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Best Epilator 2021 • 7 Epilators Reviews

Epilators have become every woman's go-to solution for hair removal because of their long-lasting benefits. Unlike other popular hair removal techniques, epilators are designed to remove hair from the roots. Our team has compiled a list of the best epilators in the market after going through numerous consumer tests online.

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Tested Products 7
Hours Spent
Hours Spent 21
Evaluated Studies
Evaluated Studies 11
Considered Reviews
Considered Reviews 397

What is an Epilator?

It is an electrical device used for removing hair by holding and pulling several strands simultaneously. As such, it uses the same mechanics as waxing only that it does not pull out the cells located on the epidermis. This handheld device has a rotating roller fitted with a set of tweezers. It is placed against the skin and switched on to activate the roller so that the tweezers pull out unwanted hair from the skin. What makes epilating extremely popular among the women folk is that it provides a cost-effective method of removing hair. What’s more, epilators can be used on any part of the body.

How Does an Epilator Work?

The device works the same way as waxing as it pulls out hair from the roots. However, an epilator does not use wax. Rather, it removes hair from the skin as the user moves the device over different parts of the body.

Expert reviews recommend exfoliating before using an epilator for hair removal. This is because exfoliation prevents ingrown hair from further development and removes dead skin cells.

How does an epilator work in a review and comparison?The best way to use the device is to place it at a 90-degree angle on the skin and move it slowly in the direction of the hair on the surface. Users should avoid pressing the epilator against the skin to avoid causing injury. Most devices have two rotation speeds to enable the user to choose the ideal speed for hair removal, e.g., slower speed for sensitive areas.

First-time users may experience pain because the process involves hair removal. As such, expert reviews advise waxing the areas professionally first then using an epilator to do away with hair regrowth. Also, if the pain is intolerable, the user can apply a numbing cream prior to the hair removal process.

Advantages of Using Epilators

  • Long-lasting Results
The best device should remove hair from the root for long-lasting results. Numerous consumer reviews stated that hair regrowth only occurred two or more weeks after the epilation process.

Additionally, continued use destroys the hair follicles, leading to regrowth of finer, softer hair with narrower tips. In some reviews, consumers stated the hair follicles get damaged completely, causing no hair regrowth. The best devices ensured hair grew at different speeds, meaning minimal hair to be removed in subsequent sessions.

  • Ability to Remove Short Hair

Epilators can pull out short hair, which is usually difficult with other epilation methods. Waxing, for example, is only effective when the hair has grown to a specific length.

  • Application of Different Parts of the Body

Advantages from an epilator comparison reviewEpilation is not just for the legs, the device comes with a range of attachments that are designed for use on different parts of the body. For example, some epilators come with a small head to help with the epilation of hard-to-reach places. Others have an epilation head to enable the user to exfoliate the skin before and after the epilation process.

  • Ideal for Sensitive Skin

An in-depth review of epilators from the best brands revealed the tweezers fitted on the head hardly pull the skin when removing hair.

As a result, the device has minimal effects on the skin. It is also suitable for sensitive skin and during cold and dry seasons when hair removal is most irritating.

  • The Epilation Process is Gentle

Advantages of Using epilators in a review and comparisonThe best devices offer different ways of epilating to minimise discomfort. A review of Braun’s Silk-epil Xpressive revealed that the device is equipped with wet and dry systems for users to choose.

The wet system makes the process sensitive to the skin. It has massaging rollers that stimulate and soothe the skin before and after the epilation process.

Numerous consumer tests found that the product caused little or no pain when used in water.

  • Convenient

Epilators are designed for use at home hence, women no longer need to make trips to the salon or massage parlour for hair removal.

Also, modern gadgets are pretty small, making it easy to toss in a suitcase when travelling. This device’s versatility is a major bonus for most users. What’s more, there are special epilators known for producing the best results on the bikini and underarm areas.

  • It is Less Messy

The user does not need to apply a shaving cream or water when using an epilator. Also, the hair removal process does not leave residue on the skin.

  • Cost-effective

Most epilators cost less than £100 and being a one-time expense, it makes a lot of sense to purchase one. The cost of an epilator from the best brand may be a little over the top, but it exceeds buying the best shaving equipment or scheduling waxing appointments.

What Types of Epilators are There?

There are different types of epilators to cater to the vast user needs. We did a review of some of them based on how they grab hair.

