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Best Concealer 2022 • 7 Concealers Reviews
Tested Products
Tested Products 7
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Hours Spent 25
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Evaluated Studies 27
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Considered Reviews 235
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Best Concealer 2022 • 7 Concealers Reviews

Blemishes on the face can lower your confidence levels and even affect your performance at work or school. To solve your problem, we went through many reviews online and listed the best concealers.

Kirsten Holmes

Kirsten wrote health and lifestyle features with a focus on evidence-based healthcare. In her mid-twenties, Kirsten became the subeditor and full time writer for a local fashion magazine specialising in beauty and health.

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Tested Products
Tested Products 7
Hours Spent
Hours Spent 25
Evaluated Studies
Evaluated Studies 27
Considered Reviews
Considered Reviews 235

What Is a Concealer?

This is a cosmetic product that is used to hide blemishes and imperfections in the skin. It can mask dark circles, pores, signs of ageing, and small spots on the skin.

How Does a Concealer Work?

This product works by hiding imperfections on the skin. It blends the affected areas with the rest of your skin tone, and that helps to hide the blemishes. The products work like foundations, but they are a little thicker.

Concealers are not meant to be applied on the whole face. Instead, they are meant to be used in small affected areas of the face. Most commonly, they are used to hide dark or purple circles around the eyes and pimples.

Advantages and Applications

The Bestsellers in a concealer review and comparison Concealers are the best products you can use to hide blemishes and spots on the face. If you use a foundation, you should apply it first and see if there are any more visible spots. Those spots can be covered by concealers.

Many people who use powder foundations prefer to apply the concealer before the foundation, and this seems to work for them well. If your eyes normally look tired, you should consider using concealers to get a more refreshed look. These products can also be used to lighten dark parts of your face and to disguise puffiness.

Here are a few other uses of these products:

  • They can work as highlighters over the nose bridge, cheekbones, and chin.
  • They can hide tattoos.
  • They can provide a base before you apply eyeshadow.
  • They can help with priming of the lips to prevent bleeding of your lipstick.

What Types of Concealers Are there?

These products are classified by their textures.

Here are the different types available on the market:

Liquid products

These products are the best for covering minimal undereye circles. Also, if you have red blemishes on your face, you should consider using liquid concealer. The products are available in different types of finishes, including matte, satin, and shimmer. Matte finishes typically last for a long time, but satin ones offer a more natural look.

Still, most women prefer shimmer products since they are easy to apply and will not cause breakouts on the skin. Liquid concealers are not ideal for people with dry skin since it can end up making the face appear even dryer.

Balm products

These concealers are thicker than liquids ones. They are known to last for a long time, even on people with oily skin. Many of these products are meant to correct the colours on your face. They should always be applied after the foundation.

Before using these products, you should take a moment to learn about the different colours and the best ways to use them. As an example, the green ones should be applied on red spots on the face as they neutralise the blemishes. Balm products can be applied lightly or heavily. You should use a brush to pat your face when you want to apply the concealers lightly.

Cream products

These products provide medium to full coverage. They are ideal for people with normal to dry skin as they can create a more hydrated look. The products are quite slippery and can be applied with a finger, sponge or brush. People with sensitive skin should always use oil-free and alcohol-free cream concealers. Otherwise, they may get breakouts.

Stick products

If you are sensitive to beauty products, these concealers will be best for your skin. Also, if you have normal to dry skin, this product will offer the best results. It is the thickest concealer available on the market. Stick products come in matte and satin finishes. Stick products are almost as thick as lipsticks, and that is why people normally dot them on the skin before spreading them. They work well in hiding acne, but they may also block pores and worsen the condition.

You may need more than one type of concealer to perfectly hide your blemishes. The ones you select should be determined by your specific problems. The problems could be eye circles, red spots, or even acne. You should also choose a concealer based on the dryness of the skin. If your skin is very dry, you should avoid liquid products.

