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Best Mattress for side sleepers 2021 • 7 Mattresses for side sleepers Reviews

Mattresses that support side sleepers come in various designs. We have identified such best mattresses using different ratings online.

Kirsten Holmes

Kirsten wrote health and lifestyle features with a focus on evidence-based healthcare. In her mid-twenties, Kirsten became the subeditor and full time writer for a local fashion magazine specialising in beauty and health.

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Mattress for side sleepers Leaderboard 2021

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Tested Products 7
Hours Spent
Hours Spent 15
Evaluated Studies
Evaluated Studies 7
Considered Reviews
Considered Reviews 340

What is a mattress for side sleepers?

Side sleepers often go for a mattress that is soft and one that lowers the pressure on their side as they sink into it. From test results, the ideal mattress for side sleepers may be a little different from mattresses used by other kinds of sleepers. This review gives you all the relevant information about the best brands for side sleepers.

How do Mattresses for the Side Sleepers Work?

Sleep tests and lots of other professional analyses recommend a straight spine alignment when sleeping, failure to which you may get back, hip or neck pain after a night’s sleep.
The soft mattresses enhance alignment by allowing part of the shoulder that is pressed onto the mattress to be buried into the sleeping surface with little pressure thereby, enhancing comfort to the sleeper. The best ones balance the burying along with support to ensure that you do not feel restricted or pressurised.

Advantages of Picking the Right Mattress as a Side Sleeper

Significant advantages from a Mattress for Side Sleepers comparison review for customersFrom one survey to the other, experts have created control studies and seen the advantages of choosing the right mattress for side sleepers. Here are some of the advantages.

Comfortable Sleep

The right mattress ensures that you have a good sleep and wake up the next day relaxed and ready to continue with your life.

Prevents Pains and Aches

Pains and aches usually come from bad body alignment. Practicals tests have shown that with good positioning of the spin and other limbs, sleepers are less likely to have muscle tension and aches on the limbs, lower and upper back. The best mattresses available, such as those in this review, also offer relief to pressure points around the body.

Allows You to Change Sleeping Positions

The best mattress allows you to change sleeping positions with ease and not to have to wake up from your sleep to find a better sleeping position. This has a positive impact on the quality of sleep.

Absorbs waves From Sleep Motions

Most traditional mattresses create waves when you are moving and tossing around. For couples, the waves may cause disturbed sleep when one partner turns or moves out of bed. However, samples of quality mattresses that have been tested have shown to create fewer waves from motion to the comfort of the sleeping couples.

What Types of Mattresses are there for Side Sleepers?

What is a Mattress for Side Sleepers review and comparison?There are several types of mattresses that work with side sleepers. Here are the most commonly used by the best brands, such as those in this review.

Inner Spring

This type uses an innerspring support system that is then covered with foam or upholstery materials for padding. There are several types of such mattresses, depending on the upholstery materials, padding and coil gauge.


  • Affordable
  • Several models available
  • A variety of firmness options available


  • Poor motion isolation
  • Noisy
  • Low lifespan

Memory foam

Where and how can I use a Mattress for Side Sleepers review winner correctly?You will find memory foam in many beds and created by some of the best brands. It is made of polyurethane and other materials to allow for viscosity and variations in its density. It has open foam bubbles that allow air to circulate, making it soften and mould around a warm body and recover in shape after use.


  • Allows for motion isolation in accordance with health experts recommendations
  • Has no noise
  • Comes with a variety of densities
  • Allows for proper spine alignment


  • May retain heat, making it uncomfortable
  • Does not allow body movement with ease
  • Does not allow for a bounce


What types of Mattress for Side Sleepers are there in a comparison review?Hybrid mattress manufacturers combine two or more types to offer the benefits of both. Most of the hybrid brands go for memory foam and innerspring system to give members of the pressure relieving benefits of the former type and classic feel of the other.


  • A variety of firmness options, offering the best selection for various sleeping patterns
  • Motion isolation is possible
  • Good body support


  • Most of the brands have a low lifespan
  • Quite expensive
  • Quite heavy

Air-based Types

Pay attention to these tips when purchasing a Mattress for Side Sleepers review winnerAn air bed is usually made of an inflatable polyvinyl chloride cover with rubber and urethane plastic options. It comes with a pump that you use to inflate your bed to the required firmness.


