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Best Liquid Eyeliner 2021 • 7 Liquid Eyeliners Reviews

An eyeliner is drawn around the eye to attract more attention to it. Our team went out to learn more about eyeliners and has compiled the following report on their use.

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Tested Products 7

What is a Liquid Eyeliner?

What is a Liquid Eyeliner review and comparison?A liquid eyeliner refers to a liquid cosmetic product that is applied above the top lashes of our eyes or below the lower lashes. The general purpose of liquid eyeliner is to make the eyes appear larger and draw more attention to them.

It is best to understand that for most of us, we view larger eyes as being more appealing. Liquid eyeliners, therefore, help bring this effect that enhances that beauty in those that apply them.

How Do Liquid Eyeliners Work?

How does a Liquid Eyeliner work in a review and comparison?Liquid Eyeliners are contained in a pen-like container. For the better part, if you see the product for the first time or reading a review on it, you will think it looks like a felt pen, of which it does. Once you open the cap, you will have an end that releases the darkened colour of the eyeliner which then goes on to your skin.

This eyeliner brush or tip will leave behind a colour that is intended to create an aesthetic effect around your eyes. This effect then draws attention to your eyes when someone looks at your face. The basic concept here is that, when we blink which is a naturally occurring process, our eyes are generally going to look smaller in size. For many people, this does not look very desirable, and so we want to make our eyes look bigger.

When we use eyeliner and extend or make more intense the effect towards the edge of our eyes, it makes our eyes look much bigger. This effect is all the more pronounced when we blink. Our best looks will always be when we have applied eyeliner.

What Are the Applications of Liquid Eyeliner?

Different Applications from a Liquid Eyeliner comparison reviewLiquid eyeliners are used for beauty purposes. Although it is not everyone that is born with small eyes, over time our eyes tend to appear smaller due to blinking. Getting a swelling or anything that tampers with the eyes makes this all the more intense. It is, therefore, necessary to have the best means by which we can camouflage this.

This is where liquid eyeliners come into the picture and you may have noted this from various beauty reviews online. They are great at making our eyes appear larger. If you are new to liquid eyeliners or are reading a review on the same for the first time, it is easy to assume that liquid eyeliners are only suited for models and other people that make appearances before cameras such as journalists. However, this is not true. The product is mostly used in our day to day lives. You have met people, especially the ladies that have darkened lines below or above their lashes.

Most likely you were struck by this and kept thinking to yourself just how beautiful these people looked with that effect. This is a liquid eyeliner that you saw, and just like you, we also admit that it works well.

Advantages of Using Liquid Eyeliner

Enhances Beauty

Advantages from a Liquid Eyeliner comparison reviewThe primary objective of using liquid eyeliner on our eyes is because we want to enhance our beauty and be at our very best. As a makeup routine applying eyeliner helps the makeup to stand out and so does your face as a whole when you use eyeliner.

It is therefore advisable to use eyeliner if you are looking for ways to make your makeup look even better and enhance your beauty.

Change the appearance of our eyes

Liquid eyeliner does an amazing job making our eyes appear much larger than they are. The spillover effect of this that we look more beautiful and our eyes attract more attention to themselves. This gives us confidence that we stand out and therefore we are able to pull off an outfit and leave people envying us.

Camouflage injury and the side effects of wearing spectacles

Prolonged use of spectacles has its own downsize the major one being that our eyes tend to shrink in size. For many of us, this is not desirable, and therefore we will want our eyes to look much bigger. Liquid eyeliner here becomes our best companion as it does an amazing job at hiding camouflaging this.

In case we are hiding an injury to our eyes that has caused swelling, the eyeliner does an amazing job. Again, it will make your eyes appear larger, and therefore people will not easily notice that you have a swelling on your eye that makes it appear smaller than usual.