Spring Epilators

They were developed by an Israeli company called Epilady in 1986. At the time, epilators were operated manually and were made of spring coils that were bowed to make a curve, so the coils on one side of the spring are squeezed tightly while those on the other side are spread apart. A motor was used to rotate the spring, causing it to flex while rotating.

Spring Epilators in an epilator review and comparisonUsers would move the rotating spring over the skin, causing hair to be caught up in the spring hence, removing the hair. However, continuous flexing of the springs meant the device was prone to occasional failure. As such, the manufacturer sold the springs separately for replacement.

During our analysis, we noted that some manufacturers still make manual epilators for the face. Their construction consists of two handles with a sinuous spring to form a curve. The spring is placed against the area of the face with unwanted hair to ensure the hairs are caught between the coils as the user turns the handles.

The Rotating Disc Epilator

While the spring design was a commercial success for a significant period, the fragile nature of the springs caused users to look for an alternative design. Lady Remington Smooth & Silky introduced the rotating disc epilator.

The manufacturer used the same concept as Epilady but altered the design slightly by using rubber discs instead of springs. The discs lasted longer and worked the same way as springs by rotating and coming together to grasp hairs and pulling them out. Rotating disc epilators also caused minimal pain to the user.

Tweezer Epilators

Tweezer Epilators in an epilator review and comparisonThey were developed after numerous refinements were made on rotating disc epilators. The aim was to do away with the use of discs and incorporate a set of metal plates mounted in a plastic cover. These plates may be exposed on one or both sides, depending on the model.

Once the device is switched on, the head rotates and the tips of the plates move together to create the tweezing effect. The hair is caught between the plates and pulled as the plates rotate away from the skin. It is the continuous cycle of pulling, gripping, discarding and extracting that allow the tweezer type epilator to ensure a flawless hair removal process.

Other Types

Spring, disc and tweezer epilators were among the best epilator-designs in the late 19th century. Later, manufacturers introduced modern designs that were easier to operate. We explored the most common types cited by consumers on the numerous reviews.

Corded and Cordless

Today, there are many corded and cordless epilators in the market. Also, manufacturers have developed dual devices that operate in corded and cordless forms. The corded device has a cord attached hence, must be plugged in when removing hair. The cordless type, on the other hand, operates on batteries, which causes them to generate less power than corded epilators.

Most users found cordless epilators to be the best for travel. The combo type functions as a cellphone in that it comes equipped with a rechargeable battery and a removable cord for charging. The user plugs it in for charging and disconnects it at full charge for later use.

The Wet and Dry Devices

These are a different version of corded and cordless types. The wet epilator allows the user to remove hair in water while the dry kind can’t. As such, the wet epilators are waterproof and make the epilation process less painful and messy.

Warm water allows the skin to relax, making the body less sensitive to the plucking sensation. An assessment of the best wet and dry epilation devices revealed the wet epilator leaves the skin less irritated compared to its counterpart. We also noted there were less bumpiness and redness on the surface.

Manual and Electric Devices

The best mechanical epilators are electric hence, they won’t work without connecting them to a power source. There are manual devices too that mimic spring type epilators. They are fitted with one long spring with handles on both ends for the user to hold and roll the spring over the skin. The coils grab and pull out the hair as the device rolls.

Body and Leg Epilators

Body and Leg epilators in review and comparisonThe best brands design epilators for specific body parts. Devices designed for leg hair removal usually cover a larger area fast. Also, the focus here is not on reducing irritation or pain because legs can take more pain than other parts of the body.

In contrast, devices designed for sensitive areas like the bikini line and the underarms tend to have smaller heads for epilation on the small areas and have lower speeds. Other brands, however, design dual-operation devices that can work on the legs and body. We noted the best brands achieve this by producing different cap heads designed for different speeds.

Women and Men’s Epilators

Most consumer reviews said that they identified devices designed for men and women based on colour. Women’s devices came in bright shades like light blue, pink and purple but men’s epilators came in black.

Reviews on the best epilators for men also revealed they have a sturdier design for removing coarser hair as the men’s hair is thicker than that for women. What’s more, men’s epilators had a trimmer attachment.

Facial Epilator

The models are lighter and smaller compared to regular epilators and have narrow heads that enable the user to navigate the face safely when removing eyebrow, chin, upper lip, and forehead hair. Facial epilators are also slow, quiet and use minimal power.

