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Best Electric Shaver 2021 • 7 Electric Shavers Reviews

Electric shavers are not the newest inventions, but they have certainly made a difference in the lives of men around the world. Our team went through numerous reviews and was able to come up with a list of the best electric shavers available on the market.

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Electric Shaver Leaderboard 2021

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Tested Products 7
Hours Spent
Hours Spent 18
Evaluated Studies
Evaluated Studies 2
Considered Reviews
Considered Reviews 657

What is an Electric Shaver?

An electric shaver is a razor which is designed with a rotating blade. With these machines, you can shave off your body hair in a very short time.

How Does an Electric Shaver Work?

Electric shavers have oscillating blades which need to be plugged into the mains in order to work. Many of the best modern electric shavers can be charged and used without being plugged into the mains. They simply run on batteries.

To cut off your hair, the revolving blades will trace the contours of your face as you move it over your skin. The hairs will get trapped between the three blades and will be cut off.

Advantages and Applications

Advantages from a Electric Shaver comparison reviewElectric shavers are the best for shaving when travelling. If you intend to travel with a shaver, you should go for one which uses batteries. Make sure you read online reviews before throwing your money in a poor product. You should note that the machines are allowed on planes.

One of the best benefits of electric shavers is the comfort of the shave. These machines will follow the contours of your face as they cut off any remaining strands of hair. The head of the shavers are usually very flexible, and that is why they can glide over your face easily. If you have a face with awkward turns, you will especially enjoy using rotary blades.

These ones will simply follow the turns on your face and get rid of every single strand of hair.

Here are other advantages of using electric shavers:

  • You don’t need to go through a lot of preparation since the machine is used for dry shaves. The process does not require the use of creams, soap, or water.
  • Even if you don’t use the best electric shavers, you will not risk cutting your skin when trying to get a close shave. With razors, you will always run the risk of breaking your skin. As an extra advantage, electric shavers will not cause skin irritation after use. You only need to learn how to use them properly. If you have sensitive skin, you will find it best to use wet/dry shaving machines.
  • Electric shavers can complete the job in just a few minutes. You can expect to finish the shave in a fraction of the time you would spend with a manual razor. The speeds of the machines are measured in cycles per minute (CPM). You should consider this figure when selecting the best machine.
  • Electric shavers can last for a very long time, and this means they will give you high value for your money. The best electric shavers can last for up to 7 years. You can find out the expected life span of an electric shaver by checking the manufacturer’s descriptions and the user reviews.
  • These shavers are portable and can be carried around everywhere. As mentioned earlier, you would be better off going for a battery-powered shaver if you intend to travel around with it.
  • Electric shavers are also very easy to use. You will not need any real lessons before you can use them. In contrast, you would require time and attention to learn how to properly shave with a razor. That being said, your face will need about three weeks to adapt to the electric shaver. In that period, you can expect to experience skin irritation.

The Big Electric Shavers Buyer Guide

The best electric shavers will generally deliver exceptional results and high value. However, you will still need to look out for these typical defects in the products:

The closeness of the shave

The best Buyer's guides from an Electric Shaver review and comparisonAs mentioned earlier, electric shavers give a close shave without cutting the skin. However, not all electric shavers have been designed to give a close shave. Others will simply trim your beard, and these may not be suitable for your purposes.

This is actually among the biggest arguments against electric shavers. You can be almost certain that most of the best electric shavers have reviews primarily touching on the closeness of the shave. Make sure you read many different reviews to get the overall consensus on the closeness of the shave.


Some electric shavers will work very slowly, and that could beat the whole point of using an electric shaver. After checking the cycles per minute (CPM), check the reviews to see what other people have to say about the speed of a particular electric shaver. The machine should be fast enough to be used just before work.

Battery life

The battery life is one of the factors which separates the best electric shavers from the worst. If you want to use a cordless machine, don’t settle for one with a battery life of fewer than 60 minutes.


it is important that the Electric Shaver has a long lifespan in reviewThis is another factor which determines the best electric shavers. The best machines should last for an average of about 7 years. Some manufacturers will give you warranties based on the expected lifespan of the machine. This can guide as to how long you can expect to use the machine. Again, the reviews from past users will also tell you the expected lifespan of the electric shaver.


Like many other machines, some electric shavers emit a lot of noise when they run. This can be very irritating, especially if you shave in the morning. You can easily tell how loud a shaver is by looking through the reviews on the products. Noise is among the biggest problems people from these machines, so they are bound to mention it when they give their user feedbacks. You should note that most of the best electric shavers have been designed to run very silently.