  • You can adjust the bed’s firmness or support
  • Most of the best brands allow couples to adjust firmness for their half of the bed
  • High pain relief potential
  • Good longevity


  • A malfunction of the bed is possible
  • Requires assembly
  • Expensive

From the comparison above, the best choice depends on the characteristics that the customer gives priority.

Typical Defects That Customers should Take Note When Making a Purchase


Pay attention to these tips when purchasing a Mattress for Side Sleepers review winnerNoise comes about when moving about in bed. From sleep experiments, we turn around over twenty times each night. Therefore, a quiet bed is preferable as it does not wake you up when turning and tossing. Check the reviews for mattress brands with low noise especially if you share a bed with your partner.


Side sleepers have a problem selecting the right density for their mattresses. Beware that a firm bed is likely to cause you pain a discomfort as a part of your body has to be buried into the bed to allow for good spine vertebrae alignment. Do not go for too soft or very firm brands to prevent this problem. The best firmness is medium firmness.


If you opt for a mattress that requires assembly, be careful about the brand and type of equipment you purchase. If you get an inferior gadget such as the air pump, you may not inflate your air bed.
You may also have a problem setting your bed for the first time. Compare brands when buying beds that require assembly and pick the best after checking out customer reviews.


Which Mattress for Side Sleepers models are there in a comparison review?A good bed should last for a reasonable period, which is usually a few years. However, there are several fancy mattresses that would not last past a year or two without deteriorating in the quality of its support or noise isolation. Product test results and reviews such as this can assist get the best brand for your requirement.

Heat Retention

Our bodies produce lots of heat as we sleep. If the heat builds up without escaping, we get uncomfortable, and that makes us sweat a lot. Check the heat retention ratings for your chosen brand. The best brands do several trials that include heat retention practical tests with raving reviews and provide the information for the customers to make a decision.


There are materials that give off a strong odour that would not go away after you sleep on your bed several times. These materials include bamboo and latex-based products. Be sure you can handle the strong smell especially when your mattress is new. There are several ways you can deal with the odour, Including aeration and the use of perfume.

Ease of Body Movement

What is then a Mattress for Side Sleepers comparison review, exactly?We turn several times in the course of our sleep. You should be able to turn and toss in bed without a problem. Unfortunately, most of the brands, including some with best reviews limit the body’s movement since they encase it. Given that most side sleepers go for soft mattresses, it is good that you balance the softness of your bed with the ability to turn around with ease.


Most people will relocate a few times in their lifetime. Moving very heavy items about can be a real challenge. It is worthwhile to check the weight of your mattress when making a purchase. It saves you a lot. Hybrid types are usually the heaviest ones. Consider the best weight especially if planning to relocate in the future.

Bounce Quality

A little bouncy bed is great, especially for couples during sex. It also gives you that lift feel when turning and tossing. This may be the last characteristic that you put to mind when making a purchase, but it is not less important than others.

How to Test a Bed

How does a Mattress for Side Sleepers work in a review and comparison?You should check for these and many other qualities before making a purchase. You can do a simple product test in the shopping outlet since many of the best brands encourage customers to perform an inspection and practical test before purchase. The easiest one is to lie on the bed.

Do not be ashamed of doing it since it is pretty common among shoppers. Try sleeping on several beds for comparison. Where there is a similarity, eliminate some choices using other characteristics.

Check reviews to make the best choice of brands to pick. Consider the most important aspects from the above list when you go shopping.

The Choice of Bed and Sleep Quality

There is a research done by RTI International that sought to determine if the choice of bed and mattress had any effect on the quality of sleep among the participants. Participants were chosen randomly and asked to pick mattresses of varying firmness in a showroom and then observed for a period. The results were analysed and tabulated in a table to see how they compare to each other.

During the purchase of the bed, participants were not given the brand data such as the level of firmness, materials used in the manufacture and brand name.

That way, they did not use user reviews to determine the bed to pick. However, they were allowed to test run the bed by sleeping on it and determine the level of comfort. Seven brands were picked during the study.