You can read reviews of the different products on the market to see whether they would be suitable for your skin condition. The best products for your skin are not just those which have received many positive reviews- you also need to check the skin types of the people making the reviews. If they have the same skin type and skin problems as you, it would be prudent to follow their recommendations.

The Big Concealer Buying Guide

Even after narrowing down your best type of concealers, you will still have many products to choose from. Some of these may be poor in quality or they may just not work well for your face. You should make sure you go through user reviews before buying anything online or even in physical stores. Here are some defects and problems you need to check when reading product reviews:

Wrong type

What is a concealer review comparison?In many reviews, you will find inexperienced shoppers complaining that the products did not suit their skins. The first thing you need to check when looking for the best product is the dryness of your skin. If your skin is too dry, you should avoid liquid products as they will only emphasise the dryness of your skin.

People with flaking skin should avoid cream-to-powder concealers as they can be prone to creases. Cream products have ample coverage, but they should not be used by people who have oily skin.

This is because they can clog the skin pores and worsen the problem you are trying to hide. For the same reason, cream products should not be used by people with acne.

Bad or dangerous ingredients

The ingredients used to make your concealer can affect your experience with the products. People with sensitive skin should especially check the ingredient list. Also, you should pay attention to the ingredients if you are shopping for an eye concealer. Some ingredients you should be wary of include synthetic fragrances, sulphates, parabens, and phthalates.

Compatibility with the skin

How does a concealer work in a review and comparison? These products are meant for different skin complexions and different problems. You can find out if the products will be suitable for your skin by checking the user reviews. Also, in physical stores, you can try out the products before buying them. If you choose to test the product, it would be best for you to go to a place with natural light.

Some artificial lights can give a false impression of the compatibility of the product with your skin. If you are shopping online, make sure you check the user reviews, and ideally, you should choose a product that has a return policy. This way, you should be able to land the best product on the market.

Drying out

Some products flake and dry out very fast, and that makes them practically useless. These ones will usually be very cheap since they are also produced cheaply.

You can also tell whether a product will dry out fast by checking the user reviews. Many people will be quick to rate and review products which disappointed them heavily. To be safe, you should only buy products from well-known brands that have received the best reviews.

When testing concealers in a physical shop, you should avoid applying the product over your foundation. If you left your home with makeup, you should apply the concealer on your arm since that will give you a better impression of how the product works on your skin. This is because your foundation oxidises as it mixes with the oils on your skin, and that can affect the results of your test. You should also note that getting concealers in multiple shades is normal.

Results and Experiences from Other Researches

The exact Functionality of a concealer in a review and in a comparison? To find out which products were considered the best in the community, we went through a number of reviews on the internet. The best reviews were obtained from and The review from was centred on the United Kingdom market, and the editors also tested the products themselves.

These reviews covered the best and most famous brands. The market is full of different concealers, and trying each of them out is almost impossible. Their reviews do not have cheaper brands as those are typically very poor in quality.

One of the main things considered in the reviews was the staying power of the products. Some products could last all day while others were only good for a few hours. It was noted that some dewy concealers could be used with settling powders to make them last longer. In the reviews, products which could last for more than 8 hours were given better ratings than those which could be used for only a few hours.

The coverage was another important consideration in the reviews. The best products are supposed to be pigmented enough to conceal the dark areas of the face. Many of the products in the reviews were not able to sufficiently cover the blemishes on the face, so this factor influenced the ranking significantly.

The shade range was also considered when making the reviews. The best products are those which have more than ten available shades. Some of the products in these reviews had around 50 shades, and those could be suitable for a wide range of skin tones. With more shades, you will also be able to use a single product in different seasons. Even with a large number of shades, the researchers had to check the spectrums covered.

This is because some products come in many shades, but they are all close to each other. That makes them unsuitable for different skin tones. Also, the editors considered the pigmentation of each shade before giving a particular product high ratings. Those with light pigmentations were not listed among the best products.

The professionals also checked whether the concealers created a natural look. Those that created very unnatural appearances were reviewed negatively and those that left natural looks were given the best reviews.