Like other electronics, electric shavers can get damaged. Most of them are covered by limited time warranties, but some are not. You should avoid products that do not have warranties as they are usually of lower quality. Also, you should check what kind of damage the manufacturer covers. Some of the companies will neglect the common forms of damage as they want to limit their liability.


Skin irritation is not usually caused by the machine itself. Usually, it occurs in people who have sensitive skin. If you get irritated after using electric shavers, you should consider using wet/dry electric shavers. These ones can be used with water and shaving gels, and that will reduce the chances of getting bumps, bruises, and cases of skin irritation. It is worth noting that wet/dry shavers can be quite costly.

Shopping online for electric shavers should be very easy. Unlike other items, you do not need to test an electric shaver in order to determine how well it works. You only need to read reviews from other users.

If a product is new, you can ask questions from the seller and the manufacturer. Most sellers will give you honest responses as they will be published on a public site. Any hints of dishonesty can easily ruin their business.

Results and Experiences from Other Consumer Reports

All experiences with the Electric Shaver review winner in review and in comparisonThe best way to determine which shaving product is the best is by checking reviews from people who have tested the machines. Experts from and have spent hours trying out the products, and they came up with reports on the best shaver for every purpose and for each type of people.

One of the key things they analysed in their review was whether foil razors were better than rotary ones. Reviewers concluded that foil razors were best for people who needed clean shaves and those who normally shave every other day. Also, people with sensitive skin should go for foil razors as they clip the hairs instead of plucking them off.

There is a separate group of people who would consider rotary razors the best. According to their review, if your primary concern is getting a comfortable and relaxing shave, then rotary blades are the best for you. These machines are designed to follow the contours of your face perfectly. People who grow beards in awkward places will especially appreciate the design of rotary blades.

In one of these reviews, the author used the machines himself for a period, so all the results are based on his experiences. In the other one, the reviewers used a group of testers. They all had to wait for three weeks for their faces to get accustomed to the experience.

The evaluation was then based on these factors:

The comfort of the shave

The best electric shavers are designed to offer a comfortable shave. It is a little hard to get a shaver that was extremely uncomfortable. Most were average, but others were very comfortable. These ones mainly fell in the category of rotary razors.


The Electric Shaver has a good Performance in review and comparisonLike any other electronics, electric shavers will deliver different levels of performance. Some will be unable to manoeuvre to sections of the face while others will easily reach all the hairs on the face. Also, some shavers will deliver great trims, other will shave clean, and others will just shave poorly. There were major differences noted in the performance of the best and the worst razors.


The physical design of the products is also an important factor. Some of the shavers will feel good in the hand while others will be uncomfortable to hold. Fortunately, most of the products were developed with ergonomic designs. Only the worst had poor designs.


The speed of the shave is also important. One of the main reasons why people abandon manual shavers for electric ones is that the machines complete the job in a very short time. You can tell how fast a shaver works by checking the CPM (cycles per minute). The higher the CPM, the faster the shave.

Battery life

Many machines nowadays operate with batteries. They can also be connected to the mains, but if you are travelling, you will be able to use it with the battery. The reviewers were not very concerned with the battery life of their products since almost all of them can run for an hour on a single charge. You can check the manufacturer’s descriptions and the user reviews if you have concerns about the battery life.


Innovation is a key element in electric shavers. The products have been improving in performance since the 20th century, and the innovation has never stopped. The reviewers checked the features of the different models and ranked them accordingly. You should note that the differences in technology mainly touches on the blades and the motor.


The reviewers were also concerned with the lifespan of the products. An electric shaver could justify its high price by creating durable products. The best shaving machines were noted to have lifespans of 7 years.

In the reviews, the professionals also had to consider other less significant factors like whether or not the product comes with a cleaning station. Those without were not necessarily ranked poorly since it is easy to improvise a working station for your shaving machine.

Top 10 Electric Shaver Brands

Here are the 10 best electric shaver brands:

  • Braun
  • Philips
  • Remington
  • Panasonic
  • Wahl
  • SweetLF
  • Phisco
  • Hangsun
  • BodyReal
Braun is one of the best electric shaver manufacturers in the world. The company was founded by a German mechanical engineer who went by the same name. He started the company close to 100 years ago, and it has since grown to be one of the best manufacturers of electric shavers. Braun electric shavers are known for their innovative features and sharp designs. They are also known to be precise and gentle on the skin. Another key marketing point of Braun electric shavers is the speed of the shave. They will give you a clean shave with a few strokes. Also, the machines are very high in quality and will definitely not break down in a few years. You can expect all reviews of the best shavers to have at least a few Braun products.
Reviews of Braun electric shaver are usually filled with positive feedback. However, you should note that these machines will cost you an arm and a leg.
Philips has been involved in the manufacture of many different electronic products. They started manufacturing electric shavers many years ago, and their products have been internationally accepted as among the best on the market. Philips electric shavers can guarantee you a clean shave, and you will not even need to spend a lot of time in front of the mirror. This company is highly innovative. Some of their products are even designed with sensors that will detect the hair density and adjust the blades to shave properly.
The main problem noted in reviews of Philips products is the slowness of the shave. It is likely that this is a problem that is specific to certain Philips electric shavers. Another disadvantage noted in the reviews of the shaver is the high price tag.
Remington produces some of the classiest shaving machines. The company manufactures both rotary and foil electric shavers, and their products are typically feature-rich. The best ones will tick almost all boxes and leave only a few expected cons. One of the best features noted in Remington online reviews is their ergonomic designs. The products even allow you to change the attachment heads and brushes without altering the technology or design. The company produces some wet/dry electric razors, and these can be the best for people with sensitive skin. If you are new to electric shaving, you should consider trying out the wet/dry shaver to see how your skin reacts. As you will see in online reviews, Remington electric shavers have so many pros. However, many of them have short battery lives.
Panasonic is another familiar name in the world of electric shavers. The company manufactures electric shavers in a wide range of prices. In other words, you can get a low-end product, a medium range one, and a high-end model. You should not expect their cheaper products to be poor in quality. In fact, many of the reviews of their low-end products are still highly positive. The best electric shavers from this company are meant to last for 7 years, and this is currently the standard for high-end shavers. Reviewers have also noted that the electric shavers from this brand have very high shaving speeds.
Wahl is another manufacturer of classic and state-of-the-art electric shavers. The appearance of these machines is a big selling point, but the products have a lot more to offer. Some of them come with rechargeable batteries, and these can last up to 60 minutes on a single charge. Most Wahl products are designed with hypoallergic gold foils, meaning they will not affect sensitive skin. This company has many products in the list of the best electric shavers on the market right now. Some of these are the Professional 5 Star Series, the Rechargeable Custom Shaver, the LifeProof Foil Shaver for Men, and the Smart Shave Wet/Dry Waterproof Foil Shaver for Men. Most of them have been reviewed positively, but you should still shop around carefully to make sure you land the product that best suits you.
SweetFL is known for producing the best affordable electric shavers. Most of the products in this company are 100% water-proof and can be recharged when the battery dies. As many reviewers have noted SweetFL electric razors don’t usually shave the closest. Most of them are rotary units, and this might explain why they don’t have very close shaves. The machines are best for people who simply want to trim their beards. A good thing about the machine is that it has three pivoting heads which move independently. This design allows the machine to handle the natural shape of the head. You will also appreciate the fact that the machine can be cleaned quickly. Since it is waterproof, you can dip it in water and wash away any residue hairs. Reviews on SweetFL products are generally positive.
Phisco products come with a 15-month warranty, and that indicates that the machines are very high in quality. The products are designed to work with cords and with batteries. For convenience, the machines have micro USB ports. You can simply charge them with your phone charger. They can go for about an hour on a single charge, and that is more than enough time for you to finish shaving. The company also develops products that can be used for wet shaving or dry shaving. As mentioned earlier, these machines are best for people who have never used electric shavers. Once you understand the sensitivity of your skin, you will be able to choose between the dry shavers and the wet/dry shavers.
You are unlikely to have ever heard of this company before. This is probably because they don’t market their products aggressively. Hangsun electric shavers lie are quite affordable, but they are also highly rated. The reviewers mostly appreciate that they got a functioning item for a very low price. Also, their shavers are quite light. This might be a good thing, but it could also mean that they have small batteries and motors. Most of the machines are designed to be waterproof, so you should expect to have an easy time cleaning them. A notable concern with Hangsun shavers is their slowness. If you are the impatient type, you will not appreciate the machines.
POVOS is decently popular among the men’s international community. There are hundreds of shavers under this brand, and most of them are rotary shavers. Again, this means that they will not deliver a close shave. Most of the machines are also rechargeable, and they use common USB cables to charge. The best POVOS electric shavers are also designed with battery indicators, so you will be able to tell when the battery is about to die.
This company was launched in the UK in 2001. They specialise in producing hair removal products for both men and women. Products from this company are quite small and affordable. They also develop products used to shave the most awkward parts of the body. If you like silent machines, you should also consider getting electric shavers from this company. Their shavers hardly produce any sounds. Also, you will appreciate the fact that Body4Real products are among the cheapest you will ever find.