The exact Functionality of a Mattress for Side Sleepers in a review and in a comparison?The quality of the sleep was determined by the number of times that the participants tossed about in bed as well as their self-reported quality of sleep. While juxtapositioning was not possible in the experiment, contrasts and similarity between various bed varieties were listed out from the results. The same groups had mattresses selected for them and sleep quality results tabulated in a comparison table.

From the reviews, it was found that the level of firmness that felt comfortable differed from one person to the other. It was found that some choices of mattresses resulted in low quality sleep with improvements seen when experts recommended mattresses with specific firmness levels to the participants as a control group study.

It was concluded that the firmness of a bed has an impact on the quality of sleep. It was also found that personal suitability tests at the showroom did not necessarily help in making the best choice of bed. Professional assistance was vital in the overall suitability of the chosen bed. Besides, the number of motions in bed while asleep was directly related to the quality of sleep. In the same breath, the sleeping position and patterns also affected the quality of sleep even on the recommended bed firmness. This inspection did not show the effect of user reviews on the purchase decision.

Consumer Reports Mattress Trials for Side Sleepers

The Bestsellers in a Mattress for Side Sleepers review and comparisonConsumer Reports made a survey of about 61,000 members, most of who were reported to be side sleepers. The organisation then tested a sample of over 100 best-known brands and types to determine their effect on the overall comfort of the subjects’ quality of sleep.

Participants were given a choice of different bed types that included memory foam, innerspring, latex, hybrid and air beds. They were then observed for a period of three months with the test results put in a comparison table for evaluation.

It was discovered that most comfortable firm beds had a firmness rating of between five and seven. These are called medium firmness mattresses. The brands were a mix of those with good and average reviews from customers. These allowed side sleepers to have a straight line of the neck and back vertebrae. There was congruence in terms of average satisfaction among the best-rated brands with this range of firmness. However, heavy side sleepers went for firmer beds as the medium firm beds tended to sink in the participants when they slept on the side.

In comparison with the customer reviews out there, most of the people found memory foam to trap them and restrict their movement when compared to innerspring beds. In juxtaposition, both types provided more or less the same satisfaction among the side sleepers.

The experiment also includedcouples. Where one partner was among the list of side sleepers and the other one was not, most of the mattresses did not satisfy the needs of both parties and one had problems sleeping. However, variable firmness brands served such couples well.

The overall test winner for comfort and bounce-ability among the types picked was a hybrid bed. Some of the air beds had similar characteristics. However, most of them made lots of noise when couples turned and tossed around in bed. Most of the brands had poor reviews for such noise.
The suitability test did not show that a particular type was better than the other for all the side sleepers as many preferred different materials.

Best Mattress Brands for Side Sleepers

In this review, we have picked the best brands to grace your bed with an objective evaluation of their qualities and weak points so that you can make an informed decision.