Reviews on this type of epilators noted that they were gentle compared to regular types. We realised only a few brands invested in this kind of genre.

Epilator-Buyer’s Guide

Epilation has indeed answered most women’s problems when it comes to hair removal. The long-lasting smoothness, convenience and ability to remove short hair are some of the benefits that every user enjoys from using this device for hair removal. However, since the device is used on pretty sensitive areas of the body, users are quite conscious when buying the devices. The numerous consumer tests reviewed showed users looked out for these features when purchasing epilators.

The Type of Epilator

We have already covered this area in length, but it is essential to determine if the gadget can be used in a bathroom. Keep in mind that a bathroom poses a hazard especially if carrying electric devices.

Number of Tweezers

Number of Tweezers from an epilator review and comparisonIt is the primary focus when buying an epilator as it is the component that removes hairs. Less expensive devices have up to 20 tweezers, which prolong the process. Consumers looking for a fast epilation process preferred gadgets with as many as 72 tweezers. The only downside to having more tweezers is that it leads to more pain, though it does not last for a long period.

We surveyed to monitor the performance of epilators with more tweezers. To our surprise, epilators with more tweezers don’t always mean better performance especially if the device does not pull out the hair efficiently.


Attachments in an epilator review and comparisonThe devices come with attachments fitted on the head to allow for customisation. The best epilator should have different caps for the face, bikini line, legs, and other sensitive areas.

We also noted some consumers will look out for devices with massaging caps designed for a gentler epilation procedure. The attachments usually cover the tweezer head to minimize the epilating area.

Further analysis on the attachment cover revealed the caps barely change the dimensions of the device, which means it does not make they don’t make it easier to manoeuvre. Thus, users looking for a device that could remove hair in hard to reach areas purchased small-sized epilators.

Head Width

Some devices have a wide head to enable the user to cover vast areas with each stroke. The leg epilatbor is an excellent example of such a gadget since it has a wide head that hastens the epilation process. However, several reviews mentioned users feeling pain across a large area after the hair removal process.


Using an epilator does not mean the user will not feel pain. The majority of first-time users cited feeling a lot of pain in their reviews. Some brands claim their devices are equipped with special attachments that make the process less painful.

The only difference is that these epilators have a vibrating massaging cap, which slows performance by plucking out less hair. Admittedly it is less painful since the device is not pulling out all the hair at once. Most reviews rated wet and dry models the best devices for less painful epilation.

Speed Settings

Speed Settings in an epilator review and comparisonMost devices have two-speed settings; one for faster epilation and the other for slower and gentler hair removal. The best device should match the user’s hair type and epilation needs.


The devices can be noisy, sometimes as loud as an electric razor. It is a feature that users have to grapple with until manufacturers find ways to make noiseless epilators.

Exfoliating Brushes for Ingrown Hair

New models are equipped with exfoliating brushes to prevent ingrowing hair. The devices have swappable exfoliating brushes, which should be replaced after three months.


It is an essential feature that enables the user to identify the fine hairs for removal. Epilators with built-in lighting ranked higher than those without.

Results and experiences from other consumer tests

Admittedly, epilators are the holy grail of hair removal for the modern woman and man alike. We have already listed essential features that consumers consider when buying this device. Our team also looked at the consumer’s experiences when using the gadget.

We noted that while the functionally of the device was a primary factor, consumers were extremely conscious about its price. After analysing a range of consumer experiences on and, we identified five best products that received the best reviews based on the price, consumer’s budget and functionality.

Remington EP7010: Best Budget-friendly Epilator

Consumer’s Review:

• Price: 5 Stars
• Performance: 4.5 stars
• Ergonomics: 4.5 stars
• Functionality: 3.5 Stars

Best Budget-friendly epilator in review and comparisonConsumers found this to be the best dry epilator when shopping on a budget. The device made it to this list mainly because of its affordable price and additional features.

For a little less than £30, consumers can enjoy two-speed settings and an angled cap that enables the user to epilate hard-to-reach areas. A detailed review of this device showed it has 40 tweezers, which is twice as many as in other models within this price range. It also came with a removable head that made it easy to clean.

What’s more, the unique placement of the protective shield means users can slow down the hair removal process in some body parts. Most consumer reviews cited their love for this device’s non-slip handle that allowed them to use it for a long time.

