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Households need constant attention, whether it be to put up a shelf or replace a broken tile, homes need tools. Projects in the home can be completed with a simple screwdriver, but more often than not, need an electric tool. Even a simple screwdriver comes with a huge range of options, and each type with their own durability issues. A product review is not a simple listing of the capabilities of a product. Customers like to see the promises and the perils of using a tool, without having to buy it. Consumers want products that offer more functionality for less money.


All tools have safety issues, this matters even more for expensive power tools. Comparisons of safety features on different brands make a big difference to the products chosen by a novice. Circular saws and drills, tools inherently dangerous, do not give a second chance to its user. Dangerous tools are a perfect example of products that customers read reviews on. Power tools are expensive and not something to mess with. Discovering that a tool is potentially lethal after purchase, is a costly choice.

Packaging should list the product’s ability, making the purchase simple, but they often do not. Some tools sacrifice safety, for ease of use. Ever-Growing product reviews are professional and comparable, on a single platform. The team at Ever-Growing, perform professional tests, using products in real-life scenarios. Tests that give standardised tables of information across all products in the category. The customer can select a range of similar products to compare. The platform offers professional reviews and those of other customers. Cost and quality often increase with each other, but that is not always the case. Comparisons inform the customer, they can narrow the huge choice on offer, in a way that is manageable.

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