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Best Side By Side Refrigerator 2020 • 7 Side By Side Refrigerators Reviews

A refrigerator is one of the most important appliances in every kitchen and choosing the best for your needs can often be challenging due to the sheer volume of models available to choose from. The manufacturers are fiercely competing with each other to see who can create the best design with the latest and greatest technologies for consumers to enjoy. After scouring the web for reviews and looking at numerous different models, and what customers say about them, our team was able to put together a review list of the best side by side refrigerators available today.

I am both a freelance writer and an avid technology enthusiast. I write about a wide variety of topics for both business and pleasure, but always with the reader in mind.

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What Is A Side By Side Refrigerator?

Although they come in different shapes and sizes, side by side refrigerators generally refers to a fridge where the freezer and fridge sections are placed next to each other. In most designs, the fridge compartment is larger than the freezer section to accommodate a large selection of fresh foods.

Some of the largest side by side fridge models are called French models because of the way in which their doors open and they may often offer a deep freezer drawer instead of an upright freezing compartment. This design allows for more space in both the refrigeration and freezing compartments and is best suited to larger families in need of copious cold storage.

Do side by side refrigerators offer distinct advantages?

What is a Side By Side Refrigerator review and comparison?The best fridges offer several advantages, the most important of which is space. The upright arrangement of the freezer and fridge compartments make it easier to arrange various items in a logical order and gives users easier access to regularly used ingredients and products.

Double sided fridges come in a choice of sleek designs that compliment every kitchen and can be used with modern or traditional designs, which makes them very versatile as appliances and functional decor items that can add some sophistication to your kitchen.

Some high-end fridge models can be built into your kitchen cabinetry to provide a hidden fridge that looks like the rest of your kitchen cabinetry, this option is very popular where designer kitchens are concerned.

Are there different designs to choose from?

Different designs from a Side By Side Refrigerator review and comparisonThe best double sided refrigerators can be found in a variety of different designs, including traditional double door models and French door models that feature two identical side by side refrigeration cabinets and a deep freezer drawer below them.

French side by side refrigerator models offers an interesting design that combines functionality and style into one appliance. Some of the larger double door fridges can use a lot of floor space in your kitchen and they may therefore not be the ideal option for smaller kitchens and apartments. Since most of the models featured on this list are well-designed, your choice may ultimately come down to personal style and preferences.

Are There Any Pitfalls Or Weaknesses With Side By Side Refrigerators?

Even the best kitchen appliances are subject to frequent use and often suffer from weak points that can, in time, cause refrigerators to break down. There are a few things that you could keep in mind when choosing your next double door fridge, to make your choice easier and keep your food fresher for longer.

Frost Build Up

Some fridges can suffer from something called “frost build up” This happens when the walls of the refrigerator become coated with a layer of ice and it is usually caused by an incorrectly sealing gasket.

The simplest way to avoid this problem is to make sure that your fridge is level and that its door gaskets are sealing properly. You can place a piece of paper between the frame of the refrigerator and the door gasket, if you can pull the paper out easily when the door is closed, the gasket may not be sealing correctly.
Preventing frost build-up from occurring increases the general efficiency of your refrigerator and reduces the amount of mechanical stress the appliance is under.

Obstructed Vents

Obstructed Vents in a Side By Side Refrigerator review and comparisonIf you frequently fill your fridge to maximum capacity it is important to make sure that the vents will remain unobstructed. Most modern side by side refrigerators uses vents to circulate cool air through the interior compartment.

When the vents become obstructed and air cannot circulate the fridge temperature may rise and the mechanical components can become overworked by trying to maintain the correct temperature. You can check the latest reviews for fridge models with good vent placement.

This problem is relatively easy to overcome by making sure that you pack ingredients in such a way that maximum air circulation remains possible inside the fridge, as a result, the fridge will use less energy to cool foods down and they will remain fresher for longer.