  • Midnight Queen by Helix
  • Nectar Queen Mattress
  • Brooklyn Aurora
  • The Saatva
  • Layla Mattress
  • Tuft and Needle Mint
  • Casper Wave
  • Next Alexander
  • Purple Mattress
  • Nolah 10
Helix provides a good solution for the side sleepers with their midnight brand. It features a memory top with medium firmness and a firmer middle, which allows side sleepers to sink into the bed while not getting fully engulfed in it. The firm core also enables easy movement when tossing up and down in bed. The brand also features a two-cover design where the covers are breathable, which helps in dissipating heat for comfortable sleep.Helix has great reviews for durability and lack of noise. You can also choose from a variety of firmness levels, depending on your preference. The company can also customise the mattress for you if you fill their sleep patterns survey on their site.
This brand takes the cup for the best value where you get quality and affordable price. It is made of memory foam gel top that offers a soft top and adjusts to the body’s contours when you sleep on the side. The gel offers a nice bounce quality, which allows you to balance the light parts of the body and the heavy lower ones. Customer reviews have shown that it does not engulf side sleepers as most memory foam brands do. This has an effect of allowing the heat to escape thereby, making the bed a lot cooler. Its core is also durable with the guarantee to last at least seven years from the time of purchase.
This hybrid mattress has been voted as one of the best luxurious bed brands in countless customer reviews. It offers you a choice of firmness settings that include firm, medium firm and soft. It also has a strong edge, which offers sturdy support to average to heavyweight side sleepers. The edge is reinforced by an eight-inch pocketed coil, which prevents shrinkage around the body. Its phase change material (PCM) absorbs the side sleepers’ heat until the body reaches a set temperature thereby, ensuring a comfortable and cool sleep all night. The PCM has copper infusions that enhance blood flow when one is sleeping. The brand also absorbs motion waves, making it one of the best brands for couples.
The Saatva is one of the best innerspring types and has the edge over popular brands of the same type. The springs are heavily padded to enhance comfort and proper spinal alignment while at the same time allowing side sleepers to sink into the bed for extra comfort. It helps with relaxing the body by targeting specific pressure points in the sleeper’s body. The bonnet coils make up the core of the bed, which prevents shrinkage, especially around the edges. The coils also provide excellent bounce quality, which makes it preferable for couples. This brand best serves heavyweight side sleepers and people with back issues. Reviews also show that it is good for other types of sleepers.
Layla addresses the need to have varying firmness, especially for the couples by providing a different level of firmness on either side of the bed. One has a firmness level of seven where the other one has around five. Couples also enjoy good motion isolation such that one is not woken up when a partner turn or tosses in bed. The memory foam top is infused with copper to improve the user’s blood circulation and conforms closely to the user’s body. Despite being lightweight, the brand does not lose shape easily with repeated use. According to customer reviews, this brand is one of the best for side sleepers of all weights and couples.
The 12-inch profile and the Medium firm types of these brands are the best for the side sleepers. Each has thick foam layers that conform to the sleepers’ bodies thereby, improving the spinal alignment and touching on pressure points for enhanced relaxation. Its gel-infused comfort layer allows side sleepers to sink into the bed while allowing it to go back to its original shape when the sleeper turns. The cover is charcoal-infused, which helps cool the bed to a comfortable level. Its base is made of a firm high-density polyfoam that offers good support even for the heavy side sleepers and couples. It has raving reviews, especially for its durability.
The queen mattress from this brand offers both luxury and enhanced relaxation to the sleepers. It is an all-foam bed that features five layers of foam and a gel between them to enhance its support. The cover is made of wool or rayon, which helps absorb perspiration, allowing humidity in the bed using the wick effect. The brand also has pillows and other bedding with similar humidity-fighting qualities. Its middle foam layer is made of a latex form, which enhances the bounce capability of the bed, giving you a feeling like you are on a bouncing castle. The feature works well for couples and people who do not like feeling trapped in the foam. It has been a test winner in a variety of examinations on quality foam brands.
The hybrid mattress from the brand best serves the strict side sleepers. It has two types of foams, Energex foam and memory foam that offers a soft landing for the sleepers. The form is then supported by pocketed coils that offer sturdy support for medium and heavy side sleepers. You can also choose your desired firmness level from a wide variety of options. This brand works with all body types and has little noise when turning and tossing. It can be used by couples although it has low bounce quality. It also has a high price tag and may not be ideal for budget shoppers.
Purple has come up with a proprietary pressure-relieving hyper-polymer elastic material that not only offers a relaxing embrace but also offer support for heavy bodies. It has a cell-like structure that allows heat to escape through thereby, offering good airflow. There are several versions of the Purple bed from the original to number four, all of which work well with the side sleepers. The higher the number, the better it is but also more expensive. However, all of them provide the best support for all types of side sleepers and may even work with couples. It is also the best choice if you have joint problems or recurrent back pain.
  Nolah creates one of the best mattresses for the side sleepers in their number ten brand. It is an all foam type that shows congruence with the Layla mattress that tops our review. The only difference is that Nolah has less of a memory foam feel, which is positive to side sleepers who do not want to feel the strong embrace that comes with the memory foam. There is no way that you would feel stuck in the bed. This bed is best used by lightweight and medium-weight side sleepers. However, if you are heavy, Nolah 10 may not offer adequate support to your body. Consider firm bed types for that case. A few of them are in this review.