Types of Liquid Eyeliners and their Pros and Cons

What types of Liquid Eyeliner are there in a comparison review?When it comes to liquid eyeliners, there is no specific category of liquid eyeliners only brands. However, liquid eyeliners are themselves, a subcategory of eyeliners. From our team’s research, we were able to come up with a list of some of the most commonly used types of eyeliners and their pros and cons.

Liquid eyeliners

For many liquid eyeliners are the most exotic type of eyeliners on the market. They are famed for their easy application and packaging that allows you to move with it easily without fearing that it will damage your outfit in case you do not have your makeup bag with you. They take the look of a felt pen and are enclosed in a cap. They can also be confused for some type of lipstick for those of us that may not have seen one of these before.


  • Easy to apply.
  • Do not damage your bag when packed in it.
  • Have the best effect when applied.


  • Quite expensive.
  • Prone to dry up if not enclosed in the cap.

Pencil eyeliners

Which Liquid Eyeliner models are there in a comparison review?These ones take the shape of an ordinary pencil and can easily be mistaken for one. They require periodic sharpening to ensure that the graphite in them works well in applying the effect on your eyes.

They are a little hard to apply and will require some more gentleness when doing so. They are the best fit for people that want to pack eyeliners that do not easily dry up when exposed to the sun. Many reviews of pencil eyeliners go hand in hand with guides on how to apply it.


  • Do not dry up easily.
  • Are cheaper.
  • Last longer.


  • Prone to breaking periodically.
  • Is a little bit tedious to apply.

Buying Guide for Liquid Eyeliners

The best Buyer's guides from a Liquid Eyeliner review and comparisonJust like any other product that we may venture out to buy, liquid eyeliners require that we are keen on any possible defects that may be found on the product. As we shopped around for liquid eyeliners with our team. We were able to note some defects that we realized not so many blogs cared to review and which we will attempt to educate you on.

Dry Brushes

Dry brushes as we found out, are a common defect that you will find as you shop around for your liquid eyeliners. Most of the problems that cause this are as a result of the liquid eyeliners being stored in conditions that are not best for them. You see, just like any other brush out there, some mechanism has to be devised to ensure that the bristles on the brushes do not become dry and start breaking up.

Like we have mentioned this is a common problem in many of the stores that we were able to visit and sample some of their best liquid eyeliners. You, therefore, need to be extra keen to ensure that you do not fall victim to this after you have spent a fortune buying one of those designer liquid eyeliners that you read in a review somewhere.

All numbers and data from a Liquid Eyeliner review and comparisonTo test this, all you need to do is open up the cap of the product and stroke it across your palm. The brush needs to feel soft and draw a thick line without any breaking. That will give you the peace of mind that you are buying a good product that will serve you for that period of time that it is supposed to.

You don’t have to worry about the store attendant as most of them do not have a problem with you doing this. However, it is always advisable that you ask for permission just in case the store has a different policy.

For online products, you will need to do this immediately the product is delivered to you so that you can have a credible claim for a refund.

Empty tanks

When shook, you need to feel a liquid moving in within the liquid eyeliner. Failure to feel or hear this will only mean that the liquid eyeliner is either empty or has dried up. With both, you need to pick another eyeliner, all the same, to ensure that you do not have a product that you will regret buying.

This process will not require any special permissions from the attendant at the store. This is a simple and discreet procedure that you can do without them even noticing what you are up to.

The best advisers from a Liquid Eyeliner reviewHowever, in case the attendant is looking at you in some funny way, you can tell them politely what it is that you are looking for. This what happened at one of the stores that we visited in our search. After the explanation, the attendant allowed us to continue doing what we were doing. The reason why you will not be reprimanded for this is because it does not involve using the product and it is pretty much similar to what people do at the grocery store when looking for fresh mangoes or avocados to buy.

With an online purchase, the same procedure needs to be done immediately the product is received. Once the eyeliner is noted to be empty, the process of launching claim needs to be initiated immediately. Always make sure however that you do not go ahead and start using the product.

