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We put a lot of thought into the things we buy. After all, we need them to do what we’ve paid for and we want them to last. Sometimes this means we need to consider servicing. It gives us peace of mind that the product will continue to work, and a solution when it doesn’t.

It’s especially important if our safety could be put at risk. Take, for example, gas boilers. No sensible person would have their boiler serviced by the first engineer they found. They’d compare from a list of approved contractors and choose the best one.

It’s the same with appliances that can affect our earnings. Imagine the income lost if a laptop or company vehicle broke down and couldn’t be quickly repaired or replaced? It’s at those moments that we appreciate servicing the most. It’s no wonder that customers tend to buy from brands they trust like Dell or Ford. Not that a well-known brand is, on its own, an indicator of the quality of a specific product. That’s why servicing is so important.

Servicing isn’t restricted to physical products. It also applies to e-services, the generic term for electronic services delivered mainly, but not exclusively, through the internet. The most well known of these is e-commerce. Most of us shop on the internet, but how do we know the online retailer is reputable? If we buy something that turns out to be faulty, we want to know we’ll be reimbursed. After all, online shops are not all equal.

Ever-Growing scrutinizes providers of physical and electronic services, then publishes the results. It enables customers to make the right choices based on firm and independent evidence. No one wants to spend money on a service that doesn’t deliver on its promises. Fortunately, we don’t have to.

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