Accessory Issues

Accessory Issues in a Side By Side Refrigerator review and comparisonMany of the best double door fridge models are equipped with accessories like ice dispensers and water pitchers. These accessories can often be responsible for problems such as water leaks or inefficient cooling. Ice maker flaps can often become stuck in the open position and allow warm air to enter the freezing compartment, an easy way to take care of this is removing the ice dispenser and cleaning it under running water.

Several user reviews have also indicated that water dispensers can often stop working due to clogged filters and mains line issues. Since none of these is major issues, you can take care of problems that arise with regular maintenance and prevent them by researching your intended purchase before committing. When cleaning accessories and components, always use warm water and mild detergent solution to prevent damaging any of the coatings or finishes on the components.

Inefficient Cooling

In some reviews, customers mentioned that their double sided fridges were not optimally cooling their food. The design of most double door refrigerators requires that there is adequate ventilation, both inside and outside, the refrigerator so that it can efficiently cool your food down. Most cooling problems can be resolved by regularly cleaning the back panel of your fridge and making sure that there is no dust/dirt on the outside evaporator panels.

The best double sided refrigerators are built to keep dust and grime away from areas where it can cause problems to minimise inconvenience to the user. In order to clean dust from hard to reach places, you can use your vacuum cleaner to gently clean the back panel of your fridge.

Interior Storage Arrangements

Interior Storage Arrangements in a Side By Side Refrigerator review and comparisonMake sure that the fridge you choose is equipped with adequate storage compartments. Dedicated storage compartments for items like cheese, dairy and drinks are especially important. Many user reviews pointed to inadequate storage space as one of the main shortcomings of double sided refrigerators and felt that the provided storage spaces did not address the needs of consumers accurately.

Most customers who responded to reviews felt that it was very important to make sure that the side by side refrigerator you choose has ample and adjustable interior shelves so that bottles and other items can be accommodated easily.


Some reviews commented that side by side refrigerators that are equipped with accessories like water dispensers and ice makers may require a permanent mains connection in order to work. In some instances, this could mean that the refrigerator needs to be placed close to suitable connections.

When deciding on your new side by side refrigerator, remember to consider any physical connection needs that the appliance may have. It is also important to ensure that connections are made properly by qualified persons since any oversights may lead to flooding and damage to your appliance and kitchen.


Some double sided refrigerators have reversible hinges, while some do not. Customer reviews noted problems with hinges that can become squeaky with time or sag due to the weight of the items inside the refrigerator doors. Although this problem is prevalent in only a few side by side fridge models, it is worth making sure that the model you are interested in doesn’t suffer from this particular problem so that you do not have to replace hinges a few years down the line.

What Are The Top 10 Refrigerator Brands?

The below list of brands resembles the refrigerator brands that customers chose as their favourite brand during independent reviews and surveys. The brands are not listed in any particular order and do not represent the personal views of our team.