The Development of the Electric Shaver over Time

The Development of the Electric Shaver over Time in our review and comparisonMen have always had to shave their beards. In the past, we could only rely on sharp objects, and that meant we had to use water, soap and other creams to soften the surrounding skin. Otherwise, the skin could easily break. In 1898, inventors came up with a plan to end the era of wet shaving.

The earliest shavers had to be connected to light bulbs in order to run. The earliest models of the modern electric shaver were developed in the early 1920s by Jacob Schick. He was a US Army officer at the time. With this model, the replacement razors were placed in the razor handle and did not have to touch the blades. The razor was put on the market in 1926 after Schick registered his company. He would go on to register a different company that also produced electric dry shavers. The new company was producing more advanced electric shavers. In the 1930s, he managed to sell 1.5 million Schick electric shavers. In the same decade, other companies cropped up to sell their own versions of the electric shaver.

A variation of the Schick electric razor was developed by Alexandre Horowitz. This was the rotary electric shaver, and it worked with rotating cutters. Shavers with two heads would be invented as the second world was transpired. After the war, these models went into the market.

Since the early 1900s, these machines have been improving. New features have been added to make the shaving experience simpler and more convenient.

Facts on Electric Shavers

Here are some interesting facts on electric shavers:

  • All facts from an Electric Shaver reviewManufacturers of shaving equipment have been making a lot of money over the years. The industry is estimated to worth more than 2 billion pounds.
  • 15% of men between the ages of 15 and 24 do not use any shaving products. A good proportion of these people avoid shaving products since they are growing beards.
  • A minority of women (45%) like men with clean-shaven cheeks. 55% of the women in the western world would want to be with men who sport a beard.
  • If cave drawings are anything to go by, men used to shave their faces clean as from 10,000 BC. Others just trimmed their beards to look neat.
  • In ancient Egypt, beards were considered signs of personal neglect. Barbers in the region would shave clients with pumice stones and razors.
  • Alexander the Great forced members of his troop to shave their beards as he had observed that the enemies could easily grab their beards in battle.
  • Peter the Great of Russia created a law which required people to shave their beards or pay a special beard tax.
  • According to some estimates, men shave an average of 20,000 times in their lifetimes.
  • In modern times, 30% of men use electric products to shave.

Safety Instructions when Using an Electric Shaver

If you are new to dry shaving, you will need to take some precautions to avoid injury and skin irritation. Here are some safety instructions you should follow:

  • Safety Instructions when Using an Electric Shaver in our review and comparisonDry electric shaver should only be used on dry skin. The best results will be realised if the skin is prepared to be bone dry. You can stiffen the skin by using certain alcohol-based pre-shave products. You should note that using dry electric shavers on wet or oily skin is likely to result in skin irritation.
  • Hold the electric shaver up towards your face when you use it. Your other hand should be used to stretch out the skin as you shave the hair off. This will help to maximise contact with the skin and minimise snaggling.
  • If you have still not established how sensitive your skin is, you should start by shaving the lower parts of your face. These parts are usually the most sensitive. If you shave these parts last, the machine will already be too hot and will cause serious irritation. Also, avoid going over the same spot too many times.
  • Broken or worn out shavers can force you to press harder in order to get a clean shave or at least a decent trim. Pressing too hard can irritate the skin. If you find yourself using too much force to shave off your hair, you should consider checking the machine for any worn out parts. These should be repaired or replaced immediately. In the same vein, you should follow the user instructions in the manual of the shaver.
You should note that not all people will adjust quickly to dry shaving. Your skin may experience some negative reactions, but that should only be for a while. If you stick with the technique, your skin should adjust after some time.

Top 10 Tips to Help You Care and Maintain Your Electric Shaver

Maintaining your electric shaver will help you save your face from irritation. It will also help you save some money since you will not have to replace your machine in the near future. You should aim at owning your electric shaver for a few years.

If you have one of the best machines on the market, it should even go for 7 years. Some of the best products may have their own maintenance tips and tricks, and these may be covered in reviews. For more general maintenance, here are some tips:

Clean the machine

Clean the machine

The main reason why electric shavers get damaged quickly is that men don’t like to clean them up. Over time, the machines will collect hair and dead skin, and these elements can easily damage the blades and foil. You should also note that cleaner blades have a smaller risk of infection since there will be no build up of bacteria.

