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Best Deodorant for Men 2021 • 7 Deodorants for Men Reviews

The best deodorant fights wetness and odour at the source and does not need frequent reapplication during the day. Our team has compiled a list of the best products after reviewing numerous reviews online and included ratings for value and performance, among other parameters.

Kirsten Holmes

Kirsten wrote health and lifestyle features with a focus on evidence-based healthcare. In her mid-twenties, Kirsten became the subeditor and full time writer for a local fashion magazine specialising in beauty and health.

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Deodorant for Men Leaderboard 2021

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Tested Products 7
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Hours Spent 44
Evaluated Studies
Evaluated Studies 2
Considered Reviews
Considered Reviews 471

What is Deodorant?

What is the Best Deodorants for Men in ReviewIt is a substance that contains bacteria-fighting ingredients to reduce body odour. It first masks the body’s scent with base notes of cheese and beer at the source before emitting a sweet fragrance that lingers throughout the day. Body odour develops when fat and protein in sweat mix with bacteria on the skin. Body parts that produce odour caused by sweat have two common features, which are apocrine glands and bacteria growth. Apocrine glands are located on the eyelid, skin, breast and the ear.

Those found in the skin are sweat glands and are usually located in the groin, armpit region and around the nipples of the breast. They function as scent glands and their secretion has an odour hence, the unpleasant smell that comes from the armpits. Other body parts can still sweat without having an odour because they are not prime areas for bacteria growth. Note that they do not function like antiperspirants. An antiperspirant is a subset of the other category and it is mainly used to prevent sweating by altering the way sweat glands function.

How does a Deodorant Work?

How does the Best Deodorants for Men WorkHuman sweat is odourless but when it mixes with bacteria that grow in a hot environment, it develops the unpleasant smell. The underarm, being the warmest area of the body, relies on the sweat glands to create a cooling effect by releasing moisture. While we usually bath using soap and water to rid off the unpleasant smell, the skin loses its acid mantle, causing an increase in its pH. Most bacteria thrive in regions that have high pH, which makes the skin prone to bacterial infestation.

They lodge here to feed on sweat produced by apocrine glands, hair cells and dead skin. As a result, trans-3-methyl-2-hexenoic acid is produced via the waste excreted, causing body odour. Deodorants are formulated using alcohol, which kills the bacteria temporarily. Thus, when we sweat, there aren’t adequate bacteria on the skin to create an unpleasant odour. Other active ingredients that are used to make them include sodium chloride, sodium stearate, stearyl alcohol, essential oils and perfume fragrances that mask the perspiration odour. Our reviews showed that most consumers prefer products that contain triclosan, an antimicrobial that slows bacteria growth by making the armpit extremely salty.

Advantages & Applications

Applications of the Best Deodorants for Men in ReviewDeodorants for men are mainly designed for application on the armpits. However, during our analysis, we found that women purchase products designed for men because the mask body odour better than those designed for women. There is no definite method of applying the product as long as it is spread throughout the underarm. Our survey on how men apply this product found that most of them prefer making a couple of swipes on the armpit. While this method is effective, it does leave enough product to sit on the armpit and kill the bacteria. The best way is to slow down and ensure the entire armpit has a uniform coat of the product. Men are required to apply adequate pressure to enable the product to penetrate the hair on the underarm.

The application method also depends on the type of product used, its size and shape of the man’s armpit. Various products distribute different amounts hence, the need to personalise the amount to the needs of the individual. During our reviews, however, we found that it is best to apply the product right after a shower.

What Types of Deodorants for Men are there?

Types of the Best Deodorants for Men in ReviewKnowing how to choose the best deodorant for men begins with identifying the different types. Our analysis showed that they all reduce body odour but some products are designed for specific situations. For example, men with lots of underarm hair should opt for a spray instead of a roll-on. Additionally, those who have an active lifestyle, e.g., athletes should consider buying a product that functions as an antiperspirant. Our product review involved a comparison of eight types.


They are also called liquid deodorants and have a ball-top bottle that has gel or a liquid solution. As such, a roll-on feels wet when applied on the armpit hence, the need to wait for it to dry before wearing a shirt. A review-run on roll-on from the best brands shows that most of them have a clear solution that does not form white streaks or other unsightly marks on clothing.


  • The clear solution prevents clumping that occurs hours after application
  • It is portable
  • Ideal for people with sensitive skin


  • Creates an uncomfortable swampy feeling
  • During our extensive study, we realised roll-ons are not favourite everyday wear for many men


This type provides a spray on application and has a powdery finish when it gets dry.