Braun’s Silk-Epil 5780 Epilator: The Best Corded Epilator

Consumer’s Review:

• Price: 4.5 Stars
• Performance: 4.5 stars
• Ergonomics: 4 stars
• Functionality: 3.8 Stars

The Best Corded epilator in review and comparisonIt is a dry epilator that makes the process less painful. On testing its built-in high-frequency massage function that reduced discomfort, consumers found that it surpassed their expectations compared to the best wet and dry models.

The ergonomics were also pretty impressive thanks to its pivoting head, which make it easy to grab hair in tough-to-reach areas. The device also features seven attachments that include a facial cap that allows users to turn it to a facial epilator. What’s more, its price was average as it is within most people’s budgets.

Braun FaceSpa Pro 911 Epilator: The Best Facial Epilator

Consumer’s Review:

• Price: 3.5 Stars
• Performance: 5 stars
• Ergonomics: 4.0 stars
• Functionality: 5 Stars

The Best Facial epilator in review and comparisonOnly a few brands venture into facial epilators, and Braun is one of them. It is a little pricey but worth every dime for consumers looking for the best facial epilator.

The size is a little small compared to regular epilators and comes equipped with a slim head profile for use on the chin and upper lip. Consumers rated it to have the best speed for facial epilation thanks to the four settings available.

What’s more, users can set a twenty-second treatment timer to avoid getting carried away. The two-attachment heads for changing it to a toning device and transforming it into a cleansing brush increased not only its versatility but also performance. These two features explain why it is the best facial epilator.

Philips BRE650/00 Epilator: Best for minimal irritation


• Price: 3.5 Stars
• Performance: 4.5 stars
• Ergonomics: 4.5 stars
• Functionality: 5 Stars

Best for minimal irritation epilator in review and comparisonThis device is a little over the top when it comes to its price, but this feature is quickly overcome by the fact that it causes minimal discomfort. This epilator features an ergonomic S-shaped handle that sits loosely on the user’s palm and has a broad head that covers vast areas of the skin.

Consumers found it to be the least painful epilator to use thanks to its patented ceramic discs used to make it. They also appreciated the SmartLight feature, which made it easy to identify the finest hairs on the skin.

Additionally, its cordless build designed to run for 40 minutes provides adequate time for the user to shave all the areas without recharging the device. Users tested its state-of-art Quick Charge and found it was equally effective and efficient. With this feature, consumers can juice up the epilator within 15 minutes for quick hair-pulling power.

The device has eight attachments and accessories, including a skin-stretcher, exfoliator and body massager for prepping the skin before epilation. Being a wet and dry epilator, these features gave the BRE650/00 form Philips lots of positive reviews despite its price.

Braun Silk-Epil Five-in-One: Best All-round Epilator

Consumer’s Review:

• Price: 3 Stars
• Performance: 4.0 stars
• Ergonomics: 4.0 stars
• Functionality: 5 Stars

Best All-round epilator in review and comparisonThe device doubles as an epilator, an exfoliator and massage gadget. Consumers found it a little pricey compared to its counterparts hence, ranked it fifth. What stood out for this device is its versatility.

Consumers were especially grateful for the 5-in-1 feature and the shaver head that converted it to an electric shaver. They also noted the pivoting head was instrumental as it catches hairs under challenging areas like the knees. Also, Braun Silk-Epil Five-in-One comes with 12 attachments, which may be an overkill for most consumers. Its Smartlight feature also makes it easy for the user to epilate in poorly lit spaces.

