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Kitchen Appliances

There was a time when all you would find in a kitchen was a stove-top kettle and some pots and pans. That was then. Modern kitchens are more versatile and it’s because of the appliances. We’re no longer restricted to the simple kettle, toaster, and microwave.

Do you fancy homemade waffles for breakfast and a panini for lunch? Manufacturers like Krups make health grills with changeable plates so you get the authentic shape and texture. Are you too busy to stand over your meal while it cooks? Rice cookers and steamers give great results every time. Deep-fat fryers will cook your chips safely and perfectly while you get on with something else.

One of the most popular of modern kitchen appliances is the coffee machine. These wonderful inventions have turned even the least able into Baristas. Companies like DeLonghi have brought coffee-shop quality into the home. While others like Philips have paired them with milk frothers.

What about convenience over style? Kitchen appliances say a lot about their owners. Is that person cheap, but cheerful? Do they prefer style over substance? Are they a budding Gordon Ramsay? Regardless, the one constant is that every customer wants to buy good quality and get value for money.

The variety of kitchen appliances has created a conundrum. How to choose the right one? Thankfully, we have the modern equivalent of word-of-mouth – the Product Review. Unfortunately, not all product reviews are equal and some are downright suspicious. Too often, people have discovered a five-star review doesn’t reflect their experience with the product.

Manufacturers know this. It’s why they submit their products for professional testing to sites like Ever-Growing. They are professionally reviewed and compared with others so you can buy your next kitchen appliance with confidence.

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