  • Hoover
  • Beko
  • CDA
  • AEG
  • Fisher + Paykel
  • Smeg
  • Bosch
  • Samsung
  • Zanussi
  • Indesit
Hoover manufactures a wide variety of side by side refrigerator models in a wide range of distinct styles and sizes. Many of the best side by side refrigerator models in the range come with accessories like automatic water pitchers and ice dispensers. While the brand manufactures reliable appliances, they also focus strongly on price to ensure that their products remain affordable. Hoover was chosen as a firm favourite in numerous online customer satisfaction surveys.
Beko regularly features amongst the best appliance brands and is a great choice for quality and price. The brand’s side by side refrigerators offers a selection of spacious models that are fit for larger families and can be used in various kitchen layouts due to reversible doors. The refrigerators are available in several finishes, including stainless and crisp white. Many of the best models in the range are equipped with digital controls so that users can maintain the refrigerator temperature precisely.
CDA is a relatively new brand to the UK market but they do offer a variety of interesting refrigerators. The brand’s best side by side models offers plenty of space to keep your food fresh for longer and comes with technologies like optimised air circulation and advanced control panels. The brand scored well in numerous customer reviews and is popular for the large selection of finishes that they offer.
AEG is renowned worldwide as one of the best and most reliable appliance manufacturers in the market. The brand comes with many years of heritage and invests heavily in technological development. AEG side by side refrigerators is often praised in customer reviews for their practicality and user-friendly interior layouts. The brand offers several refrigerator models to choose from but it does fall in the pricier side of the market.
Fisher + Paykel is one of the best options for consumers in need of giant side by side refrigerators. The brand is well known for its large American style side by side refrigerators and is the perfect option for someone who has a large family or regularly hosts parties. The brand ranked high in various customer reviews for reliability and after sales service delivery. Fisher + Paykel refrigerators boast smart cool technology that helps to cool your food down fast and keep it fresher for longer.
Smeg is known as the modern retro appliance brand. The manufacturer builds some of the best refrigerators on the market and offers both modern and retro-style side by side refrigerators. Smeg appliances are often found in high-end apartments and homes and their products serve both as functional and decorative items. While the brand scores very high in most customer reviews, some reviews point out that the brand does sometimes sacrifice style for space. Smeg refrigerators often offer accessories like ice dispensers and water pitchers as standard.
Bosch is constantly ranked as one of the best side by side fridge manufactures and has won multiple awards for their innovative designs and technologies. The brand offers a large selection of refrigerators to choose from, including large French style side by side refrigerators. Bosch refrigerators are popular in consumer reviews for their accurate temperature control systems and innovative interior storage compartments with dedicated storage spaced for specific products like wine and cheese. The brand is also well-known for its patented no-frost cooling system that can cool fresh vegetables quickly without damaging them. Bosch also scored high in customer reviews for their reliable after sales service.
Samsung is firmly seated among the UK’s favourite refrigeration brands. The brand has received numerous awards and accolades and has been praised in a variety of customer reviews for their technology and design. Samsung side by side refrigerators is the ideal option for users who look for spacious refrigerators that can accommodate large amounts of fresh food. Samsung side by side refrigerators also come in inverter models which are especially energy efficient and considered to be among the best refrigerators where the environment is concerned.
Zanussi is another well-established brand in the UK refrigeration market and is popular amongst first-time side by side refrigerator buyers. The brand is known for balancing features and price with quality. Zanussi side by side refrigerators are consistently amongst the best refrigerators on the market and come in a variety of finishes, including modern stainless steel and traditional ivory white. Zanussi uses a patented quick-cool system that can effectively cool new additions to your fridge to ensure the longevity of fresh food. Customer reviews also pointed out that Zanussi products feel solid when compared to other brands.
Indesit has been manufacturing kitchen appliances for a long time and their products are regarded as good value for money and solid craftsmanship. The brand has some of the best side by side fridge models currently available on the market and their range includes a model for every need. In several customer reviews, Indesit owners have indicated that they would not consider switching to any other brand due to high levels of customer satisfaction. Side by side refrigerators in the brand’s product range feature well designed interior spaces that can accommodate a variety of speciality products like cheeses and vegetables. The best models in the range include variable zone temperature technology that maintains individual areas of the refrigerator interior at the optimal temperature for specific food types.


What Were The Results From Related Customer Product Reviews And Tests?

In order to determine the factors that consumers most often consider when deciding to purchase a new side by side refrigerator, our team looked at product tests from the popular consumer review portals Which and Good House Keeping. We have summarised the results of the various reviews below for your convenience. When deciding which side by side refrigerator model is the best fit for them most customers take the following into consideration:

Interior Volume

Interior Volume in a Side By Side Refrigerator review and comparisonIn almost all the leading product reviews the main concern of customers was interior space. The best side by side refrigerator models should have ample interior storage space while maintaining a small exterior footprint. Another important factor that gets mentioned in most product reviews is adjustable balconies or shelves. Many refrigerator models offer no or little adjustability which can make it difficult to store lengthy items in the fridge. Make sure that the side by side refrigerator that you are interested in offers enough adjustability to accommodate your needs.