It feels a little cold upon application, making it the best alternative for the summer period. Sprays are easy to share as they don’t come into contact with the skin.


  • Have a smooth feel
  • Dry fast
  • Layer well hence, easy to reapply
  • They do not flake


  • Can be harsh on sensitive skin
  • Not easy to travel with


This type is the best for people who travel regularly as they are disposable. Reviews on deodorant wipes discovered that users found it easy to share them as they are wrapped individually.


  • Portable
  • Easy to share
  • Ensures the product sits in the armpit adequately


  • The scent does not last long


The Best Gel Deodorants for Men in ReviewGels are the best products for men who want to keep away white marks on clothing thanks to the cool and clear composition. It is important to allow them to dry before wearing an outfit. Gels are also pretty light but can get sticky and dry during hot weather. Most user’s reviews noted that the best time to wear them is when attending a wedding or other big event.


  • Comes in a clear form that does not stain clothing
  • Undetectable when applied
  • They are light so they don’t feel heavy when sweating


  • Do not protect odour and sweat as well
  • Some formulas get sticky and slimy when sweating

Stick Deodorants

This kind contains a special ingredient called dimethicone, which soothes the skin. It is this feature that makes stick deodorants best for men who shave and those who are not looking for special needs.


  • Hold off odour for a longer time compared to other forms of deodorant
  • Do not get sticky when armpits get wet


  • Flake when the armpit sweats
  • Stain clothes

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Deodorant for Men

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Deodorants for Men in ReviewMen don’t take much interest in beauty and personal care products compared to women. However, there are those essential products that men won’t overlook when it comes to personal hygiene, and deodorant is one. It is a man’s best friend as it keeps the body smelling fresh throughout the day. With so many manufacturers producing the same product, it can be difficult to determine the best one for the body. Deodorants are not designed equally; some promise two-day long freshness, others have natural ingredients while a number are designed to complement the user’s natural aroma. Our team identified a few features consumers should take note of when looking to buy the best product:

  • Amount of time the product lasts: Consumer reviews show products claiming to give 24-48 hours of freshness are exaggerated. The bottom line is to look for deodorants that don’t need frequent application. Products that required a single application were rated the best on most online reviews.
  • Dries fast: Most reviews on products that dry slowly said they are messy and uncomfortable, leaving residue behind clothes.
  • Fights odour and sweat: Deodorants are designed to reduce odour. However, most consumers prefer products that fight odour and block the sweat glands. As such, they rate products that have a deodorant/antiperspirant mixture best.
  • Don’t irritate the skin: Products produced using harsh ingredients cause rashes on men who have sensitive skin. They can also cause irritation when applied directly to the skin after shaving. It explains why most reviews mentioned their preference for deodorants that contain essential oils and baking soda.
  • Does not leave stains: The best products should go on clear and should not stain clothing when rubbed off.

Considerations when purchasing

Good Advise about Best Deodorants for Men in ReviewsThese few considerations come in handy when purchasing the best product. Experts also advise taking note of these few points before buying:

  • Does the consumer want a deodorant, an antiperspirant or both: As earlier highlighted, a deodorant helps reduce odour while antiperspirants block sweat glands from producing perspiration. If looking for both features, the best product should contain antiperspirant and deodorant properties.
  • If the user has sensitive skin: If the product is causing a rash, avoid wearing it after shaving or showering. Also, check if the product contains aluminium zirconium trichlorohydrex or aluminium chloride. Some men find gels, sprays and roll-ons more irritating than solids.
    Scented or unscented: The best scented product emits a pleasant smell that masks the odour. However, some men prefer using unscented varieties that contain masking fragrances. As a consequence, scent-sensitive users look for products marked fragrance-free.
  • Is the user looking for deodorants marked with the clinical-strength tag: These products keep the user drier compared to regular types. However, they contain high concentrations of active ingredients hence, more likely to cause skin irritation.
    Whether to buy men or women’s deodorant: There is no difference between products designed for men and those for women. The notable difference lies in the fragrance, marketing and packaging.
  • Determine whether it prevents perspiration: Natural forms do not contain aluminium hence, do not block sweat glands from producing perspiration. As such, the products offer deodorising benefits only. Some may contain baking soda and clays that absorb moisture, leaving the user feeling dry.
  • How much the user sweats: Users who sweat regularly should consider buying an antiperspirant as it reduces sweating. However, men who sweat when active should consider buying regular types.
  • The alcohol content: Deodorants that contain alcohol make armpits inhospitable to bacteria that cause odour. As such, the higher content level the better the higher the chances of keeping the user dry for a long period. However, some online reviews mentioned developing itchy and flaky skin after applying products with high alcohol content.