Interesting Mattress Facts and Guide

In the early days, people slept on straw. However, when fabrics came into being, people found a way of stuffing cloth with straw or cloth pieces for padding. They then graduated to wooden beds tied together with leather supports. Waterbeds were first made in the Persian Kingdom where water was filled into goat skins. Later, with the invention of rubber, pouches were filled with water. Rubber was said to help prevent bed sores.

Steel coil beds came into being in 1885 but did not become popular until a decade later. Soon, they became the most popular beds around Europe by the beginning of the 1900s. At this time, there was an abundance of cotton and wool that was used for stuffing.

Later on, box spring was later invented, which helped to make the bed less lumpy than before. By 1929, there were latex rubber mattresses in the market, but they were very expensive. The popular foam rubber only became available in the 1950s. At this time, there were modern water beds that were made from vinyl. The same material was used to make air beds later in the 1980s. By the year 2000, there was growing popularity of the king-sized bed and various profiles for different types of side sleepers.

10 Tips for Care & maintenance of Your Mattress

The longevity of your mattress depends on how best you take care of it. Otherwise, even brands with the best reviews will deteriorate rapidly with poor maintenance. Here are ten tips for maintaining your bed.

Tip 1: Use Proper Support

Tip 1: Use Proper Support

You need to pick a proper foundation to prevent the mattress from sagging. It is best if you go for box springs with the best reviews or a strong frame to handle the weight. Ensure that you pick one that is compatible and recommended by the manufacturer. Otherwise, you risk voiding the warranty. The best mattresses come with the information in the users’ manuals.

Tip 2: Protect the Mattress from Liquids

Tip 2: Protect the Mattress from Liquids

Liquids such as tea, urine and water have a serious impact on the integrity of the materials such as foam and fabric. Several of such spills may cause the foam to collapse and create stains on the fabric. Note that the spills are common in families with small children. You can prevent this by getting a liquid-resistant mattress protector. Just ensure that the protector is made from breathable materials and has good reviews on quality.

Tip 3: Rotate the Mattress After a Period of Use

Tip 3: Rotate the Mattress After a Period of Use

While this is not a requirement for most of the mattresses, it helps to even out the wear especially if you sleep alone. You can do this every two or so months.

Tip 4: Clean the Mattress Regularly

Tip 4: Clean the Mattress Regularly

A clean mattress has a low risk of infestation from dust mites and other allergens. Even sleeping clean will still lead to building up of dust in the bed. The best method to clean the mattress is by the use of a vacuum cleaner. In the case of accidental spills, spot clean the location of the stain with a damp pad saturated with mild detergent. Do not put on the sheets before the spot dries up.

Tip 5: Check the Mattress Warranty

Tip 5: Check the Mattress Warranty

Most manufacturers list conditions for the voiding of their terms along with areas where the warranty covers. Read the information through to understand what the warranty entails so that you do not void it before its time. Check the warranty when shopping too. The best companies do not offer very restrictive warranty statements.

Tip 6: Avoid Jumping onto Your Bed Regularly

Tip 6: Avoid Jumping onto Your Bed Regularly

Jumping onto your bed sounds fun. However, if you do it several times, you are most likely to impact on the box spring or foam such that it losses the bounce ability. It also damages the mattress fibres. Any other movements on the bed would have no impact on the support if you went for the best quality.

Tip 7: Deal with Smells Using Baking Soda

Tip 7: Deal with Smells Using Baking Soda

Beds can get stinky with time. You can use baking soda to absorb these smells without damaging your mattress. Test runs with baking soda for 20 minutes show that it is capable of literally dealing with any odour. Just vacuum the bed after the 20 minutes for the best results.

Tip 8: Carry Your Mattress Carefully

Tip 8: Carry Your Mattress Carefully

Most mattresses come with straps on the side for bed positioning rather than carrying. Avoid folding your bed when carrying it or bending it over to fit into a small space. It may damage the inner bed fibres and systems and possibly void the warranty. If moving it over a long distance, pick a professional moving company with good reviews to do it for you in a safe truck.