Another small consideration was the ease of use of the concealers. The best ones were sold with items that made it easy to apply the products.

The researchers also pointed out that some cosmetic products are still manufactured with dangerous ingredients. In the UK and many countries in Europe, many dangerous ingredients have already been banned. However, others can still be used legally. If you are buying your products from American manufacturers, you should especially be careful not to buy goods with harmful ingredients.

You should look out for these dangerous ingredients when shopping for your cosmetics:

  • Fragrances
  • Parabens
  • Triclosan
  • Formaldehyde – Releasing Preservatives like DMDM hydantoin, Diazolidinyl Urea, and Methenamine
  • Sodium Laureth Sulphate
  • Phthalates
You should remember that many dangerous ingredients are still legally allowed in the USA. Make sure you avoid products with such ingredients as they can lead to a host of health issues.

The 10 Best Concealer Brands

Here are ten of the best concealer brands available on the market:

  • Glossier
  • NARS Cosmetics
  • MAC
  • Laura Mercier
  • Urban Decay
  • Benefit
  • Dior
  • Bobbi Brown
  • Estée Lauder
  • Charlotte Tilbury


Glossier is among the most famous manufacturers of beauty products. Besides concealers, they make fragrances, conditioners, lipsticks, and even makeup removers. The company is based in the USA, but they ship their products to the United Kingdom. One thing which makes this brand excellent is the fact that their products are tested by dermatologists. Everything they sell is hypoallergenic, paraben free, and non-irritating. Their products are also developed to suit people with different skin types. You can go through reviews of Glossier products to determine which ones will work best for you. Every purchase on the site is covered by a 30-day money back guarantee, so you will also have ample time to test your products and determine whether they are the best. You should keep in mind that the company will not refund your shipping fees. Since they distribute the products themselves, you will always get the best prices for their concealers.

NARS Cosmetics

NARS Cosmetics is a French brand that was started back in 1994. You can shop for NARS products on their website or in their physical stores. If you have sensitive or active skin, you should consider using products from this company. This is because they are designed to be non-irritating for all skin types. The best thing about shopping on their website is that they allow you to filter your results down to a handful of products. You can select the coverage you need, and this could be sheer, medium, or full. Then you will select your best type of finish. Their only available options are soft matte and radiant. You will then be able to select the formula or type. Presently, they only have cream, liquid and stick concealers. NARS concealers are high in quality. However, if you have a problem with companies that test on animals, you may have to look elsewhere. For the Chinese market, NARS tests their products on animals as it is required by the Chinese government.


MAC Cosmetics was founded in 1984 in Toronto, Canada. Most of their products are made in Canada, but others are made in Italy and the USA. Concealers from MAC are available in many different shades, and that means everyone can get a suitable product from the brand. Some of their best products include Mac Studio Finish Concealer, the Pro Longwear Concealer, the Studio Conceal and Correct Concealer, and the Select Cover Up Concealer. Products from this company were initially meant for professional use, but they are now available to everyone. MAC operates a number of physical stores around the United Kingdom, so you should not have trouble finding their products. Also, their products are sold by many people online. On these e-commerce sites, you will even be able to read reviews from previous customers, and that can help you make a more informed purchase.

Laura Mercier

This is another old cosmetics brand which currently produces some of the best beauty products. It was started in 1996 by Laura Mercier, a world-famous makeup artist. The brand is currently a subsidiary of The Shiseido Group. Even after the buyout, the French-American brand has maintained its high-quality and great reputation. Some of their best products include Flawless Fusion Ultra-Longwear Concealer and Secret Concealer. The Flawless Fusion Ultra-Longwear received the best reviews from almost all the users since it can last for 12 hours. Their products come in flexible shades, meaning people with different skin tones can use them. Products from this company have been used on the cast of famous TV shows like Project Runway All Stars.