Results and Experiences from other Consumer Reviews

Experiences about Best Deodorants for Men from Customers in ReviewsWhen making a comparison for the best deodorants for men, consumers are conscious of two aspects- those made of natural components and their ability to stop wetness. Most consumers rely on top consumer review websites when purchasing the product. Consumer portals like those provided by Amazon offer credible information about the ingredients used. Users can also find useful information from a site whose editors examine ingredients used on the product and talk to medical experts (dermatologists, natural deodorant creators and chemists) to identify the best products., for example begins the survey with a list of 100 formulas marketed for men and later narrow down them down to identify products that are easy to apply without leaving residue. It was not only about reviewing their wetness but products that didn’t irritate the skin. Here are essential ingredients they examine when testing deodorants:


When choosing the sample size, experts do away with products that contained alcohol. They also check out propanediol and propylene glycol, the preservatives that cause redness, itchiness and tender symptoms of contact dermatitis.

Zero aluminium

Natural products were launched to address problems raised by consumers about the safety of aluminium. As such, when picking our sample size, reviewers remove products that include potassium alum, an ingredient used in natural deodorants.

Effective odour blockers

The Best Deodorants for Men in ReviewThe best products have these three ingredients that prevent BO, which are baking soda, zinc oxide and coconut oil. Research shows coconut oil contains lauric acid, which is good in fighting bacteria. Baking soda, on the other hand, alters the PH of the armpit, making the environment inhospitable for bacteria while zinc oxide neutralizes odour by converting the smell emitted by bacteria into odourless zinc salts.

Having selected a considerable sample size, the experts then review the product for three features:


They take a whiff of each product to examine the intensity of the scent. Is it mild or intense? High marks are awarded to products with intense scents. The products are then reviewed for freshness after two hours. If the scent is still there, the product was ranked the best for scent.

Residue review

The primary goal is to do away with products that linger on the skin. A swatch on black fabric should help the user find out how it came off.

Application review

The team then examines each product for ease of application. Does it crumble or clump? How does it hold up after two hours of application?

Following this detailed scrutiny, the experts ranked these three products the best for men

The Best Pick: Axilla brand

Why it was Selected

How to Pick the Best Deodorants for Men in ReviewApplied well: Schmidt deodorant stuck ranked highly when it was reviewed for residue and application. The wide, dome-shaped heads moulded nicely on the armpits. One of the consumers said that it felt smooth and wasn’t too wet or gritty. What’s more, after two hours, the user noted that his armpits felt dry.

Lack of residue: It does not create flakes or clumps on the underarms; even hairy pits where the paste clings easily. When the paste was wiped from the armpits using T-shirt swatches, Schmidt products left a slight streak. Dove brand also performed respectably well but received low marks from our experts.

Some consumers brought a few points to the researcher’s attention regarding Schmidt deodorant. They preferred products with a fruity scent, e.g., the lime and bergamot fragrance while men who are scent-sensitive preferred milder options.

Second Best: Dove

The brand is popular for producing high-quality toiletry and grooming needs. Most of the consumers rated it four stars for overall satisfaction, effectiveness and value for money, and three stars for scent and packaging.

Third best: Ursa Major

Men looking for 100% natural deodorants rated Ursa Major the best brand as it is free of harsh irritants and aluminium, and it contains aloe, shea butter and chamomile.

Also, the dome-shaped construction makes it easy to apply. However, it left excess goop on the armpit, making it rank third among the best products.

Other Properties that Create Particularly Large Differences between the Products

Odor-fighting Natural Ingredients

Consumers looking for natural types will choose products that have coconut oil and are aluminium-free. Shea butter is another essential ingredient for natural products as it acts as a moisturiser. Consumers looking for natural products are more likely to purchase products that have:

  • Aloe: It is an effective ingredient for treating sunburn
  • Arrowroot powder: It is great at absorbing moisture
  • Zinc oxide: It is an anti-microbial agent that keeps the armpits clean
  • Witch hazel: shrinks pores to minimise sweating in the armpits
  • Kaolin clay: It also absorbs moisture
  • Baking soda: It is the most effective ingredient for absorbing moisture and neutralising odours
  • Corn starch: Absorbs moisture in a clean and natural way
  • Essential oils: provide an eco-friendly means of adding fragrance to deodorant

Harmful ingredients to Look out for

Design the Best Deodorants for Men in ReviewDuring the review, the researchers found that most deodorants are not as safe as most of them use synthetic fragrances that can hamper the ability of the body to prevent bacteria growth and bad odour naturally. The consumers also mentioned they avoid products that contain butane, talc and a variety of PEG chemicals as they are harmful to the body.