The above two are some of the most common problems that we encountered as we were shopping around for the best liquid eyeliner. It is good to note that these are not covered in many of the reviews that you will read online on liquid eyeliners. The fact that they have not been addressed, however, does not mean that they should be ignored.

At all times, make sure that you do not pick a liquid eyeliner from a store or from the delivery guy without checking on the above two. You will be saved a lot of distress and frustration if you take the time to check on the above defects. Also, take time to read through product reviews and familiarise with the most common problems.

Consumer Tests on the Best Liquid Eyeliner in the UK

The Liquid Eyeliner are compared here based on these review criteriaWe became so engrossed in finding the best liquid eyeliners, and nothing would come in as handy as finding not just review of the best liquid eyeliners but actual consumer tests. As a team, we were able to scrutinize a ton of these consumer tests that were conducted in the UK, and the following two were able to stand out among all others that we read through.

Consumer Test One

In the first consumer test, the focus on three things that even we felt were the most crucial for any liquid eyeliner buyer. The test covered;

Many reviews will pose this as something you do not have to think about, but it is not. Not all liquid eyeliners that pose online as the best in the market will live up to their promise especially on longevity. Naturally, liquid eyeliners will run out faster when compared to other products in the same category such as pencil eyeliners.

However, this should not represent a chance for companies and stores to stock products that promise heaven and can only go as far as purgatory on delivering the promise.

One good thing to note however is that from the test, it was found out that most liquid eyeliners will meet the threshold when it comes to longevity. It won’t be around for long, as a pencil eyeliner will be, but you can expect that it will not run out in a week.

Dry bristles
The following attributes are important in a Liquid Eyeliner reviewFrom the test and other reviews as well, dry bristles were common, and it raised questions on how people can test this out for themselves each time they buy a liquid eyeliner. It was found however that this may be a challenge for most people, especially if the purchase is done online.

However, buying from a vendor that guaranteed a refund after purchase helped to overcome this challenge. Findings from this test suggest that it is essential that the consumer always to open the cap of the eyeliner and apply it on their palm before any purchase or accepting the product once it has been delivered at their doorstep.

Empty tubes
The problem of empty tubes was a less common problem as the first test confirmed. Rarely is one going to pick out their best liquid eyeliner from a shelf in a store and find that the tube is empty.

This gives you a lot of peace of mind, even when you purchase one online after reading the reviews that have been written about it.

Consumer Test Two

The Liquid Eyeliner review is checked based on these important attributesThe second consumer test that we were able to bump into after scrapping through a ton of online reviews focused on two other objectives that we noticed had been left out in most reviews. These are the ease of use and waterproof liquid eyeliners. The findings from this second test were as follows;

Ease of use;
The products that were tested on this test revealed a very positive aspect when it comes to the ease of use. We can confidently say that liquid eyeliners, when compared to all other eyeliners, are the easiest to use. The process is about opening the cap and applying the liquid eyeliner to the area that they have identified as being their target.

Liquid eyeliners are also much safer to use when compared to pencil eyeliners. We are not insinuating that kids will always be around as you apply your makeup, but in case that happens and a kid jumps on to you suddenly as you apply your pencil eyeliner, the injuries might be severe.

Remember this product resembles a day to day pencil and so it can pierce you. However, this is not something you need to worry about especially when using a liquid eyeliner.

With the best liquid eyeliners, you also need not worry about sharpening the tip as you would with a pencil eyeliner. You will not spend so much time while doing your makeup.

Waterproof product
The handling of the Liquid Eyeliner in review and in comparisonThe idea of having the best makeup in the room holds more water if you can confidently say that your makeup is waterproof. By this we mean that should rain happen to fall on your face at any point in time, your makeup will remain intact. This test found out that not many liquid eyeliners are waterproof.

However, at the right price, one can purchase a waterproof liquid eyeliner and be proud to say that their makeup will remain intact in case there is any adverse weather. We all know just how nasty this can get in the UK and the importance of having a liquid eyeliner that does not come off simply because it has been touched by some few drops of rain.