The Best Epilator Brands

  • Braun
  • Remington
  • Philips
  • Emjoi
  • Panasonic
Braun is every consumer’s go-to brand for epilators, electric shavers and electric toothbrushes, among other devices. What’s more, it makes the best brand for use underwater and those looking for effective cordless epilators. Braun’s Silk Epil 9 stands out as an all-round epilator for women. It has a unique slim profile that easily fits in the hand and enables the user to shave with ease. Consumers are particularly drawn by its ability to shave hair all over the body thanks to the different attachments that come with it- the shaver head, the facial cap, sensitive area cap, the trimmer cap and the shaver head. We also loved its high-frequency massaging system when massaged the skin as hair was getting pulled out. Braun’s Silk Epil 3270 stood out as the cheapest device for whole body epilation. It is equipped with 20 tweezers, has massage roller attachments, is corded and comes with a trimmer cap and shaver head.
The company has been around for an extended period, making its first shaver in 1937. Remington, has, however, not released an epilator for a while but its catalogue comprises the best devices in the market. The Smooth and Silky EP6010 has been rated the best for some years now. During our review, we also analysed this brand’s EP7030, a device designed for Brazilian hair. It is the cheapest wet & dry epilator and has been designed for use on the whole body and the face. Also, this device has up to 40 tweezers, built-in lighting, and two-speed settings. Remington is known as the best producer of affordable, high-quality gadgets in the market.
It is the best producer of electronics in the industry hence, the many positive reviews we traced to this brand. This brand’s epilator has consistently ranked as the best selling company on Amazon for a long time. A notable advantage of buying devices from this brand is that they come in a vast range that includes small, large, cheap and expensive to cater to the extensive user needs. Phillips is also known to use state-of-art technology when making the products hence, their efficiency and effectiveness. Our analysis revealed consumers rated Philips as the most trusted and popular company in the world.
It is a relatively new brand in the market but has produced a range of reliable products since its inception. It makes corded, cordless and hypoallergenic epilators, giving users a variety of products to choose from. For those looking for travel epilators, this is the brand to consider. A majority of the reviews rated Emjoi as the best brand for travel epilators as they have long battery life, are light and extremely portable. The company recently began venturing into different markets by producing the best epilators devices in a range of colours.
The brand has only released a handful of epilators in the market. However, the quality of Panasonic‘s epilators is quite impressive compared to other brands. While other companies boast a vast selection of features like cordless use, lighting and special massage caps, most of them spread these capabilities across a range of products. It means that a product from say Emjoi, may have a lighting feature, but the user can only enjoy the massage cap element after buying another device from the brand. In contrast, Panasonic includes all such features in one product. For example, the Panasonic ES-ED90 packs all the necessary elements into one device, so the user does not need to purchase different products to enjoy all the benefits. This level of versatility rates the ES-ED90 as the best all-round epilator in the market.


Shaving and waxing were the first two methods developed for hair removal and were primarily used by women. The idea was introduced in the 1980s, but there was a need to improve a technique with long-lasting results and the need to make it easy to use at home.

This desire culminated into the first electrical alternative to waxing and shaving, the epilator. The device was introduced in 1986 by an Israeli-based company, Epilady. The equipment used a tweezing method to pull out hair from its roots hence, the extended periods between hair removal sessions.

History of epilators in review and comparisonIt was this invention that revolutionalised the hair removal process though it was extremely painful. Since then, other versions of the Epilady were developed with other companies (Braun, Philips and Emjoi, among others) venturing into this market.

In 1988, Phillips launched its first hair removal product, the Satinelle 1, which was designed to remove hair in a single pull. It was the best device at the time. Over time epilator models were refined to remove hair from all the parts of the body. Phillips launched another product, the Satinelle Total Body epilator in 2007 for hair removal in delicate areas like the face and the bikini line.

At the time, numerous consumer reviews raised the issue of ingrown hairs hence, the development of exfoliating brushes and gloves. Subsequent inventions focused on convenience thus, the development of wet and dry epilators in 2012.

Facts about Epilators

Facts about epilators from a review and comparison• Epilation is not as painful: Many people fear epilating in the belief that it is excruciating. Reviews on the best models show the devices are equipped with massaging caps that relieve pain.

• Epilation removes extremely short hair: Modern designs use a micro-tweezer technology that enables the user to do away with extremely short hair. Braun’s Silk-epil tweezer pulls out hair as short as 0.5 mm.

• Epilation reduces the growth of hair: With epilation, hair is removed from the roots, which means it will take longer to grow back, sometimes up to four weeks.

• After epilation, hair grows at different speeds, usually based on the user’s stage of the hair growth cycle.