Electricity Consumption

Electricity Consumption from a Side By Side Refrigerator review and comparisonWith a growing trend towards eco-friendly appliances, many customer reviews considered the energy consumption of side by side refrigerators as a top priority. While the best models have an A++ energy consumption rating, many models fall in the A+ rating category. Choosing an A++ rated model will not only make a difference to the environment but it can also have a tangible and immediate positive effect on your monthly energy usage bills.

In all the product reviews that our team looked at, the energy consumption of the tested side by side refrigerator models was measured using ISO approved methods to ensure that results remain unbiased.

Side by side inverter models performed the best in the energy consumption analysis tests and used on average 17% less energy than their conventional counterparts. The energy consumption difference between tested appliances was negligible but remained an important consideration for most buyers.

Temperature Management

Temperature Management in a Side By Side Refrigerator review and comparisonAnother important consideration for buyers was accurate temperature management. The best side by side refrigerator models was able to regulate their cabin temperatures very effectively and maintained the temperature within one degree of the desired set-point.

Most customer reviews indicated that customers appreciate side by side models that could reach the desired temperature quickly after being loaded with new food so that the food remained fresh for as long as possible. The reviews looked at both models with analogue and digital temperature control systems but found that digital systems were the best option for accurate temperature management.

Many respondents to customer reviews indicated that they appreciated being able to see the exact interior temperature of their side by side fridge and as a result would choose a model with a digital temperature display over a traditional mechanical model.

Build Quality

Build quality and perceived build quality is one of the most important factors that were considered during consumer reviews. The best side by side fridges all received high ratings for build quality and there were noticeable differences between brands.

When it comes to build quality, customers prefer a refrigerator that has a solid look and feel, and as a result often opt for more expensive brands and models. Refrigerators with metal hinges and handles were often rated as being the best where build quality is considered and is often the preferred choice of consumers.

Noise Levels

Many customer reviews tested the noise levels of various side by side refrigerators. The best models produced very little operational noises and were not intrusive or irritating in any way. Although a wide range of fridges were tested, the difference between the models were marginal. Some reviews noted that models with a fan assisted cooling system may produce somewhat more noise when the fridge door is opened or the fan is running when compared with fanless models.


Most of the side by side refrigerators that were tested in the popular customer reviews were equipped with accessories like water dispensers and ice makers. Many customers indicated that the best refrigerators should have some accessories to make them stand out from the other models that are available in the market. Some reviews also noted that accessories do drive side by side refrigerator prices up and that the accessories themselves can sometimes cause problems. In general, however, most customers were satisfied with the performance and quality of the accessories found on side by side refrigerator models in the UK market.

Space Use

Space Use from a Side By Side Refrigerator review and comparisonSeveral customer reviews looked at how much floor space side by side fridges use. The reviews found that the best models used acceptable amounts of exterior floor space when compared to the useful interior space they provided. In general, reviews found that side by side fridges are more suited to large kitchens and households. Many fridges are designed specifically to fit into the layout of your kitchen and can simply be slid into their designated area when you use pre-fabricated kitchen counters. A few reviews pointed out that French style double sided fridges may provide the best solution for smaller spaces since their doors require less space to open fully.


The interior and exterior design of side by side fridges was high on the agenda of prospective customers. Many customer reviews noted that the best models offered premium design finishes and customisable interior spaces that can accommodate speciality items like dairy and cheese items. The design options that are available to choose from vary greatly across brands and models, some manufacturers even offer retro designs that are inspired by the appliances of the 1950s.

After Sales Service

Most customer reviews also took after-sales service into consideration. The models that were rated as the best options also scored high in the after-sales service category.

In general, the brands that were evaluated all did well when it came to after sales service and customers reported that they were satisfied with the way in which manufacturers addressed any problems that arose with their side by side refrigerators.