It is another essential feature that users look for when buying the best product. Most natural products come in circular tubes as they make the application process pretty easy. They have a soft, creamy texture. The roll-on design also ranks best when it comes to ease of application.

Amount of residue

During the review, consumers rated this feature the most important when buying a deodorant. As such, while the best product may have all the other features if it stains clothing, consumers are quick to do away with it.


Men want value for their money thus, a steep price hike should match the quality of the product in terms of the manufacturing method, the amount of time that it lasts and the ingredients used to make it.

The Best 10 Brands

Deodorants are an essential commodity for men who are active. The recent times have seen consumers focus on products that use natural ingredients to avoid irritating the skin. During our tests, we noted that brands are focusing on developing products that do not stain clothing. We analysed these 10 from the best brands:

  • Axilla
  • Ursa Major
  • Prospector Co
  • Olivina
  • MenScience
  • Driclor
  • Schmidt’s
  • Dove Men+Care
  • Baxter of California
Most products are available in the form of spray-on deodorisers and roll-on but Axilla has introduced another type in the form of a paste. It is made from natural ingredients, including coconut oil, shea butter and kaolin clay. The application process is like that of a moisturiser and works best for men who have shaved or short hair armpit. The paste absorbs easily and can be applied on unshaved underarms too. The Black Chicken deodorant is Axilla’s mainstream product, which has been designed to neutralise odour and absorb sweat instead of interfering with the sweat glands. The product contains Arrowroot and Kaolin Clay, which when mixed with the odour-neutralising features of sodium bicarbonate, leaves the armpits feeling dry and full of fragrance. Consumers reviewing this product online rated the Black Chicken product best due to its drying feature.
In our extensive review, we realised that many men preferred Ursa Major deodorants when looking for natural types. The manufacturer uses aloe, shea butter and chamomile ingredients are known to calm the skin as well as hops and kaolin clay, which reduce odour. The clay is also included to help absorb moisture giving Ursa Major products minor antiperspirant properties. Ursa Major’s main product is the No B.S. Deodorant. Apart from the usual natural ingredients, it is free of paraben, aluminium and baking soda. Also, it includes Saccharomyces ferment, which is a naturally-derived substance that fight odour.
The manufacturer is popular for producing sprays for men with sensitive skin. Men who have sensitive skin look for alcohol-free products to reduce irritation. Prospector’s deodorant sprays are made using essential oils of cedarwood and vetiver, which when combined, form a natural-smelling product that is soft to the skin and one’s senses.
Men looking for the best deodorising wipes opted for those made by Olivina. The wipes are formulated using a base of fragrant essential oils and have a characteristic masculine scent. Its deodorising formula contains organic juniper berry that keeps the armpits dry and organic elderberry that moisturises the skin. The beauty of using Olivina wipes is that users can apply to other areas, e.g., active men use it to wipe the face after a workout. The wipes are packed separately, making it easy to stash them in a gym or pocket bag for easy reach whenever needed.
This brand is the best for making long-lasting deodorants. MenScience products are also ideal for men with sensitive skin as they are made using a unique aluminium-free, alcohol-free and hypoallergenic formula. According to most online reviews, MenScience Advanced Deodorant is a favourite among men looking for effective, fragrance-free products. Upon sampling one of ManScience products, we realised that the manufacturer uses a breakthrough formula that provides long-term results. The product does not stain clothing and contains tea tree extract, microzeolites and the witch hazel, which eliminate odour-causing bacteria hence, dealing with the unpleasant smell at source.
Probiotic deodorants come in handy for men who have armpits that smell excessively even when using the best products. These products are laden with bacteria and work by re-establishing healthy communities of odour-secreting bacteria to the skin. This genre of products has grown into a multi-billion industry with brands like KIND-LY producing the cypress and sandalwood deodorant. Once applied to the underarm, the good bacteria keep away the bad hence, eliminating the bad odour. The product is just as effective as other as it neutralises the smell, though it may need to be reapplied during the day.
The manufacturer produced deodorants for men who sweat excessively on the armpits, hands and feet. Driclor products contain aluminium hexahydrate, which when applied to the skin, blocks the sweat glands from producing sweat. We conducted an experiment to determine how Driclor deodorant works. The first sample comprised 5 men who applied the product before going to sleep for a week. Our control group applied the product during the day. Our team realised that the first group experienced tremendous benefits compared to the control group. Once applied before going to sleep, it blocks the sweat glands so that the user’s armpits don’t produce sweat during the day.
The manufacturer is well-known for producing natural products. Schmidt’s is also known for using quality formula and it delivers great results compared to other manufacturers. The deodorant stick is the most popular as it is designed to provide freshness while avoiding issues like stains and irritation on sensitive skin. It contains a natural fragrance that has a comforting and refreshing effect. It is available in six fragrances that include juniper and cedarwood, lavender and sage, lime and bergamot, among others. The subtlety of its fragrance and formula make Schmidt one of the best picks for men.
According to various online reviews, most men love this brand for its simplicity. Its deodorant also functions as an antiperspirant as it also prevents the production of sweat. The manufacturer combines powerful ingredients with advanced ¼ moisturizer technology that protects from irritation. Dove+Man Care deodorants are available in the form of sticks and sprays. While the manufacturer claims the product delivers 48 hours of protection, our survey shows the product prevents odour and sweat production for 24 hours.
This is the best brand for men who love premium products. Baxter of California products deliver sweat and odour protection while emitting a fresh scent throughout the day. Its main ingredients include tea tree oil, chamomile and hazel, which are known to give a refreshing herbal fragrance without causing irritation or dryness of the skin. Other ingredients include pomegranate and acai, which support the ability of the skin to fight odour-causing bacteria. The product is also free of aluminium and alcohol and the best for consistent 12-hour protection.