Urban Decay

Urban Decay is an American cosmetic brand which has its headquarters in California, USA. It is a subsidiary of L’Oreal, the French company. They are best known for their eye shadows, but they also produce excellent concealers. Some of the Urban Decay products that received the best reviews include Naked Skin Complete Coverage, Naked Skin Colour Correcting Fluid, 24/7 Pencil, and Travel Size Naked Skin concealers. The Naked Skin Complete Coverage Concealer is available in 14 different shades. Urban Decay does not test its products on animals. It has even received multiple cruelty-free awards over the years. They also do not market their products in China since the government would require them to first test the products on animals.


Benefit is the best and most iconic cosmetic brands around the globe. It is best known for the Hoola Bronzer product. The best concealers from this company last for 10 hours, and most of them have developed a cult following. Some of their best releases include Boi-ing Airbrush, Boi-ing Industrial Strength, Boi-ing Brightening, and Boi-ing Hydrating concealers. Benefit operates many stores around the UK. Every once in a while, the company offers samples in their stores, so you can visit them to see if you can test the products. That can make it easier for you to find concealers that suit your skin. You can also purchase the concealers from other sellers on the internet.


Christian Dior is a very old fashion brand. It was started more than 70 years ago and currently dominates the European fashion and cosmetics market. Concealers from this brand are slightly more expensive than the average products. As an advantage, they do not charge customers for shipping. If you have a friend you want to gift, you can also consider buying products from this company. They package all gifts in iconic Dior boxes and can also include personalised messages. Whenever you order a product from their website, you will receive two complimentary samples of your choice. That can help you try out some of their best products for free.

Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown was started in the 1990s by the famous makeup artist who had the same name. Bobbi Brown has written some of the best books on beauty and has also been a contributor to beauty sections of prominent magazines in the USA. Bobby Brown initially grew in popularity because of the owner’s fame, but it has retained its place in the makeup industry because of its high quality. These products are designed for different skin types. Many of the negative user reviews on their products are from people who did not match the concealers with their skin types and conditions. Some notable products from this brand include Instant Full Cover Concealer, Creamy Concealer Kit, Intensive Skin Serum Concealer, and Concealer Blending Brush.

Estée Lauder

Estée Lauder has its headquarters in New York, USA. One of their best products is the Double Wear Stay-in-Place Flawless Wear Concealer. This is a lightweight creme formula that will perfectly stay on your face for the whole day. Other famous concealers from this brand include the Double Wear Waterproof Concealer and the Double Wear Instant Fix concealer. You can get their products on their official website or on other retailer sites. They offer free shipping and also accept returns on products that did not satisfy users.

Charlotte Tilbury

This brand was created by Charlotte Tilbury, a British makeup artist. The brand is among the most popular in the UK. Their products are affordable to most people in the UK, and they are still very high in quality. All their concealers are listed on their website. You can visit this site to purchase the products and read reviews from previous customers. Their best concealers include the Magic Away, the Retoucher, and the Mini Miracle Eye Wand. All these products come in different shades to accommodate all skin tones.



The Development of Concealers over Time

All facts from a concealer reviewThe first real concealers were released in the 1950s. Before this, women only used foundations and similar products to hide their birthmarks, spots, and blemishes. Makeup foundations had been available since 1928, and they were produced in different shades.

One of the notable concealers from that age is the Covermark that was developed by Lydia O’Leary. The earliest concealers were very poor in quality. They were pasty and worked more like thin masks on the face.

In the 1950s, Ayer Magic was released to the public. It was developed by Harriet Habbard Ayer, and she claimed that it had been researched for more than 20 years. Like modern concealers, this one was meant to be applied over foundation.

The early adverts of concealers had instructions on how to use the products since most people had no idea how they were supposed to apply the concealers. In 1954, three more companies started selling concealers. These were all stick concealers.

Charles Antell became the best known manufacturer of concealers since their marketing team had learned how to use television as a marketing avenue. Their best known concealer was the Touch-Up Stik concealer. Max Factor was also known for using television to market their Erase concealer.