Additionally, waterproof liquid eyeliners have been reviewed as the best from this finding because they make the eyes even more distinct. The effect on the eyes, when used on them, becomes all the more pronounced and thus draw more attention to you.

Brand Check: Which are the Best Brands When it comes to Liquid Eyeliners?

The best manufacturers from a Liquid Eyeliner reviewWhen it comes to liquid eyeliners, you may decide to go for any ordinary liquid eyeliner or may decide to sit down, read the best reviews and go and get the very best. The following list of some of the top brands was compiled by our team.

It details some of the top brands in this field of cosmetics, and the following is a review of each one of them. Reading through this will best help you have a general idea of what to expect each time you buy one of them.

  • Tom Ford
  • Rosie for Autograph
  • Kat Von D
  • Hourglass
  • Soap and Glory
  • Kevyn Aucoin
  • Bobbi Brown
  • L’oreal Paris
  • Givenchy
  • Superdrug
This name may not sound so girlish but the name aside, they have one of the best liquid eyeliners you can find anywhere across the face of the earth. The most outstanding feature about each one of the liquid eyeliners that you will buy from this brand is the fact they all have two nibs. The two nibs are specifically suited to help you come up with two different types of eyeliner designers on your eyes.

Depending on the day or the activities ahead, you may decide to go for the elegant, thin and winged flicks or on the flip side go for the full-on cat eyes. Either of the two will come out as a masterpiece provided you have this brand in hand. Also, the pen has a good grip in your handy largely due to its large size.

This just the ultimate tool best for feline flicks. Rosie for Autograph never fails to impress when it comes to any of their makeup products, and for liquid eyeliners, they happen to have some of the best products anywhere else. It is a rare thing to read any review, as we found out, of a cosmetic product without this brand popping up.

Their liquid eyeliner is made with a thin nib that makes the product ideal for those detailed lines on your eyes. If you are looking to make a statement with your eyes, then using this eyeliner brad to draw those intricate lines is the best idea you are going to hear today. The dark colour gives that touch of mystery that every woman wishes they can have that will leave heads turning as she passes along.

If you feel more comfortable handling a liquid eyeliner that looks more like a pen, then Kat Von D is the best fit for you. This is especially helpful for ladies that are always on the move and like to do their makeup from any place that they are. With a Kat Von D product, precision is going to be the most prized skill that you will learn. The eyeliner is perfectly designed to help you achieve this.

The eyeliner lasts all day, and this feature makes it among the very best to have in your makeup bag. Kate Von D is a statement eyeliner, and if you are hoping to make a real statement, then our team suggests that you go for this.

With Hourglass liquid eyeliner, you get a waterproof product that is going to remain intact the entire day, no matter how harsh the conditions are that you walk in. Additionally, the packaging of the product scores highly when compared to other products in its category. It might as well be the best packaged liquid eyeliner on the market and among any other that you will see in any review.

For the most dramatic black on your eyeliner, then this is the best product that our team found to be most suitable. You will not only be treated to unlimited attention but adoration that goes beyond any words that it can be put into.

This is one among the veterans and highly respected for the precision it allows you when drawing your feline flicks. Whether you are an amateur when it comes to drawing your flicks or you are a pro, just know that what this eyeliner will do is make your skills all the more proficient.

It is an easy to apply liquid eyeliner that is regarded as being among the best for the simple reason that it has proven its class and worth over time. We all want something that can guarantee the absolute best, and this here is one such product that you are sure to find in almost all reviews you will read.

If you are looking for an eyeliner whose colour guarantees not even the most minimal of smudge, then you’re looking at the best representative of this. Kevyn Aucoin is not just a liquid eyeliner, but one of the most outstanding in the category of liquid eyeliners.

This waterproof product has a felt-tip liner that makes it easy for you to apply the eyeliner without much hassle. You will not take more than a few seconds to draw the perfect lines with the most astonishing precision. The product can be counted on to make you look the best that you ever have in a very long time.