History of Best Deodorants for Men in ReviewEven before the introduction of cosmetic items, humans had invented ways of masking body odour that was produced by sweat. At the time, scientists had not determined the cause of bad odour hence, relied on perfumes. Bathing regularly using soap was a popular method of fighting body smell in the 18th and 19th centuries when advancements in chemistry allowed the production of industrial soap. Towards the end of the 19th century, i.e., in 1888, the first commercial deodorant, Mum, was developed by Edna, Murphey, a U.S. inventor in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

In 1931, Bristol-Myers bought the company and in the late 40s, Helen Barnett Diserens came up with an underarm applicator that was inspired by the recently developed ball-point pen. In the years 1942-1957, the market for this product increased more than 600 times, making sales of up to £70 million. Originally, the products were designed for women but by the year 1957, manufacturers had begun producing them for men. Ban Roll-On was the leading product in market sales. The company then re-invented the model producing the famous roll-on antiperspirant in 1952.

However, the product was withdrawn from the market briefly but retailers re-introduced the product under the brand Ban. In the UK, the product is sold under the names Mum Pump Spray and Mum Solid. In 1998, Chattem bought the company and Kao Corporation acquired it in 2000.

Fun Facts

  • The first person to invent a deodorant was Ziryab, who was a Muslim scholar. He invented it in the 9th century and is credited with leaving a lasting influence in the fashion industry.
  • Armpit odour is dependent on the gene ABCC11. Most East Asians don’t need deodorants because they don’t have this gene.
  • The first deodorant for men was introduced in 1935, which was decades after those for women were developed. This is because body odour was considered a masculine feature for men.
  • The name Teen Spirit was a result of Kurt Cobain’s friends who spray-painted the phrase ‘Kurt smells like Teen Spirit.’ This led to the title of the 1991 hit song, Nivana.
  • The yellow stains that form on the shirts in the armpit region are caused by the reaction between the fabric and the product, not sweat
  • Most deodorants work best when applied before bed, not after the morning bath
  • People who can’t afford to buy these products can use baking soda; it works just as well.
  • The FDA classifies deodorants as cosmetic productsThe roll-on design inspired the development of the first computer mouse
  • Avoid wearing the product when going for a mammogram because ingredients like aluminium look like calcifications in the breast
  • ¾ of people who don’t produce underarm odour still prefer using the products

Safety Instructions

Allow the product to dry before wearing clothes: The yellow stains that develop on clothing are as a result of a reaction between proteins and the product. As a result, there is the need to allow the product to dry after application. It reduces staining and the white marks that develop on clothing.