The use of television as an advertising medium grew the market for concealers since people were more impressed with dramatic transformations on their screens. The only problem was that the products were still very poor in quality.

They were more like imitations of foundations, only darker. Still, more women had added concealers to their makeup routines by the end of the decade. Powdered concealers would be invented in the 1960s when manufacturers learned how to make fine powders. Since then, the quality of concealers has been improving steadily. Now, many products can stay on the face for long periods. They also hide blemishes perfectly.

Facts on Concealers

Here are some things you may not have known about concealers:

Fact 1

Fact 1

Charles Antell, one of the earliest concealer manufacturers, once received a ‘Cease and Desist’ order from the Federal Trade Commission. This was because their adverts had many dubious claims.

Fact 2

Fact 2

Lydia O’Leary was among the first people to manufacture and sell makeup products. She had to teach many shop attendants how to properly apply foundation and concealers. At the time, many people could not purchase concealers because they did not know how to use them.

Fact 3

Fact 3

If you are out of foundation, you can mix one part of your concealer with two parts of cream to create your own foundation. You can then apply your new foundation with a brush.

Fact 4

Fact 4

The best way of applying concealer to hide a tired look is by drawing a triangle under your eyes. If you apply it like this, you will give the impression of light illuminating your eyes.

Fact 5

Fact 5

To add volume to your eyelashes, you should first apply concealer. You can then apply mascara.

Fact 6

Fact 6

The foundation you choose should be as close as possible to your skin tone.

Fact 7

Fact 7

Concealers are used to hide blemishes, but some people choose to get rid of these imperfections permanently. Around the world, the number of plastic surgeries being performed has increased by more than 200% since the 1990s.

Fact 8

Fact 8

The beauty industry has been expanding at about 7% in the developed world. This is more than double the growth rate of the GDP in the developed world.

Fact 9

Fact 9

In the 19th century, there were a few forms of makeup, but respectable people did not use these products.

Safety Instructions when Dealing with Concealers

Advantages from a concealer comparison review Contrary to popular opinion, concealers and other makeup products are not bad for your skin. However, you should remember that the ingredients used in some makeup products can be dangerous. Some ingredients have already been noted to be dangerous, and they have been banned by governments around the world.

Even if an ingredient has not been banned, you should avoid it if it is not approved by the scientific community. Also, some products will react poorly with specific skin types. If you notice that a concealer is irritating your skin, you should avoid using it.

If you get a high-quality product that works well with your skin, you will even be able to protect your skin from elements in the environment. Such products will not have any negative impacts on your skin.

Concealers are usually evened out with makeup brushes. It is not advisable to share makeup brushes with other people, particularly if one of you has a skin condition or an open sore. It is very easy to get serious infections from sharing makeup brushes.

How to Properly Care for Your Concealer Brush

Step 1

Step 1

Your makeup brushes are used almost every day, but most people rarely ever clean the brushes. Few people understand that makeup brushes can accumulate bacteria which will eventually lead to breakouts. If you use your brush to apply concealer around the eyes, you should clean it at least twice every month.

Step 2

Step 2

For other sections of the face, you can clean the brush once a month. Besides the health benefit of washing your brushes, you will also enjoy an extended life of the brushes. If you have been using makeup for a long time, you must have noted that the application tends to get spotty and uneven over time. This is because the brushes accumulate many unwanted elements over time.

Step 3

Step 3

To clean your makeup brush, you will only need water and a gentle soap. Make sure you avoid regular soap formulas as they can easily dry out the bristles of your brush. If your brush is made with natural hair, you should pay even more attention to the soap you use. This is because these hairs can easily get damaged with regular soaps.

Step 4

Step 4

Here are some simple steps you can follow to properly clean your makeup brush:

  • Use warm water to wet the bristles of the brush.
  • Get a little gentle soap and use it to wash the tips of the brush.
  • Rinse the brush with clean water.
  • Dry the brush with a clean towel.
  • Get the bristles back to their original shape and let the brush dry on a counter.