General Guide To Side By Side Fridge Care

The very first refrigerator for home use was invented in 1913, since this first model’s introduction the humble appliance has gone through a host of changes and improvements. At first fridges could only be found in the largest country manors but today almost every home has a fridge to keep food fresh and healthy. The very first fridge models appeared positively spartan when compared with the models on offer today. In order to keep your fridge working in optimal condition for longer.

Clean The Fridge Inside And Outside

General Guide to Side By Side Refrigerator in a review and comparisonYou can clean the surfaces of your fridge with a mild detergent and water to clean dirt and stains. It is important to avoid using any abrasive cleaning substance when cleaning your fridge as it can easily scratch the surface and diminish the appearance of glossy finishes.

You can leave a small dish of bicarbonate of soda or charcoal in your fridge to absorb any stray food smells that cannot be removed from the fridge with regular cleaning.

Clean The Back Panels Often

Dust is any appliances worst enemy, in the case of fridges, it can cause blockages in vents which can lead to the fridge working harder to maintain its temperature. Dust build-up can be cleaned from the back panel of your fridge often to improve its efficiency and performance. Stubborn dust can be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner but care must always be exercised to prevent damaging the refrigeration tubes or any other components.

Do Not Leave Doors Open Unnecessarily

Every time that you open your side by side fridge doors a rush of warm air enters its interior. This air needs to be cooled down again by the appliance to maintain its temperature since the best side by side fridge models are very temperature sensitive it may put extra workload on the fridge if the doors are opened often. By minimising the number of times that you open the doors you can ensure that your fridge operates at its best efficiency levels.

Regularly Clean Door Seals

Keeping the door seals on your double sided fridge clean can keep it performing at its best. Small food particles and dirt can get trapped between the door and its seals, allowing warm air to constantly enter the interior compartment of the fridge. Over time sticky residues can also damage rubber seals to the point that they need to be replaced.

You can easily prevent this by making sure that you wipe down the seals with a warm mild detergent solution. To check that the seals are working properly, simply slide a piece of paper in between the door and the seal, if the paper remains in place, you can assume that the seals are working well.

Pack Items Correctly

Make sure that you pack items according to the way you use them. Items that are used frequently should be placed in front of the fridge so that it can be reached easily when needed. It is important to remember that the best spot for items that need to be kept cooler is as far away from the door as possible since the door of your fridge is the warmest place. The best side by side fridge models often offers dedicated spaces for items like dairy, cheese and meat. It is advisable to use these storage compartments accordingly as they can provide the best refrigeration results for those particular items.

Set The Temperature Correctly

Temperature from a Side By Side Refrigerator review and comparisonGetting the temperature setting on your fridge just right is critical. Too high or low-temperature settings may damage food or end up using more electricity than is truly needed.

The best way to monitor the temperature of your fridge is to opt for a model that has a digital temperature control system since they can normally be adjusted more precisely.

The ideal temperature setpoint should keep your food cool but not frozen while freezer temperatures should be around -18 degrees to keep meat fresh for as long as possible.

Position Your Fridge Correctly

The position of a Side By Side Refrigerator in a review and comparisonMost side by side fridge models needs to be placed on level ground in order for them to perform at their best. Your fridge may be equipped with adjustable feet that can be used to level the appliance if the floor is uneven.

You should also avoid placing your fridge too close to appliances that produce heat such as stoves or dryers, the heat these appliances emit can cause your fridge to work harder in order to maintain the desired temperature settings. Placing your fridge in the coolest part of your kitchen is the best way in which you can help the appliance to do its job properly.

Allow Warm Foods To Cool Down

Letting warm food cool down before you place it in the fridge is the best way to reduce the amount of energy that the appliance needs to spend on cooling the food down. Some foods, such as rice and meat, last best when it is placed in the fridge at room temperature and can even be spoiled if placed in the fridge while still warm.

Leave The Door Ajar When Not In Use

When your side by side fridge is not in use, you can leave the door ajar to allow the interior to ventilate. A completely closed door can cause some smells to develop when the fridge is not powered up, leading to difficulties in getting rid of the bad smell when you use the appliance again.