Coming in a pot, this eyeliner gives you one of the best chances to freestyle with your eyeliner and still get the most amazing results that you can while using any product. This eyeliner is easy to apply, and the fact that it comes in the form of a gel allows you the peace of mind that the product will keep you going for long. In many of the reviews that you will read, you will get to know that this is one of the most praised forms of eyeliners by beauticians all over.

This name never misses on any review of the best liquid eyeliners that you read. The reason for this is obvious; it is a product that has proven time and again that it is a bargain and a very good one for that matter. It has a very thin nib which makes it a perfect fit for drawing those perfect flicks. You will get the best out of your skills with this eyeliner whether you are a seasoned person or an amateur.

This is one of the household names when it comes to cosmetics and eyeliners in particular, rightfully so because it deserves it. The eyeliner is one of the most reliable in its category as you will read in any review. It rarely dries up, and with it, you can have the peace of mind that you will not be left midway as you try to get the best feline flicks drawn on your eyes. Additionally, its pigment is one of the best you can get.

This list would not be complete without the mention of Superdrug. This pocket friendly product deserves all the credit that it gets from all the reviews that we read about it. It is a whole-day type of eyeliner that will not come off easily. Simply put, Superdrug is that hidden secret that this industry holds dear.

The above ten eyeliners are the leaders in the industry, and any review that you read will not lack any of these brands in their list of the best eyeliners.

History of Liquid Eyeliners

All things worth knowing from a Liquid Eyeliner reviewEyeliners may seem to a person that has no prior knowledge of them, something that was invented in the 21st century. However, this is approximately 100 centuries far from the truth. Eyeliners were recorded as early in history as 10.000 BC in Egypt and Mesopotamia.

They were a reserve of the top class in those two states and were used by both men and women to help make their eyes more distinct and to avoid the formation of wrinkles. Over time, the product has evolved to be the product that it is now and beneficially available for everyone nowadays.

It is easy to even make your own liquid eyeliner nowadays. Additionally, we have companies that can even customize the packaging for you so that it matches your personal message. This is the best fit especially if you are trying to grow a brand.

Facts and Numbers behind Liquid Eyeliners

Became prominent in the 60s

All facts from a Liquid EyelinerreviewLiquid eyeliners became most prominent as a cosmetic product in the UK in the 1960s. This was a moment in time when women, inspired by tribulations that they had undergone during WWII started becoming more assertive and courageous in their way of doing makeup.

Hardest form to apply

Liquid eyeliner happens to be the most difficult type of eyeliner to apply correctly. Mark the word ‘correctly.’ It is easy to apply, but not correctly. This is because many women find the one stroke lines to be a little bit hard to perfect if you are not at your best when it comes to precision. Thanks to the many beauty reviews online nowadays, this challenge is being bridged easily.

Associated with a Gothic lifestyle

In the later 20th century and early 21st century, the use of liquid eyeliners was most associated with the metallic music and gothic lifestyle.

The dark lines that the cosmetic formed around the eyes of women were viewed by many as a sign of belonging to this community.

Making your Own Liquid Eyeliner

The best alternatives for a Liquid Eyeliner in review and in comparisonNot so many of you might have known this before, but it is possible to make your own liquid eyeliner at home and have it work perfectly well for you. What you will need are activated charcoal and some water. Go to a pharmacy and request to be sold some activated charcoal. The product comes as capsules. Make sure you pick out the best product that is on offer. Reading reviews on the same could come in handy at the time of purchase.

Once you get home, break up the capsules and pour out the powder into a bowl. Mix this black powder with some water and mix well. Once done, you can take your eyeliner brush and start applying; it is that simple.

Safety Instructions When using Liquid Eyeliners

A few people will get some irritation when liquid eyeliner gets into contact with their eyes. You should not panic due to this as you can simply wash with running water and the irritation will stop after some few minutes. However, should it persist, it is advisable to seek help from a doctor.