Step 5

Step 5

It is important to keep the water away from the base of the bristles. This is because the bristles are attached to the brush with glue. Water can damage the glue and make the bristles come loose. When drying the brush, you should place it horizontally. Keeping it in a vertical position can make the water leak into the base of the brush. Also, it is important to let the brush dry in the sun or near a source of heat. If you keep it in a dry place, they may develop a damp smell.


Alternatives to Concealers

Concealers are great products for hiding zits and facial marks. However, you can still use other products for this purpose when you are out of concealer. In some cases, you will find that these alternatives work better than concealers.

Here are some of the best alternatives to concealers:

Pale, Peachy and Pink Lipliners

If you have recently had an acne flare up, you understand how bad the pockmarks can be. For some people, the marks can be just as bad as the acne itself. You can erase these marks with a pink lipliner. The trick is to sharpen the lipliner and apply it in the pore or scar. The liner will fill the pore and the pink colour will make it match better with the rest of your skin.[/toggle]

Green colour correctors

The best alternatives for a concealer in review and in comparison If you have pimples, you should consider using green colour correctors to get rid of the redness. You can then apply your foundation normally to even out your skin tone.[/toggle]


If you have large pimples or severe acne, you can consider shrinking them before applying foundation. A great way to do this is by wrapping ice in tissue paper and applying it to your face. Of course, this will not permanently solve your acne problem. It will only shrink the pimples so that you can apply your foundation and get an even look. You should avoid applying the naked ice on your face since it can easily worsen the problem.


If you have a few pimples, you can make them disappear with toothpaste. The paste should be applied over time and not when you want to apply your makeup. Also, toothpaste can irritate pimples when you first apply it.

OTC medication

Toothpaste can help you clear your pimples, but it is not a primary treatment for the problem. Some great primary treatments for acne include benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid.

These medications can also help prevent acne, so if you frequently get flare-ups, you can consider taking them regularly. Once your face is free of blemishes, it will be easier to use foundation to give your face an even look.


Are concealer and foundation the same thing?

No, concealer is thicker than foundation, and it is used to hide blemishes and dark spots on the face. Foundation is applied to the whole face. Its purpose is to provide an even skin tone. Sometimes, foundation is used to change the skin tone.

Can concealers cover a black eye?

Yes, a concealer can help to camouflage a black eye. You should get green or yellow concealers for this purpose since these colours can help create a more natural look. It is important to let the swelling subside before you apply makeup. A good way to reduce the swelling is by using an ice pack or a warm compress.

Can concealers hide wrinkles?

Concealers can help you look younger, and this is because they help to hide wrinkles. The best concealers for wrinkles are weightless and moist. Also, they have good coverage.

What concealer should I use?

Different Applications from a concealer comparison reviewThe concealer you choose will be determined by the dryness of your skin as well as your skin problems. Also, you would have a better chance of landing a great product if you shop from one of the best concealer brands. These brands guarantee that you will get a high-quality product.

When does concealer expire?

Most concealers expire after one year. They usually emit a foul smell and may even change colour when they reach their expiry date.

It is worth noting that different types of concealers have different expiry periods. For example, powder concealers can be used for up to 2 years but liquid concealers should never be used beyond one year.

Which concealer is good for dry skin?

If you have dry skin, the best products for you are cream or stick concealers. Other products can make your face appear even drier. These two types will provide a more hydrated look.

Will concealer cause acne?

No, these products cannot cause acne. However, if you choose the product, it can block the pores of your skin and worsen the problem.

Who should use concealer?

Anyone can use concealer to cover their problem areas, including men. Like other forms of makeup, these products are primarily used by women.

Can concealer hide tattoos?

Yes, some of these products can completely hide your tattoos. You will have to shop for heavy duty concealers as these are the best for hiding tattoos.

What are concealer palettes?

A concealer palette is a board or slab which you can use to mix colours for your makeup.

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