• The hair that grows back after the epilation process is finer and softer

• Pain and discomfort reduces with every epilation session

Safety Instructions When Using an Epilator

Instruction 1

Instruction 1

Sockets used to charge electric epilators should have Residual Current Device protection, which minimises the risk of electrical fires and protects against electric shock

Instruction 2

Instruction 2

Be sure to charge the device using the adapter provided by the manufacturer

Instruction 3

Instruction 3

Avoid carrying an extension cord when using the device in the bathroom

Instruction 4

Instruction 4

Avoid using an epilator when it is charging

Instruction 5

Instruction 5

Do not immerse the adapter or epilator in water

Instruction 6

Instruction 6

Avoid using a damaged epilator, replace or repair it

Instruction 7

Instruction 7

Ensure the voltage on the adaptor matches that of the local mails before connecting it

Instruction 8

Instruction 8

Purchase the device from a reputable retailer

Instruction 9

Instruction 9

Register the new device with the manufacturer in case of a recall or a safety notice is required

Tips for Care & Maintenance of Epilators

Tip 1

Tip 1

Clean the attachments using the brush that comes with the kit

Tip 2

Tip 2

Be sure to remove all the hair stuck in the attachments

Tip 3

Tip 3

Rotate the head manually for spotless cleaning in all the places

Tip 4

Tip 4

Detach the head from the body when cleaning

Tip 5

Tip 5

Hold the head under running hot/warm water when washing and rotate it

Tip 6

Tip 6

Add anti-bacterial dish-washing soap to remove bacteria and rinse in cold water

Tip 7

Tip 7

Use a clean towel to dry the attachments


How do We Reduce Pain during Epilation?

Epilation pain can be reduced and sometimes eliminated by:

  • Epilating after a warm shower: A bath softens the hair and opens skin pore, making the process easy
  • Using wet/dry epilator: Many review respondents said they prefer epilating in the middle of the shower using these epilators as they are waterproof
  • Exfoliate a few days before epilating to remove ingrown hairs and dead skin cells
  • Shave two to three days before epilating
  • Apply a numbing cream

How do We Epilate the Bikini Area?

FAQs from an epilator review and comparisonThe skin around the bikini area is extremely sensitive. As a result, there is a need to prep it before epilating by:

• Taking a warm shower
• Ensuring that the hair is not too long or too short (between 2-5 mm)
Holding the skin with one hand around the area getting epilated
Epilating in the direction of the hair growth

How do We Cure Ingrown Hair When Epilating?

When hair is growing back, it can get trapped under the hair follicle, causing inflammation and pain. Users can prevent the development of ingrown hair before and after epilation by:

  • Shaving occasionally instead of epilating
  • Moisturising the skin after taking a bath and epilating
  • Applying an OTC salicylic acid lotion to eliminate dead skin cells and unclog hair follicles
  • Using tea tree oil on the surface before and after the process

What would Cause an Epilator fail to Work?

Several reasons may cause the device not to work:

• When the overheat protection feature has been activated: Allow the device to cool down then switch it on after one minute or two.
• When the battery has run out: A continuous red light means that batteries need to be replaced
• The overload protection feature may be active.
• The travel lock feature is active: Disable the feature and hold the power button for three seconds.
• Check if the overload protection feature is active
• Avoid pressing the device too hard against the skin

What is the Best Epilator for the Bikini Area?

Which is the best bikini area epilator in review and comparisonThis area is pretty sensitive hence, the need to use a device that does not cause irritation or scarring. Our analysts rated five gadgets as the best for epilating the bikini area. They are the Braun Silk-epil 9, Philips Essential HP6401, Emjoi AP-18 Emagine and the Panasonic ES-ED90-P.

Which is the Best Epilating Device for Coarse Hair?

The best epilator should have sturdy tweezers that can grasp hairs easily and firmly. The beauty of epilating is that the hair grows back less frequently and has a thinner form. Most consumers found Philips Satinelle device, Braun Face 810 and the Emjoi Emagine to be the best for epilating thick, coarse hair.

Which is the Best Device for Epilating Legs?

Which is the best device for Epilating Legs in an epilator review and comparisonThere are no special devices designed for epilating one’s legs. This is because this part of the body is not as sensitive and can hold up pain compared to other sections. As such, users can use the famous Braun Silk-epil 9, Braun Silk-epil 3, Philips Satinelle Advanced and Emjoi AP-18 Epilator.

When Should One Replace the Head?

The devices can last as long as a decade with the right maintenance. The best time to replace the head should be when the tweezers at the top become dull or don’t pull out hair effectively.

Is it Safe to Use an Epilator During Pregnancy?

During pregnancy, a woman’s hair grows thick and sometimes, in unwanted places. There are no studies that show epilating affects a woman’s body when pregnant.

Do Epilators Remove Hair Permanently?

Epilation only reduces the extent of hair regrowth. However, if the process destroys the hair follicles, it can lead to permanent removal of hair. To ensure permanent removal of hair, users can apply hair removal cream.


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