Tip 9: Check it Regularly

Tip 9: Check it Regularly

The mattress will only remain in its best condition if you ensure that it is well supported all the time. Check the stands and other supporting frames at least once every six months. You may need a little tightening over time.

Tip 10: Know When it is Time to Change the Mattress

Tip 10: Know When it is Time to Change the Mattress

Even with proper care, your mattress deteriorates with time. When it does, you experience poor supports, pokings from the springs or poor contours when you sleep on the side. Change your mattress as soon as you start to experience these issues.

Tips for a Good Night Sleep for Side Sleepers

Here are suggestions from various experiments and professional analysis on side sleepers.

Tip 1

Tip 1

Ensure that your bed is gentle on your shoulders, You may get a topper to improve the padding if you are not comfortable enough. The best toppers soft and absorb moisture.

Tip 2

Tip 2

Pick a firmer pillow for your head. A firm pillow keeps the head from the mattress while ensuring that the neck is in line with the rest of the spine.

Tip 3

Tip 3

If you always have a problem of pressure between your hips or knee banging, consider getting a thin pillow between your legs to get your knees apart. Stop using it when you feel discomfort.

Tip 4

Tip 4

If you have a problem with snoring or are a pregnant mother into her second and third trimester, consider sleeping on your side. Studies have shown that sleeping on the left side is far much better than sleeping on the right side. Expectant mothers can place a pillow under the belly to enhance their comfort.

Tip 5

Tip 5

There are several ways that side sleepers can improve the quality of their sleeping or pain by use of the pillows. Common positions include placing a pillow behind the back, placing it between the mattress and waist and placing it pillow under the neck. You may try several pillow positions until you get the best one for your side sleeping pattern.


Can side sleepers use toppers?

Currently the best products in a Mattress for Side Sleepers review overviewYes. Side sleepers can use toppers. However, the best toppers are soft enough to allow the shoulder and pelvic to sink into the bed but firm enough not to make the sleepers feel constricted in the space.

How firm should be the foam?

Side sleepers have a problem going for very firm and very soft foams. This is because very firm ones prevent the body from sinking into the bed while the very soft ones feel like you are constricting the body. Pick one where you are able to sink a little bit while not feeling constricted such as firmness levels five to eight.

What is the best choice for side sleepers with lower back pain?

A side sleeper with lower back pain requires a bed that is of medium firmness. The firmness allows the lower part of the body to remain afloat but has some room for the shoulder bones.

Are hybrid brands good form side sleepers?

It depends on the brand that you are looking at. Go for a hybrid that offers medium support by having a strong base and extra padding so that you will not feel the spring poke your pelvis joint.

How do you deal with heat build up in your bed?

Different areas of application from a Mattress for Side Sleepers comparison reviewHeat builds up when there is no place for the body heat to escape to. If you are purchasing a new mattress, go for one with a breathable cover or the grind system such as the Purple Mattress in the review above. If not, you can go for breathable covers to improve the breathability.

What bed choices do you make if your partner is not a side sleeper like you?

You need to find a brand that accommodates both of your sleeping patterns. The best choice is getting one that offers variable firmness with each half having a different firmness level. Otherwise, you can get a brand whose firmness appeals to both of you.

Are latex mattresses good for side sleepers?

Yes, they are perfect because they offer medium level firmness, are soft and offer cushioned support. You will also find a variety of firmness levels from which you can pick the most comfortable.

I feel knees bumping over each other and hip pain when sleeping on the side. How can I deal with it?

Different Applications from a Mattress for Side Sleepers comparison reviewYou can go for a brand that offers softer support to your body so that you do not feel the pressure on your pelvis. You can also place a pillow between your legs to offer soft padding between your legs.

How long should you stay with a bed before replacing it?

It depends on the quality of your bed and bedding and how well you maintain it. Some of the brands that get the best reviews work between eight and ten years when well maintained. Side sleepers should change their beds when they start to feel pressure on the shoulder bones and pelvic areas.

Which is the healthiest position to sleep?

Most examinations show that the left side is better in terms of comfort compared to the right.

Most pregnant women and people with acid reflux find sleeping this way to be best, which is also in accordance with doctor’s recommendations. However, you are most likely to turn and change sides from time to time.


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