Lubricate the machine

Lubricate the machine

In many online reviews, people complain that their products broke very quickly, even though they purchased the best machines available. Whenever that happens, it is usually because the user failed to lubricate the moving parts of the shaver. The friction between the moving parts will cause premature wear to the machine, and you will end up throwing the shaver or replacing the damaged parts. To avoid this inconvenience, you should use a light oil to lubricate the cutting combs on the shaver. Some manufacturers even include a shaving lubricant in their packages.

Handle the products carefully

Handle the products carefully

Most shaving machines are built to last for a very long time. However, you should never clean them roughly or expose them to mechanical shocks. The blades are especially not developed for such harsh handling.

Take care of your battery

Take care of your battery

To make sure your battery lasts for long, you should avoid exposing the machine to high temperatures. Also, you should aim at maintaining the charge between 30% and 80% as this will keep the mechanical stress at a minimum.

Replace cutting elements

Replace cutting elements

The blades and foils are bound to wear out sooner or later, so the best you can do is plan to replace them. Neglecting these parts of the shaver can lead to poor performance and even skin irritation. As a general rule, you should replace the cutting elements at least once every year. You should actually look through the reviews to find out what people are saying about the quality of the cutting parts. Also, consider the cost of the replacements.

Store it in a case

Store it in a case

It is easy to drop your shaver at any time. To prevent damage from mechanical impact, you should store it in a suitable case. The case will also protect the parts of the shaver from environmental elements like dust and debris.

Don’t tap the razor

Don’t tap the razor

Don’t tap the razor to remove hairs and other items from the shaver. If you want to clean the machine, use baby wipes or whatever your manufacturer recommends. Tapping the shaver can affect the mechanics of the machine and make it break down faster.
Even with all these maintenance practices in check, you should consider getting a warranty for your machine. Sometimes, even the best products will stop working properly for no apparent reason. The warranty can reduce your maintenance costs in the long run.

Alternatives to Electric Shavers

The best alternatives for a Electric Shaver in review and in comparisonElectric shavers are clearly revolutionary products. Everyone falls in love when they start dry shaving, and many are even prompted to write great reviews of their products. However, they are not the only shaving solutions on the market.

You can still use the traditional razor. In fact, the razor is still the best way to clean shave since many electric shavers have not been developed for more than a good trim. Only the best ones will shave your face clean. To use a traditional razor, you will have to use water and cream to clean the skin and soften it. With dry skin, the razor can easily cut your skin and cause a serious case of bleeding.

Such cases can lead to infections, especially if the blade was not cleaned before use. Once you soften the skin on your face, you will use the razor to shave off your beard. Many of the modern products are developed with two razors for a closer shave.

Here are some blade options you can consider:

  • Razors with cartridges which are replaced
  • Razors with cartridges which are disposable

Frequently Asked Questions

Are electric shavers allowed in hand luggage?

Yes, you can travel with your electric shaver on a plane. Disposable razors and cartridges are also allowed, but you cannot carry your straight razor or safety razors. Safety razors can only be allowed in a flight if the blade is removed beforehand.

Can electric shavers cut?

The Electric Shaver by Braun in our review and comparisonNo, the best electric shavers will get close to your skin, but they cannot cut you. Cuts and bruises are only a risk with manual razors.

How long do electric shavers last?

The best shavers can last for up to 7 years. The manufacturers usually state the lifespan of their products, but reviews can be more trustable.

Can electric shavers give a clean shave?

Yes, they can give a clean shave. However, you will have to go for the best products. Many electric shavers are only meant to give a good and neat trim.

Are electric shavers good for sensitive skin?

Electric shavers can be used on all types of skin. If you have sensitive skin, you will just need to go for the wet/dry machines.

With these ones, you will be able to soften your skin with cream before shaving, and that will reduce the chances of hurting the skin.

What electric shavers to buy?

Like with all other electronics, you should check the brand before making your buying decision. We have made short reviews on some of the best brands above, and that should guide you when you start shopping.

Can electric shaver be used for pubic hair?

Yes, you can shave your pubic hair with these shavers. You will just need to find a product that is developed for that specific purpose. Most of the best shavers are designed to be used on the face.

Can electric shavers be sharpened?

No, you will just have to maintain your products well. If they get blunt, you should go for a replacement as fast as possible. It would not be in your best interest to shave with a blunt product.

Are electric shavers waterproof?

Electric shavers are designed in different ways. Some are waterproof while others will break down when exposed to water.

Can electric shavers be used with shaving cream?

Some electric shavers can be used with shaving cream. If you like using cream, make sure you go for a wet/dry shaving machine.


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