Apply the product after taking a shower

How to use the Best Deodorants for Men in ReviewDeodorants are most effective when applied after taking a shower. However, if using a product that has a combination of antiperspirant and deodorant or a clinical-strength product, consider applying it before bedtime. The body sweats less during this time, which allows the active ingredient to penetrate the sweat glands.

Consult the doctor if the product is not working: Studies show that 3% of people experience excessive sweating, a condition known as hyperhidrosis. There are several methods of treating the condition, including using prescription deodorants or antiperspirants.Read the instructions printed on the label: Men who are sensitive to certain ingredients should check the label on the packaging to avoid buying products that cause irritation.

If applying an antiperspirant before bedtime, be sure to wipe off any residue in the morning to avoid irritation if applying a different product.
Users who have skin conditions like psoriasis or eczema should consult the doctor before buying these products.

Men who are scent-sensitive should review fragrances before buying scented spray deodorants. Strong fragrances can be overpowering; light ones, however, may need to be reapplied if the user leads an active lifestyle.

If using a spray deodorant, avoid spraying clothes. If the user can’t remove the shirt, pull the sleeves until the armpit is uncovered.
Shake the can for ten seconds before applying a spray deodorant. Ensure the can is raised a few inches away from the armpit.


What is the Best Way to Apply the Product?

Questions about the Best Deodorants for Men in ReviewThere are many ways to apply a deodorant as the armpit has many angles, but the most effective method is to ensure the product sits in well on the entire underarm.

How do Salty Deodorants Work?

Salty or crystal deodorants are great for men looking for natural antiperspirants. The main ingredient in this product is potassium alum. The crystal is applied on wet, clean skin to prevent the growth of odour-causing bacteria. Note it does not stop the user from sweating.

Why do Deodorants Contain Aluminum?

It is the active ingredient used for reducing the production of sweat. It forms temporary gel plugs on the upper part of the sweat pores, causing armpits to produce minimal sweat. Aluminium also reduces the number of bacteria associated with the production of perspiration.

Which Products Don’t Contain Parabens?

A paraben is widely used to preserve the product as it is cost-effective. However, most online reviews noted that the chemical is largely associated with cancer. Here are some of the best products that do not contain parabens- Crystal Essence, the Natural Deodorant for Men, Soapwalla and Kiss My Face, just to mention a few.

When are Natural Deodorants not Effective?

All about Best Deodorants for Men in ReviewOur online reviewers mentioned that some natural deodorants were not as effective. There are three reasons explaining this phenomenon:

Wearing synthetic fabric: The fabric does not allow the body to breath. As a result, moisture is trapped on the fabric even after applying the best deodorants.
Presence of excessive bacteria under the arms: Experts recommend using underarm bar soap when bathing to control underarm bacteria before applying these products.
Diet: Processed or sugary foods cause body odour because they lack chlorophyll, a compound that cleans and deodorises the blood.

Are deodorants Flammable?

Yes. Most deodorants contain a small alcohol composition that causes them to be extremely flammable.

Should Women Use the Product when Pregnant?

According to many expert reviews, it is safe to use the product during pregnancy. Upon consulting a few doctors, our team realised that chemicals in the products do not infiltrate the skin but remain on the surface. As such, even a minor cut on the skin does not create an adequate passage for toxins to enter the body to harm the foetus.

Do Deodorants Cause the Armpits to Darken?

Yes. Products that contain harmful ingredients like aluminium chloride, alcohol and parabens cause armpits to darken. Alcohol dries out the underarms, causing friction, which, in turn, makes the skin to get dark and thick. Parabens and aluminium cause the skin to become itchy, red and to swell, causing hyperpigmentation.

Can Deodorants Cause Cancer?

Our extensive review of various research studies and consumer reviews ruled out this belief. However, women are advised not to use products that contain aluminium before going for mammograms.

How Long Does a Deodorant Last?

Some brands claim to have the best products as they can last for 48 hours but most consumer reviews show most brands last 24 hours only. However, there are a few ways users can use to increase the duration of time that the product lasts. During our analysis, we found that most online reviews found that:

  • Clinical-strength products lasted longer than regular ones
  • Cleaning and shaving the armpits also increased the amount of time the best product lasts
  • Wearing breathable fabric prolong the life of the best deodorants
  • Apply an antiperspirant at night before applying the product in the morning


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