The best way to prevent this from happening is to keep the door slightly open when the appliance is not in use but you can also place some activated charcoal or bicarbonate of soda inside the fridge to absorb any smells that may develop over time. This simple trick can keep your fridge looking and smelling at its best for years to come.

Side By Side Fridge FAQ

How Can You Determine The Correctly Sized Fridge For Your Needs?

Choosing the right size side by side fridge is important but it is not always easy to do because of the large variety of models available on the market. The best way to decide on the correct fridge for your needs is to determine exactly what your needs are. If you often purchase fresh foods you may not need a very big refrigerator but if you have a big family or regularly host parties and events, a large side by side fridge may be the best fit for your family.

Does A Side By Side Fridge Use More Energy?

FAQ from a Side By Side Refrigerator review and comparisonNo, in general side by side refrigerators do not use more energy than other fridge models.

Most appliances are rated according to their energy consumption needs, by choosing a fridge that has an A+ or A++ energy rating, you can significantly reduce energy consumption levels.

A++ ratings are awarded to appliances that use the least energy and is the best option for users who are looking to use less energy to cool their food.

Are Side By Side Fridges Impractical?

Most side by side refrigerators are designed with practicality in mind but the ultimate test for practicality is your personal taste and needs. Look out for a refrigerator that offers numerous cubby holes and dedicated storage spaces for items like bottles to make it easier to use your fridge.

Are Side By Side Fridges Less Effective Than Traditional Fridge Types?

In general side by side fridges are just as effective as any other fridge. Some models even offer advanced temperature controls and innovations like dedicated storage areas for wine and dairy products.

Are Side By Side Fridges Only Suited To Large Households?

Are Side By Side Refrigerator only Suited To Large Households in a review and comparisonMany side by side fridge models come in compact dimensions that make them well suited to being used in smaller kitchens. Although large models are particularly well suited to busy kitchens, they can also be used in smaller households.

You should measure the available floor space in your kitchen to determine if a side by side fridge is the best fit for your needs.

Do Side By Side Refrigerators Cool Products Down Efficiently?

Yes, most fridge models are capable of cooling down food fast and efficiently. Many manufacturers use cool air circulation fans to ensure that each part of the fridge interior is optimally cooled. This efficient cooling system ensures that food lasts longer.

Do Side By Side Fridges Require Frequent Defrosting?

No, most side by side fridge models performs automatic defrosting when needed. Models that use cool air to chill food are less prone to frosting than models that use traditional cooling systems. The automatic defrost feature is quite convenient and saves the user from having to manually defrost the fridge, as well as keeping the fridge working at optimal efficiency.

Do All Side By Side Fridge Models Require A Connection To The Mains Line?

Do all Side By Side Refrigerators Require A Connection To The Mains Line in a review and comparisonNo, only models that have automatic water pitchers and ice makers require a permanent connection to the mains water supply.

Some models offer water dispensing without the need for a connection to the mains but it requires that the user periodically refills the water reservoir in order for the water dispenser to operate.

Automatic water pitchers add a lot of convenience to your fridge and might be well worth looking into, just remember to check if you have nearby access to the required plumbing.

Are All Side By Side Fridges Environmentally Friendly?

Are all Side By Side Refrigerators Environmentally Friendly from a review and comparisonMany modern fridges and other appliances are environmentally friendly. Side by side fridges with A+ or A++ energy ratings are the most efficient models to use and they do contribute to the protection of the environment by using as little electrical energy as possible.

Many appliance manufacturers also use green production methods and try to use the minimum possible amount of environmental pollutants when manufacturing their products to reduce the appliance’s overall environmental impact.

Are Side By Side Fridges Available In A Variety Of Styles?

Yes, not all side by side fridges follows the traditional rectangular design. Although the basic shape is often the same, many manufacturers use interesting finishes and colours to set their products apart from the rest. You can also find fridge models that have been designed in a retro style to look like they come from the 1950s. The options are vast and choosing the right fridge for your kitchen is something that can take a lot of consideration and research.


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