipe off any water from the surface. After waxing, use microfibre towels to give your car shine.

Cleaning Products

You need shampoos and soaps to clean your car before waxing. Always go for gentle detergents as they are best in that they will not damage your paint or the clear coat.

Buffing machine

The buffing machine is an alternative to waxing using your hands. It gives you the best results as it is more effective than using the hands for the work.

Alternatives to Waxing

Currently the best products in a Car wax review overviewThere are other options to waxing your car but with similar or better results, according to numerous review studies. Here are some of the options.


These are ceramic-based thick high-gloss barriers against adverse environmental factors. The coatings are created by heating and cooling non-metallic materials. This helps your car’s paint to withstand chipping and chemical erosion. Most coatings are over 20 times thicker than standard car wax.

However, their prices are also higher by the same or higher margin. Coatings may last a few years to the entire lifetime of your car’s paint. When choosing the kind of coating to use, ensure that you check with your insurance provider for a list of the allowed options.


Nanotechnology is still in its infancy years. However, there are now car coatings that you can use on your vehicle to ensure that car remains shiny and protected from weather elements. Plastic nanomaterials have been proven to last long and offer one of the best barriers against extreme weather elements, according to review findings by past users. It has a longer lifetime than car wax but also very expensive.


Will Car Wax Remove Scratches?

Different areas of application from a Car wax comparison reviewIt depends on the extent of the scratch that you would like to remove. Light scratches can be buffed with ease by applying cleaner wax and using a buffing machine or towel. However, if the vehicle has deep dents and scratches, you need to fix them by sanding and repainting.

How Long Does Car Wax Last?

The length of the car wax protection depends on a number of factors that include the type and quality of wax, how often you wash the car, the prevailing environmental conditions and how long the car remains outside. It is best that you have the car polished every four to six months, but you can use the wax every four to six weeks on some parts. Review findings of individual products can also guide you.

Can Car Wax Ruin the Paint?

If you do it right, the best waxing can actually help protect your car’s paint. However, if you polish a dirty car, you may trap small particles between the wax and paint, which increases the rate of chipping.

How Do You Remove Car Wax Residue

The best way to remove car wax from paintwork is to clay the entire body of the car. Clay is effective at removing the entire residue from your last wax application while at the same time not damaging the underlying paint. You need to wash the car thoroughly before applying clay onto the bodywork for the best outcomes.

Can Applying a Coat of Car Wax Prevent Rust?

Different Applications from a Car wax comparison reviewYes, a coat of wax prevents your car’s body from rust. It does this by creating a layer of protection that repels water and also protects the impact of sunlight on the body of your car, which may chip the paint and cause the bodywork to rust.

What is Carnauba Car Wax?

Carnauba car wax is derived from a palm tree that grows in Brazil. It is the hardest form of natural wax known to man. Premium-grade carnauba wax is the best quality of wax that you can use on your car.

What should be the Temperature of the Car’s Surface When Waxing

Advantages from a Car wax comparison reviewYou should apply car wax under room temperatures. However, ensure that the temperature is not above 80 degrees. In addition, do not put your car under direct sunlight before and during the waxing process for the best outcomes.

Can You Use Car Wax on Chrome?

Yes. You can use car wax on chrome parts. Wax protects the parts from peeling off and helps maintain their shine.

What is the Best Type of Car Wax?

The choice of car wax depends on your needs, as well as your preference. You can choose one of the car wax brands mentioned in this review as long as it meets your requirement and preferences.

Can Freezing Temperatures Damage your car wax?

The best car wax brands, especially those in this review, can withstand a pretty good amount of freezing for extended periods. However, if you leave your car outside for days on end during winter, the freezing temperatures may damage the car wax cover as well as the paint.


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