For other types of products, they may have an adverse reaction once they come into contact with the skin. This too could be a sign that your skin is not suited to that particular product. It is necessary that you check the ingredients first and ensure they are safe on you.

How to Use Liquid Eyeliner Correctly

Where and how can I use a Liquid Eyeliner review winner correctly?Using liquid eyeliner correctly is not such a trivial thing. Our team, however, found that reviews work well for guys that may still be getting their foot when it comes to using this particular cosmetic. Using liquid eyeliner should be done with precision if irritation is to be avoided and the perfect lines to be drawn. Keep note of the following;

Ensure the nib is pointed

The nib of your liquid eyeliner needs to be pointed. If the nib is damaged, this could easily result in the makeup routine going wrong and you taking too much time fixing it up. We don’t need to mention just how frustrating this can.

Ensure brush is not dry

Your eyeliner brush needs to be wet to some extent if you are to get the best results. A dry brush will cause injuries and line breaks as you highlight your eyes. Wetting your brush before using it is always a good idea.

Following these two guidelines is sure to help you get the best results while using your liquid eyeliner. Additionally, reading reviews on cosmetic products could provide further guidance on how to use your liquid eyeliner correctly.

Tips for Maintaining Your Liquid Eyeliner

Tip 1

Tip 1

Avoid exposure to the sun – It is always a good idea to keep your eyeliner away from the sun. Keep it in a cool, dry place.

Tip 2

Tip 2

Keep away from children – Liquid eyeliner can cause a lot of irritation to kids if they come into contact with it. Should they ingest it, stomach upset is common. Keep it in a place they cannot access.

Tip 3

Tip 3

Keep the lid on – Ensure that at all times the cap is covering the nib; this helps to keep the nib wet. It is best used in this state.

Tip 4

Tip 4

Wet your brushes – Wetting your brushes before use ensure that if you are using pot liquid eyeliner, you do not break it when scooping.

Tip 5

Tip 5

Do not tamper with it – Many people like opening up the tube and tampering with the contents. It is advisable, however, that you ensure the contents remain unaltered at all times. The eyeliner won’t be in the best condition when altered.

Tip 6

Tip 6

Avoid breaking the tube – At times, due to our hectic daily schedules, we may find that we packed some eyeliner in our makeup bags but broke the tube unknowingly. In this instance, it is advisable that you avoid patching up the tube with some cello tape as most people do. Avoiding breaking the tube works the best.


How long does liquid eyeliner last?

The review conclusion of the best products from the Liquid Eyeliner categoryLiquid eyeliner longevity will depend on the frequency of use and ingredients it has been made from. Most eyeliners, however, will only require that you apply once a day and will last for at least a month with daily use.

Which is the best liquid eyeliner?

The best liquid eyeliner will depend on your own preference. Different brands will give you different results when you use them.

How much does liquid eyeliner cost?

The brand of the liquid eyeliner will determine the price of the liquid eyeliner. It is good to note that the more famous brands are going to cost more than the less known brands. You need to know this beforehand before making a purchase.

Are there any side effects when using liquid eyeliners?

For most people, liquid eyeliners do not have any adverse side effects. Irritation is, however, the most common side effect which can quickly be sorted out by washing your eyes with some running water.

Can I make my own liquid eyeliner?

How durable is a Liquid Eyeliner review winner in continuous use?Yes, absolutely, you can make your own liquid eyeliner at home. All you need is some water and activated charcoal.

What are the advantages of using homemade liquid eyeliners?

Homemade liquid eyeliner has two significant advantages; they are relatively cheap compared to other name brands and cause less irritation. This is because you can dictate what exactly goes into making the eyeliner.

Are there any downsides to using homemade liquid eyeliner?

The only downside to using homemade eyeliners is that yours may not be supplied with all the necessary ingredients that make it last longer.

Apart from that, there are no other known downsides to using homemade liquid eyeliner.


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